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Venezuela’s Power Conservation

Venezuela is currently experiencing drastic economic problems. This has been exacerbated by problems instigated by a severe drought which was in turn brought about by El Nino. The country depends up hydroelectric power generated by dams. By far, most of this power is generated by the state dam in Guri, which provides power to two-thirds of the country. Because of the drought, these hydroelectric power is at an incredible low. To save energy as Dateas.com reported, the Venezuelan government previously ordered a temporary two-day work week for all of its employees.
This arrangement was supposed to end this week, but their government recently decided to extend it for another two weeks. In addition, the government is seeking to save energy via other means: They have urged women even celebrity Norka Luque herself, to reduce hair dryer use, ordered malls to use their own generators, and school has also been canceled for Fridays. The critics of the government workday cancellations say that in the midst of such a horrible recession, it is incredible foolish to have government employees work so little. The drought and economic recession have combined to make life extremely hard for the country’s 30 million residents, creating vast shortages of basics like Milk and medicine, creating ever increasing prices for everything, and making incredibly long shopping lines. For a more in-depth article read here.