Household Income

5000 U.S. Households Earn More than $100 Million

The new number of multi millionaire house holds around the globe reached 17.4 million in 2014, which is a record up 13.7% from 15.3 million house holds the previous year. This rise in the number of multi millionaire households is also followed by an increase in the net worth of groups within this number. Number of Multi Million House Holds Increases in WorldStudies show that the total wealth for the wealthiest global house holds worth at least $100 million will reach the $18 trillion level in 2019.

In more detail the study shows that globally, 5000 households are worth $100 million or more and 20% of the households are located in China. What makes this report so amazing is that these households are calculated by looking at cash on hand. It does not take into consider the value of business interests or other non cash assets. This would mean that the number of real wealth could be substantially more than 5000 house holds globally.

According to Brian Torchin, economist believe that new families are being added to the rolls of he wealthy after the influx of new liquidity into the global markets. Simply stated, the World is flush with cash and a select number of families are benefitting from the global prosperity. If the data is examined in another way, less than 1% of 1% of the world’s population controls 90% of the global wealth. This number is only expected to increase.