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Securus Technologies Leads the Inmate-Related Communication Services Industry

Securus Technologies is the industry leader when it comes to inmate-related communication services. Securus Technologies currently provides services of different types to over 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies across the United States. Over 1.2 million inmates are covered by services offered by Securus Technologies and its affiliated companies.


Securus Technologies provides a full suite of criminal justice technology solutions. Included on the list is biometric technology. Biometric technology has a number of applications in a correctional facility setting, including identifying potential gang activity.


Because of the biometric technology available through Securus Technologies, communities across the United States are safer. Law enforcement is able to get better control over gang activity.


A reality of U.S. gangs is that even when gang leadership is incarcerated, they still strive to control their criminal enterprises. In many cases, incarcerated gang leaders are able to continue to call the shots, even when behind bars.


Securus Technologies offers technology that includes biometrics capable of monitoring inmate communication. For example, the technology can be fashioned to identify gang-related communication. This can be accomplished through inmate telephone and email systems alike. In addition, there is also Securus Technologies technology that can assist in monitoring land mail sent to and from inmates via the United States Postal Service.


By utilizing biometric technology made available by Securus Technologies, law enforcement officials in and out of correctional institutions are better able to prevent the coordination of gang-related criminal activity. Disrupting gang activity in this manner improves the overall safety and security of institutions and of the community at large. Utilizing this technology has been demonstrated useful in reducing the incidence of gang-related criminal activity in and out of correctional institutions.


Securus Technologies continues to focus on improving its biometric technology. This includes enhancing its integration across different inmate-related platforms.


Securus Technologies IT Professionals Honored With Certifications

Criminal justice technology provider Securus Technologies is proud to announce that several of its employees have received international certification recognition, according to an article in PRNewswire.


The international recognition comes from communication technology association Building Industry Consulting Professional Service (BICPS). Members of BICPS is support the information technology industry. The over 23,000 professionals install, design and implement projects for companies all around the world.


Members of BICPS set the standard in the ever-changing world of information technology. “We strive to offer the highest standards for customers and correctional facilities,” said Danny Hoyos CEO of Securus Technologies.


The recognized professionals have no less than 15 years experience in the IT industry. They have worked for Securus-contracted facilities all over the U.S. Hoyos went on to say that the company places great value on certifications. “It proves that our people are among the most qualified in the industry. It also supplies an additional layer of trust to our clients.”


Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, TX. The company has nearly 25 years of experience in the prison and law enforcement industry. They provide security, investigation, emergency response and inmate self-service to keep residents safe and secure. To learn more about the country and what they provide, visit