Brad Reifler Gives His All To Making The Right Investment Decisions

In the world of investing, there is usually little room for error. The wrong decision can cost investors a significant amount of money. Also, the variables that come into play related to investing make it extremely difficult to make the right decisions.

There are many different factors that can affect how an investment will perform. Investors can look at all the numbers and still make the wrong decision about an investment because factors outside the numbers can alter the impact that the numbers will make.

With all the challenges that investors face related to making investment decisions, many investors tend to seek out investment professionals to help them navigate through the various aspects of investing.

There are many reasons why using an investment company may be the best solution for some investors. It requires a lot of experience and investment knowledge to make good investment decisions on a continuous basis.

Investment companies have the expertise and personnel in place to handle all the various aspects of managing investments. While investments companies are a good choice for many investors, people should take the time to find an investment company that specializes in the type of investments that will be purchased. Also, investors should utilize an investment company that keeps them informed of their investments on a regular basis and provides ways of checking the status of investments. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

Brad Reifler is the primary executive at a highly respected investment firm that is making outstanding investment decisions. The firm is making a great deal of money for its clients.

According to Barrons, one of the main reasons for the great investment decisions is Brad Reifler. Although he is the top executive, Brad Reifler understands how investments work and function.

Bloomberg revealed that Brad Reifler is able to understand investing at this level because he is an investment professional who got his start in the investment industry as someone who made investment decisions for clients.

This experience and knowledge gives him a way of looking at the investment industry that is different than many executives. As a result, Brad Reifler is able to make decisions that work well for the firm he runs in all aspects.

Highland Capital Management Gives Over $10 Million to Charities in Texas, Kansas, and California Communities

Highland Capital Management, an investment advisory firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas is loyal to charitable giving, for nearly 12 years. Co-founders, James Dondero and Mark Okada built a company with the concept of giving back to local communities where the firm’s employees earn a living and lives. The business partners have turned the firm into one of the largest investment firms in the world, managing over $15 billion in assets. Highland Capital’s charity contributions started in 2005, in the Dallas County communities, and have expanded to Santa Barbara, CA and Kansas. Since starting the Highland Dallas Foundation, Highland Santa Barbara Foundation, and Highland Kansas Foundation, the managing partners and employees have donated more than $10 million to various charities.



The mission of Highland Capital’s managing partners is to help make a difference in local communities by volunteering time, providing financial contributions, and advisory board participation. In 2011, Highland Capital organized the Highland Santa Foundation Inc. and has donated over $1.5 million to 27 national organizations. Highland Dallas Foundation donates over $3 million to support charitable cause in the community each year. The foundation donated $1 million to the Family Place, the first family violence service organization in the state of Texas, in 2016. All three foundations gives back to local and national communities to support civic organizations, homeless shelters, youth development programs, and other causes.



James Dondero and Mark Okada founded Highland Capital 27 years ago, focusing on fixed income markets and senior secured bank loans management. Highland’s investment clientele portfolio comprises of corporations, financial institutions, high-net worth individuals, endowments, government, and foundations. The firm is registered with Securities Exchange Commission and is the largest and most reputable alternative credit manager in the nation. Highland Capital Management is involved in local and national communities in the U.S. long-term and employs yearly grants as a philanthropic strategy for giving. The Highland Dallas Foundation has a $1 million challenge grant in place to help raise $2.8 million for the Family Place by April 2017.