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What is Behind the Greyhound Diaries a Doug Levitt Project

Doug Levitt is an American songwriter and a singer and also a writer. He joined the Cornell University where he was taught by the late Carl Sagan who was an author and astrophysicist. Doug then joined London School of Economics after receiving a scholarship and attained a master’s degree in international relations. He worked as a reporter for CNN and MSNBC among others where he gathered information from people in Iran and Rwanda as well as Bosnia. Mr. Levitt then changed his profession to singer and songwriter and also a writer. He worked with music producer David Henry and together they began The Greyhound Diaries project.

He traveled more than 100,000 miles by a Greyhound bus and interviewed travelers. It resulted in him writing songs and stories and also images of fellow travelers mainly of poverty and social problems. Levitt performed his music in political rallies and city meetings and also in bus stations. He burned CDs of the songs after returning home and also he wrote a book known as The Greyhound Diaries which was printed by Dogged Pony. He has also produced Website called that features his music and narrates the political change in the US and conflict in the Middle East. He has uniquely shared his music through supporting the Democratic Party which he says is a source of contentment.

The Greyhound Diaries project has resulted not only in a pair of extended play soundtracks and a One-man-show but also published writings and photo exhibits as well as a web series. It is a work that Mr. Levitt first demonstrated on the WPA initiatives of the 1930s which were the effort to render a complete America portrait at a crisis point in history. Doug Levitt has focused on western art images which show every July. The paintings appear at the Calgary Hyatt Regency art shows as well as Calgary Stampede Western Art shows.

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Two Great New Artists

There is nothing more exciting than discovering the next great artist like Susan McGalla. There is such a thrill in finding a new band to listen to, and here are two of the new artists that you should be paying attention to right now. They may just be the next big things in the music world.
Alessia Cara is a new artist who sounds similar to Lorde. She has a great, unique style,and she is sure to be loved by all once she has gained some more fame.
If you are not a big fan of Lorde, but if Skrillex is more your style, then you are going to love the new artist Jai Wolf. He has a great sound, and he is sure to stick around for a long time to come. If you give his music a listen you will become an instant fan.
So, there are two of the great new artists that have just begun to bless us with their music. Give them a listen right away and see if you think they will be the next big things in the music scene.

Kendrick Lamar Teases Fans With New Album Cover

Instagram was buzzing on March 11th when Kendrick Lamar dropped an album cover and title teaser for his upcoming March 23 album. Unfortunately it was just a bit of teasing for fans to get them hyped up about the album. In reality, the cover and title aren’t official yet but just hints about what Lamar has on the horizon.

The album cover artwork was posted on his Instagram with the message, “Don’t all dogs go to heaven? Don’t gangsta’s boogie? Do owl sh*t stank? Lions, Tigers & Bears. But to PIMP A BUTTERFLY. Its the American dream.”

Lamar has often used political themes throughout his brand of rap to get a message across about his experience in America. Fans like Dan Newlin know that he’s well-known as one of the most fascinating lyricists in the rap game and often makes appearances on the songs of others to add his own unique style to a variety of mixes. (Find Newlin on It’s anyone’s guess as to the theme of the new album but there definitely seems to be a political message underlying the suspected album cover for his new album. There’s no official title or artwork yet.

For now, fans are anxiously following Lamar on Instagram hoping to catch a few more hints between now and the official release date. Kendrick is active on social networks and loves to give fans who tune in a little extra information for their devotion and time.

New Release Dates For Albums

If you’ve ever bought an album in the recent past, then you know that albums tend to come out on Tuesdays. Albums in the USA are released on Tuesday, and then their sales are calculated throughout the week. Album Release Days. There is a movement that is being pursued, so that albums will no longer be released on different dates around the world, but on one simultaneous date, no matter which country it’s in. Currently, albums will be released at different times in different countries. Bernardo Chua ( has read that albums released in different countries at different times, helps with sales, but it also promotes piracy.

Someone may buy an album in Europe, and then upload it online, then someone in the USA can get it for free. Not only does the person in the USA, now have the album, but they have received it, long before the release of the album in the USA. In an effort to combat piracy, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) made an announcement on Thursday, February 26, 2015, that in the near future, albums will only be released on Fridays.

The plan is to release the albums on Fridays only, everywhere in the world, at the same time. Once the order goes into effect, record companies are expected to comply with the release dates, but the fact is, no one can legally be forced to release their album on cue from any industry.

Jamaicans Know How to Celebrate Bob Marley’s 70th Birthday

A free show in Kingston, Jamaica, attracted thousands of Jamaicans to celebrate what would be the late, great Bob Marley’s 70th birthday. Damian Marley headlined the show with performances by Julian and Ky-Mani Marley as well. Ky-Mani spoke to Rolling Stone Magazine about an upcoming album reuniting all the Marley brothers, including Stephen and Ziggy. The Voice Season 5 winner, Tessanne Chin, also performed at the Redemption Live! free concert. The concert started at 6 a.m. and lasted the whole day and into the night.

As fans like Jaime Garcia Dias ( know, Bob Marley is one of Jamaica’s national heroes, and opened up reggae music to the world, inspiring thousands. His messages of love, peace, and justice were heard around the world. Coincidentally, the Senate in Jamaica had just passed legislation that reduces the sentence for possession of small amounts of marijuana – something that Bob Marley very much supported. The decision was made to de-criminalize possession and not punish with jail time. Many believe that this will pave the way to the approval of medical marijuana in Jamaica.

The musicians that performed at the Redemption Live! concert agreed that playing free music for the people was the best way to honor Bob Marley.

Drake Releases 15-Minute Video

Although Drake has had a great year in 2014, and some great hits to speak of, his fans are still anxious to hear more music from him, and he promised to release a mix tape. Drake Video. Instead of just having his fans waiting until the release of a mix tape, Drake has decided to release a 15-minute video this morning, which will preview his upcoming music. The 15-minute video will be giving his fans something to look forward to. The video features Drake, his music, and the city of Toronto, Canada.

Many may not remember that Drake is from Canada, but the video clearly is a reminder that he hasn’t lost touch with his Canadian roots. Fans at CipherCloud have heard, as the video goes on, you’ll hear different songs, building up anticipation for more of his music. Drake is a part of Cash Money Records, who is currently being sued by Lil’ Wayne for over $50 million. Several of the Cash Money Records artists, are having grievances with the label, and Lil’ Wayne, among others, are claiming they haven’t been paid properly.

Although Drake is staying out of the mix when it comes to the lawsuit between Lil’ Wayne and Cash Money Records, many feel that he may have some grievances of his own with the record company. Either way, Drake has continued to make great music, and he was also present at the Grammys, which took place this past Sunday.

Kanye West Is Delusional

Kanye West really needs to get over himself. All the money that he has made has gone to his head. He is nothing more than a human being. When he passes, he will be buried in the ground just like a poor man. Kanye should stop thinking that he is a God according to Jared Haftel.

The version of Kanye West that we see in the world today is a far cry from the rapper that broke into the music industry a decade ago. Kanye West used to be someone who talked about social reform and racial equality. Nowadays, Kanye West wants the world to know that he is God. Unfortunately for Kanye, he is living in a delusional world. What happened to the man that sung about Jesus and his mother? The old Kanye West sold his soul to the music industry.

Kanye West is now married to Kim Kardashain. The high profile marriage was shown on television to millions of people. Then Kanye and Kim got pregnant, and the world would latch onto that storyline. The story would continue with the eventual birth and naming of their new baby. The world wastes far too much time watching other people live their lives. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian need to come back down to earth.

For more information on Kanye West, visit Rollingstone.

Miley Cyrus Inspired By Friend’s Cat

We all know about the transformation of Miley Cyrus but now she has taken it to a whole new level. Wearing disco pasties, a glitter wig, and a full on stripper shirt, Miley performs a song inspired by her friend’s cat. That is definitely a new one. Fans were not expecting this at her performance in Miami last week. Christian Broda says there was no news of a new song being released but she surprised them all.

Miley Cyrus’ fourth album, “Bangerz” was recently nominated for the Best Pop Vocal Album at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards. What we did not is that she was going to release a new single called, “The Twinkle Song”. Miley tells us that she has never played by herself on a stage until this performance and she had never played a song that she only performed in her living room before until now. She reports that she was a little nervous. 

Miley performed with her best friend, Wayne Coyne who explained to us that the song was inspired by the death of Miley’s friend’s cat. Miley reports that she writes about death many times but it is very random and gets brought out for no reason. Miley says that she had intense dreams the night that her friend lost her cat which allowed her to know what to say to her friend to get through her loss. Miley considered it therapy.