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CCMP Capital Sad For The Loss Of Their Longtime President Steve Murray

CCMP Capital an investment firm majoring in private equities is saddened by the loss of their esteemed president Steven Murray. Murray has been with the company since 1989 when back then it was known as Chase Capital Partners to JP Morgan Partners until the now CCMP Capital. Murray was the chief executive officer and the president of the company and has been with the firm as a major in private equity for a long time. He left the firm for health related reasons but did not have the privilege to go back to the company until his demise. The Stephen Murray CCMP Capital team is reported by the Wall Street Journal to be still sad about his death in March 2015 but has continued his regime by electing Greg Brenneman the CCMP chairperson to act as the president of the company.

CCMP Capital majors on private equities and ventures in different divisions from partnerships, chemical capital ventures and manufactures. The firm specializes in buyout and growth equity investment together with its team of management who are exceptionally skilled. The ventures in Stephen Murray CCMP Capital spread to North America and Europe but also is influential globally; globally CCP Capital has invested in over $16 million in buyout and growth equity, and they have been an independent firm since 2006 with the private management portfolio of JP Morgan Partners. Their most major targeted sectors include chemicals and energy, consumer and retail, healthcare and industrial. CCMP Capital has development from the team membership efforts to becoming the world class industrial investment partner.

From the CMP Capital chairperson, Stephen Murray was the best president they had for the time he was with them. He was the best deal maker and partnership establisher, in addition, was perfect in buyouts and private equities because it has been his career field for a long time. Murray passed on at the age of 83 years leaving back his four children and his wife who according to Greg were the best part of his life that he loved and appreciated all his life. Murray studied economics at Boston College and also earned a master in the Columbia school of business. He has been in private equities and also worked as a credit analyst in Manufactures Hanover Corporation, and he was part of the founding team of CCMP Capital Partners with JP Morgan. He was also an active philanthropist who supported make a wish foundation in metro New York. Before his passing, Murray was also active in board membership of Pinnacle Foods and Aramark. He has left a great legacy in the private equity sector globally.