Human Rights Advocate

Thor Halvorssen Continues To Fight The Good Fight

Thor Halvorssen is not your typical activist. He doesn’t appear on many cable news shows. He doesn’t get hyperbolic on social media from the slightest provocation. What he does do is fight tyrants and dictators all around the world.

He continues to fight for the oppresses citizenry around the globe. And he does it all with a smile on his face. “I love people!” he stated in a recent interview with the Weekly Standard.

It is that love for humanity that drives Halvorssen. While describing himself as a “classic liberal,” he has opposed dictators of all stripes. He has taken on Venezuelan strongman, Hugo Chavez, despite the admiration of certain Hollywood actors. He has also condemned Chile’s former right-wing ruler Augusto Pinochet.

The preservation and promotion of human rights are all that matters to Halvorssen. Politics be damned.

In 2005, Halvorssen founded the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), whose sole purpose is defending the rights of people all over the world. One of the largest events that Halvorssen and HRF host every year is the Oslo Freedom Forum. This annual gathering brings together activists and dissidents from around the world.

At the Forum, dissidents are given a platform to tell their story and raise awareness for their causes. They are given support (financial and otherwise) from activist and philanthropists from around the globe. PayPal co-founder Peter Theil and Sergey Brin of Google fame, are major donors to HRF.

Thor Halvorssen comes from a long line of activists. His father was imprisoned after exposing corruption in the Venezuelan government. His mother was shot while protesting the reign of Hugo Chavez. Activism is in Halvorssen’s DNA.

Along with HRF, Halvorssen will continue to oppose tyrants and dictators wherever they pop up. He has most recently set his sights on North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. As more and more authoritarian governments spring up, Halvorssen will have his work cut out for him. Luckily, it is a job he relishes.



The Success of Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is a dedicated individual who is not only dedicated to his craft, but is also dedicated to helping the lives of others improve through his occupation as a human rights activists who continues to fight aggressively to win even the most basic rights for individuals who have no choice but to reside in closed off societies. Thor Halvorssen has been surrounded and influenced by human rights activists ever since he was little due to the fact that his parents and his grandparents were all activists who selflessly fought for the rights of others while putting their own lives at risk. Thor Halvorssen has always been inspired by selfless acts and has dedicated his career path to help others and to inspire others to pickup where he will leave off in the world of human rights activism. With parents that come from different countries such as Venezuela as well as Norway, Thor Halvorssen has had the opportunity to experience new cultures and has always considered himself to be a citizen of the world.

Thor Halvorssen’s current occupation is the President of the Human Rights Foundation, a foundation that was founded in 2005 and has grown at an exponential rate since then in the city of New York. The large scale operations as well as initiatives have earned this foundation much coverage as well as many donations from the public and the private sector. As the leader of this foundation. Thor Halvorssen not only wants to use the coverage and donations to help promote human rights, but also uses the fame and the funds to educate others about oppressive countries and what they do to their citizens.

Thor Halvorssen has traveled around the world and has met many individuals who lack a voice because it is considered to be illegal. By the end of his lifetime, Thor Halvorssen wants to make sure that every individual has at least obtained the simplest human right such as the right to speak out or even the right to practice the religion of their choice. Thor Halvorssen is a fierce fighter and will continue to be so.

Activating the Conversation about Human Rights Worldwide.

Activating the ultimate champion for the people who feel powerless. Think of him as the TED Talk ( of freedom fighting. Get the picture. Thor Halvorssen’s philanthropy speaks volumes in helping the underdogs around the world. Halvorssen created the global human rights gathering called Oslo Freedom Forum in 2009. This Forum has been bringing together heads of state, Nobel Peace Prize winners and other notable people to exchange ideas and network on exposing dictators and human rights violators.

His Human Rights Foundation founded in 2005, is active in over 15 countries around the world. Speaking at various conferences and events, he advocates for democracy vouching for the benefits of human rights by ending slavery, human trafficking and freedom from tyranny with a focus on closed societies. The mission of Thor Halvorssen’s non-partisan, non-profit is to promote the freedom of self-determination, expression, association, and worship. Vital freedom from slavery, torture, arbitrary detainment or exile and coercion of conscience is necessary. Precious are the rights to acquire property, travel, equality of law and rights to participate in your own government. Thor has a deep commitment and desire to raise awareness where others turn a blind eye.

Two websites deriding human rights abuses and are quite interconnected. Writing opinions in some of the most respected journals, magazines and newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine and The New York Times has gone a long way in eradicating abuse. Appearing on televised programs for Fox News’ Bill O Reilly, BBC News, Al-Jazeera, HBO and CNN has really leveled the playing field and kept the information out there in the forefront of the world’s consciousness. Thor Halvorssen will never let people forget that not everyone has human rights available at their disposal.