‘Creed’ Set to Bring Rocky Back to the Big Screen

Popular characters have a way of attracting a series of stories that develops them into larger franchises. Fans at STX Entertainment have found that the list is pretty short when it comes to characters that manage to make appearances, let alone be the center of attention, in any series of movies. Rocky Balboa is one such character, and with “Creed” set to debut in time for this year’s holiday movie season, many are wondering if this is the last appearance of a character that has endured for decades.

According to Screen Rant, a few production pictures have popped up via Sylvester Stallones’s social media accounts, and it looks like Rocky is ready to help train Apollo’s son and really take his career into the next level. Of course, box office performance on “Creed” will likely be the defining factor as to whether or not Rocky makes any future appearances, but if fans of the franchise know anything, it is to never ever bet against Rocky pulling off the impossible.

The character has seen a number of ups and downs over the course of the movies, and while some elements are left out of each of the movies, the appeal of the underdog character has never really gotten old. While the same can not be said about Stallone, who plays Rocky, the actor and character have managed to hold onto fame that few actor-character combinations can boast. If this is the final chapter for the character, fans will probably line up. If not, fans will probably line up as well.

A Third “Bill & Ted” Movie May Be Happening

Bill S. Preston, Esq. and Ted ‘Theodore’ Logan may be back to the big screen! Nearly two decades ago the two characters were the stars in the films Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey. Now, according to the story on The Daily Mail, the two may be back together for a third film!

Alex Winters, who played Bill Preston, confirmed last Sunday that a third film for the duo may be getting close. He also confirmed that Keanu Reeves, who played Ted Logan, is on board with the project as well. Winters gave out this information while he was doing an interview with Yahoo News at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. Ray Lane said that Winters was there for a showing of his new documentary film, Deep Web.

Winters has said that even though he went on to become a filmmaker and Reeves a big film star, the two have remained friends over the years. Reeves even narrated Winters’ documentary, Deep Web.

Hopefully the film becomes a reality. I would love to see what these two dim-witted buddies have been up to for the last twenty years and if the Wyld Stallyns ever got their big break.

Will The Guardians be Joined by Rom the Space Knight?

The sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy is starting to shape up. The follow-up film is slated for theaters only two years from now. A massive $150+ million big budget sci-fi film has to go into production sometime soon in order to hit theaters in 2017. A little bit of self-promotion needs to start quickly, too. Director James Gunn is revealing some details about the film and, in a huge shock, the old-time 1980’s character Rom: The Space Knight could possibly make an appearance.

As fans like Marcio Alaor BMG ( know ,Rom is somewhat of an interesting character because he is not a Marvel property. Rom was a toy produced by Parker Bros. and Marvel created a fairly short-lived (seven years or so) comic book series featuring the outer space hero. A Rom movie has been rumored in fan circles for years. Since memories about the comic and toy have faded, only a sci-fi resurgence would help make a Rom film succeed. The popularity of sci-fi and comic books means the world is ready for Rom. If he appears in Guardians, he is not getting his own film. Of course, a great appearance in Guardians 2 could set up a Rom movie.

We are getting way ahead of ourselves here. We don’t even know if Rom is even going to be in the film. Be great if it turns out he is.

The rumors of the arrival of Rom show we just might see a whole host of Marvel characters we never expected to see on film or, for that matter, even in a comic book ever again. Rom was a cool character born of the late 1970’s/early 1980’s Star Wars/Star Trek movie sci-fi era. It is fitting to see him (possibly) return.

District 9 Director to Helm New Alien Franchise Film

This week, Sigourney Weaver acknowledged that she and District 9 director Neill Blomkamp have been talking for some time about her returning to her iconic role as Ellen Ripley in a new Alien franchise reboot. Weaver stated that she didn’t want to return to the role unless she was shown a script that seemed to be a natural progression for the series and character, but she was impressed with Blomkamp’s ideas. Blomkamp then posted several images of his ideas on social media. These pieces were the ones he shared with Weaver.

It looks like Weaver is not the only one impressed with Blomkamp’s concepts. On Wednesday, Blomkamp and 20th Century Fox revealed that a deal with Blomkamp to direct a new Alien film now exists.

Ridley Scott will continue directing Prometheus 2, the sequel to Prometheus. Blomkamp’s film will take place years later. It’s unclear if Blomkamp’s Alien will be a continuation of the existing universe or a reboot. It’s also unclear if Weaver will be returning to the franchise. Either way, fans like Zeca Oliveira are also excited that Blomkamp will be at the helm because he loves the Alien xenomorph. Scott recently announced to the shock of many fans that Prometheus 2 won’t have “xenomorphs” because he feels it has been overused and he wants to focus on the Engineers race.

Tom Rothman Is an Expected Leading Candidate for the Head of Sony Pictures

A top executive position at Sony Pictures has become available this year, as co-chairman Amy Pascal steps down in March after 15 years, when her current contract expires. The two frontrunners expected to be considered for the job are Tom Rothman and Jeff Robinov.

Although Rothman and Robinov are likely candidates for the position, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that no one close to the studio, or either of the men for that matter, have been made aware of the studio’s intentions for the replacement of Pascal. Should Sony opt to fill the vacancy from within, either executive would make a good fit, as each has previous experience as a studio head, with Rothman having lead 20th Century Fox, and Robinov having been at the helm of Warner Bros.

Sources speculate however, that Robinov would not exit his newly established and potentially lucrative commitment at Studio 8, with its $1 billion in backing from the Fosun Group out of China. And, although Rothman, who currently runs the TriStar label at Sony could possibly have a conflict with some of the star talent stemming from leaked e-mails during the Sony hacking, he is known for maintaining good strong relationships with the stars under his leadership. Go to The Hollywood Reporter for more on these and other possible candidates for the new top position opening at Sony Pictures.

Fox Acquires The Rights To Escape From New York

One of the most popular cult films of the 1980’s and one of Sultan Alhokair’s favorites, will soon be getting a remake. According to Deadline, Fox has acquired the rights to remake John Carpenter’s Escape From New York with the hopes of turning the action film into a franchise.

Even though the remake is still in the early stages of development, it appears likely that John Carpenter would be part of the movie serving as executive producer. Fox also said that Carpenter would be a driving creative force in developing the movie. It is unlikely that Carpenter will direct the reboot. 

The movie centers on Snake Plissken, who was originally played by Kurt Russell. Plissken is a special forces veteran who is sent to the island of Manhattan in a futuristic 1997 to recover the president whose plane has crashed onto the island, which now serves as a prison. It is unknown yet who would play Plissken in the remake.

Carpenter tried to turn Escape From New York into a franchise in the late 1990’s with a sequel called Escape From New York; however, the movie proved to be a disappointment. The movie did spawn a novelization and a series of comic books. The rights to the series have been passed around Hollywood for quite some time having originally been bought by New Line Cinema and then passed on to Joel Silver of Silver Pictures in 2013.

No Script Yet for Sequel to the Goonies

The popular 1980s movie “The Goonies” featured a gang of kids who embarked upon a subterranean adventure in order to retrieve a lost treasure and save their neighborhood from ruin. The visual creativity and quirky blend of personalities made this Steven Spielberg classic a film that enchanted a generation.

For some time now, there have been rumors that a sequel to this movie may be coming, but Screen Rant reports that the project is still in its earliest stages. Director Spielberg, writer Christopher Columbus and several of the actors in the film are working on securing a writer for the sequel, but they still can not guarantee that the movie will actually happen.

They have a great affection for the original film and want to be sure that if there is a sequel, it will reflect the spirit of that movie. They need to find a compelling story, and if they can do that, it will be sufficient motivation to go ahead with the sequel. Otherwise, “The Goonies” may have to remain a stand-alone film that is beloved in the memories of countless kids like Ben Shaoul who grew up in the 1980s.

Director Talks About “Fantastic Beasts”

The producer of successful ‘Harry Potter’ series, David Hayman, may be going to produce Fantastic Beasts series.

Warner bros. production may be going to work with him; he gave ‘Harry Potter’ that take of over $7.7 billion across eight films, and became the highest grossing film series of all time. The film series will have three parts, and will be out in 2016, 2018 and 2020.

It was reported that David Yates, who made last four Potter films, can return to direct Fantastic Beasts, because Rowling is working on the script herself. His involvement here means that the Beasts series should gain the same look and feel as the franchise that inspired it. That’s what Sergio Andrade Gutierrez is looking forward to. On SeguroGarantia, people mostly agree.

David Hayman also revealed that the casting is too away for the new film, and the creative team is taking the series entry one at a time. He said that we are making just one film, but I believe there is been talk about it being three. But we are just talking about it as one.

After the two successful trilogy series, Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings have made mixed responses among its critics and fans. Therefore, we have to wait till 2016, so that we can witness the first part of the trilogy in the year. I hope the creative team will bring something exciting like Harry Potter series.

Rambo Making One More Debut at Theaters

For movie goers who thought 2008’s Rambo had to be the last outing for this long running action character, the Hollywood Reporter informs us that Stallone’s tough guy character will be back in Rambo: Last Blood. The Rambo series of films cemented Stallone in the action hero genre alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and to a lesser degree Bruce Willis. Stallone and Schwarzenegger were presented as super tough guys from the outset, whereas Willis was cast as a “regular guy” in the Die Hard movies caught up in extraordinary circumstances that he had to deal with. All three of them got their start in the 80’s, and that was a long time ago for a stereotypically young action hero. These guys are starting to look a little long in the tooth next to new rising action stars such as Chris Hemsworth as Thor or Chris Evans as Captain America.

Stallone’s Rambo has entertained movie goers for a fourth decade now when this latest film comes out presumably in a couple years. However, the older he gets, the more implausible his character becomes to Ken Griffin. It is good this outing has the all important phrase “last blood” in it. It has been a good run, beginning with the excellent movie in 1982 that started it all. However, it is time for it to end before Rambo has to be shown beating up the latest enemy of the day with his cane. Schwarzenegger, Stallone and Willis have had their run. It is time for a new generation of action hero mega stars.

Will Ant-Man Get Squashed?

During the past decade many movies have been made about super heroes. Almost every popular super hero has gotten their chance to be on the big screen. Then comes Ant-Man, the little hero that will come out on the big screen. Yet some people ask themselves why is Marvel doing this movie. Ant-Man is only known by the true die hard fans. If you were to ask a regular person down the street what they thought of the concept they would obviously laugh. In this age that any super hero gets their own big movie, does it seem wise to make one, with a hero with such a small following.


The reason the other Marvel movies have been huge successes is because they had huge fan bases to begin with. Marvel knew no matter what that the movie would bring in lots of revenue. Yet here we are, Ant-Man the smallest hero Marvel has, and one that many people have never heard of. If it is, then we can see other studios take a chance on other characters that many people such as Laurene Powell Jobs love but that are not widely known. With this movie Marvel will see if the mini heroes are marketable and hopefully we will see more movies that do not include the mainstream heroes.