Laurene Powell Jobs Hoping for Immigration and Education Reforms

Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, has led a very active life since her husband’s death.

An astute businesswoman, she graduated from the Stanford School of Business with an MBA after having spent time in investment banking. Stanford was where she met her future husband, there for a speaking engagement.

Powell Jobs remained primarily “behind the scenes” while Steve was with Apple. He passed away from pancreatic cancer in October 2011. She spoke with The Daily Mail and Rock Center about Steve’s passing. See the video below:

Her passions for years now have included education and immigration reform, and she is continuing to increase her energies devoted to these areas.

In 1997, Powell Jobs, along with businessman and journalist Carlos Watson, co-founded College Track, which helps to assist high school students, disadvantaged as a result of their residency status, to prepare for higher education at the collegiate level. Having enjoyed success with this program, she went on to become the founder of Emerson Collective, which focuses on the structuring of plans and programs, with the objective of putting plans into action, programs with education and reform in immigration of alien citizens as its primary focus. It also deals in social justice issues and environmental conservation concerns.

Her work with College Track, and her passion for immigration reform, has led her to campaign strongly for the DREAM Act. DREAM (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) would provide high school graduates, or students or those who have served in the military, a clearer path to U.S. citizenship. She has also subsequently went on to launch a website in support of the bill.

To further her efforts in spreading the word of immigration reform, she teamed with Hollywood’s Davis Guggenheim to film the movie “The Dream Is Now” in June 2013.

Powell Jobs, who is reportedly worth $11.7 billion by Forbes Magazine, and is currently ranked the 29th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes, has been able to use her platform to help assist Democratic candidates in their campaign efforts across the country.

A strong supporter of Obama and Obamacare, she has donated her time and money to Obama, the Democratic Party (campaign committees and candidates), and has provided solid support to Democratic candidates in her home state of California, such as Attorney General Kamala Harris and Lieutenant Governor Garvin Newsom. In addition, she has lent support to Newark Mayor Cory Booker, who was running for senate. She had also attended a fundraiser for then- Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Nevada. Powell Jobs is also supporting Hillary Clinton in her run for President in 2014. She was also in running for the team sale of the LA Clippers of the NBA.

Her family, despite status in the business community, and with immense wealth, has remained notably humble and low-key. But it seems as if Powell Jobs is beginning to emerge as a more vocal, more visible personality in these areas she shows great passion for. Undoubtedly, a name we should hear much more of, as immigration and immigration reform has been a hot-button topic for awhile now, and should continue to be one for some time to come.

Activists Hope for Reform on US Immigration

The President of the United States, Barrack Obama, has recently expressed his support for immigration reformation in United States.

He vowed to use his power as President of the country to fix the system of immigration so that immigrants may be benefited. However, some activists think that the President is delaying the action due to contentious politics.

It may be noted that Republicans have taken over the Senate. It is somehow difficult for the President to immediately implement his plans. Some groups of activists have expressed their sentiments and promised to stage many political rallies to promote and protect their interests and rights.

They plan to put up a series of rallies and other events because they are already tired of waiting for the fulfilment of the promises made by the President. Some people have not forgotten that there were two million immigrants deported from United States during the Presidency of Obama.

Activists group labelled him as the “Deporter in Chief”. Last Wednesday, President Obama once again made a promise to people of the said immigration reform.

The public has yet to find out whether the US President will be true to his words this time. It cannot be helped though that some people are quite sceptical about the said reforms.

For some, there is nothing new. The President must prove to them that he will protect their interests in the days to come. But without support from the major financial institutions like Merrill Lynch or Slow Ventures, the lobbyists will probably win out.