Dr. Andrew Manganaro is the Chief Medical Officer of Lifeline Screening Services and the National Medical Director. He is well qualified as a physician and surgeon. Lifeline Screening Services came into being as his vision for preventing catastrophic medical events before they occur.

Dr. Manganaro received his M.D. from New York University School of Medicine then completed his residency at New York University/Bellevue Hospital Medical Center. Two years at UCLA School of Medicine as a research fellow in cardiovascular physiology followed. He became board certified in cardiothoracic and vascular surgery after his residency and chief residency at the University of Rochester. Dr. Manganaro went on to be in private practice for 35 years. He saw many cases of asymptomatic events that could have been successfully prevented if detected early. It was from these experiences, dealing with a variety of thoracic and cardiac events that he launched his vision of Life Line Screening.

Life Line Screening offers non-invasive testing for thoraci diseases which are read by board certified physicians. It uses state of the art machines and technology to detect potentially fatal disease like aortic aneurysms and carotid blockage while they still may be treated by diet, medication and lifestyle changes. Before any tests are run, a free screening is used to identify potential risks. Then it is determined which of the Life Line Screening tests will be medically appropriate to the patient. Life Line will then locate a screening center and schedule an appointment for tests to be run.

The results of their tests they are explained to the patients with the risks and benefits of their situation. The results are provided in a format easily shared with their primary care doctor and patients are encouraged to discuss their next steps toward health.

Life Line Screening, under the leadership encourages people to learn steps to prevent serious medical events. In addition, the data bases of LLS are available to researchers seeking the prevention of cardiac events for everyone. They are valuable tools for learning and research. Life Line is a business that is good for the general public’s health.


Avi Weisfogel Treats The Most Severe Cases Of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is one of the most dreaded disorders that anyone can suffer from. The disorder steals people’s sleep in the night, and it can cause a lack of breathing that has killed people in the past. The treatment for sleep apnea has changed mightily over the years, and anyone who has worn an oxygen mask at night knows that they would prefer more progressive treatments. The treatments rendered in the offices of Dr. Avi Weisfogel are more progressive than those of his colleagues, and he has developed a reputation for helping people get a good night’s sleep again. This article explains how Dr. Weisfogel has changed the lives of all his patients.

#1: Dr. Weisfogel Completes Thorough Consultations Of All Patients

The most important part of Dr. Wiesfogel’s practice is the consultations. Dr. Weisfogel studies and questions every patient because a treatment is prescribed, and he may choose to do a sleep study on the patient before prescribing treatment. Anyone who comes to Dr. Weisfogel’s office will help the doctor collect a massive amount of information before coming to a final decision.

#2: Dr. Weisfogel Attempts Many Progressive Treatments

Dr. Weisfogel is willing to attempt progressive treatments that other people would not. These treatments can be quite new for some patients, but they might include protocols that do not include oxygen tanks. Oxygen tanks and breathing machines have long been a treatment for sleep apnea, but there are other medications and forms of breathing apparatus that may be used in their place. Dr. Weisfogel is willing to step outside the box when finding a new treatment for his patients.

#3: Sleep Apnea Doctors Offer A New Lease On Life

Sleep apnea doctors offer a new lease on life that patients need to stay well. Getting treatment for sleep apnea allows patients to get a full night’s sleep, and it allows all patients to go back to a new sleep routine. The routine will help people lead a productive life once again, and patients may go in for routine checkups once their treatment is complete.

Someone who is in need of help getting a long night’s sleep must see a sleep apnea doctor who is capable of providing the proper treatment. Anyone who is concerned about how they sleep at night must visit doctors like Avi Weisfogel for progressive treatments that will help provide rest that has been hidden for so long.

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