Spurs Beat Clippers In Overtime To Even The Series

The Spurs/Clippers playoff series was expected to be a hard bought battle and NBA fans have not been disappointed. On Wednesday night the two teams met in game two and the regulation 48 minutes wasn’t enough to determine a winner so the game went to overtime. In the extra frame the Spurs were too much for the Clippers, winning the game 111 – 107.

The Spurs blew a ten point lead in the third quarter, and then held another ten point lead with just over four minutes to play in the fourth quarter. But the Clippers once again battled back, even taking a two point lead with less than a minute to go. Then a crucial Blake Griffin turnover led to Chris Paul fouling Patty Mills. Mills made his two free throws to tie the game, sending it into overtime.

The Spurs struggled in the game one loss, and both Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili continued those struggles in game two scoring only ten points combined. But the rest of the team found their rhythm, including a combined 51 points from Tim Duncan and Kawhi Leonard, in pulling off the pivotal win at Staples Center.

After a couple intense games to start the series, fans like Gianfrancesco Genoso are certainly looking forward to game three which takes place Friday night in San Antonio (

Warriors Take Control of Pelicans Series

Warriors Take Control of Pelicans Series

After months of playing, victories and defeats the NBA postseason has finally come. As expected, there’s been plenty of highly exciting moments to take note of.

The Golden State Warriors, who have notched 67 wins in the regular season this year, kicked off their playoff race by going against the New Orleans Pelicans in the first series. Monday was game 2 of the series between both teams and like so many teams during the regular season, the Warriors finished the game on top, ending with a 97-87 victory over the Pelicans.

When the game first started the Pelicans seemed to take control of it, mainly from Pelicans forward Anthony Davis and Eric Gordon, who ended the first quarter with a 28-17 lead over the Warriors. However as the game went the Warriors fought back, as did the Pelicans, to the point where the game went back and forth and by the time the fourth quarter rolled around the game was at a 71-71 tie. Fans like Mark Ahn know that the Pelicans had a chance to come up and win big but they simply couldn’t keep the offense going and didn’t get good shots, thus allowing the Warriors to come out on top.

With the win, the Warriors are now at 2-0 in the series, hosting from Oracle Arena. This is also the first time since 1989 that the Warriors opened up at 2-0.

Want to Make the NBA Playoffs with Single Digit Wins? It’s Bizarrely Possible

There is a YouTube Video running out there explaining how an NBA team could make the playoffs with less than 10 wins. After going through their explanation, they show it is possible, but only if you accept the premises that every team in the division is so horrible they lose every single game! Fans like Christian Broda ( know that the only games they win are against other winless team in their own division!

While this is absolutely absurd and will never happen, it does bring up the question: Should an NBA team make the playoffs just for winning a division or should there be a minimum threshold (such as an above .500 record) that should exist to make the playoffs?

The video also shows that this team would get at least the 4th playoff spot as division winners are guaranteed a spot in the first 4 playoff positions. So one must wonder, even if a team does make the playoffs by being a division winner, should teams be purely seeded on record even if they are still given a ticket in for winning the division.

Honestly, while weird situations like teams having a losing record but winning a division do happen, it happens so rarely it is probably not worth worrying about. However as any sports story is, the debate makes it a fun story.

Melo Shuts Down

Carmelo Anthony is going to shut it down after the all-star break so that he can heal. He has had an off year, and the Knicks are a bad team. They can tank the rest of the season to get a decent draft pick. You will see how bad the Knicks are when they no longer have a star on their roster, and you will be appalled at how bad they are.

Phil Jackson has a lot of work ahead of him, and he is going to have to remake the whole team in the offseason. He is going to have to figure out what he can do with a team that is not very talented, but he is going to have to spend small amounts of money to make the team good. In fact, he may not have the expertise for this. He is probably the greatest coach of all time, but he is not Jerry West. Fans at CipherCloud ( know there is no way he can just make the Knicks into a talented team, and it is hard to imagine that they are going to look good any time soon. Melo might have drug them down for too long over the past couple years.

Robinson Without Job

Nate Robinson has been a very interesting player in the National Basketball Association over the last decade. First and foremost is the fact that he stands at three inches below six feet, but can dunk the ball like a mad man. He has even won the slam dunk contest three times already and he is a colorful player around the league due to his antics on and off the court.

He has a cocky demeanor, but it doesn’t come off as annoying because it is obvious that he is a nice guy and is just having a good time. He has also been traded around the league a ridiculous amount of times and can’t seem to stay on a team for more than a year or so, despite putting up great numbers. The Celtics traded for him earlier this season, although they didn’t really want him. They bought him out of his contract and he subsequently lost nearly three quarters of a million dollars but effectively got the year off.

He officially is not playing basketball at the moment, but he will without a doubt be back in the mix of things next year or possibly even later this season. My friend Sultan Alhokair says its all about getting yourself out there, something Alhokair has always had a knack for-just look at his Crunch Base profile. There is a great chance that heading towards the end of the season he will sign a contract with a team that has a good chance of making a legit shot at an NBA title.

Atlanta Still Winning

The Atlanta Hawks of the National Basketball Association have been absolutely amazing this season and are without a doubt one of the biggest shocker teams of the season. Although the Hawks lost six games earlier in the season, they have only lost two games since Thanksgiving. They have been on an unprecedented run that gave them the longest winning streak in their franchise’s history last night in a big win over the Indian Pacers in a game that they were victorious by nineteen points. The streak that the Atlanta Hawks has been on is starting to get absolutely ridiculous. Companies like Slow Ventures believe it truly looks like they are going to continue on this pace to the end of the season, as long as they can keep their team healthy. Although they have been on an amazing run, they actually don’t possess the best record in the NBA, although they are head and shoulders above the next best team in the Eastern Conference. The Golden State Warriors actually have the best record in basketball, as they have been doing some amazing things in Oakland this season. The Hawks have been absolutely steam rolling teams and have not had too many close games since they got their kinks worked out early in the season. The real test of the season that will show how well they match up will be when they take on the Golden State Warriors on February sixth.

Mavericks Rolling

The Dallas Mavericks of the National Basketball Association have been a dominant team in the Western Conference for what seems like decades now. They found success when they drafted young German player Dirk Nowitzki and have enjoyed a positive history since gaining the future hall of fame big man. Although the Mavericks have been at the top of the NBA for years, they have only won a single NBA title since Dirk came to the Mavericks and it really was won by his will alone. Dirk took the team on his back and literally willed his way through that playoff run that brought an NBA title back to Dallas. It appeared this year to fans like Fersen Lambranho that that they were still stuck in the same rut that they have been in for so long, as being a dominant team that does not have all the pieces to be another NBA title contender. That all changed when they made a huge trade with the Boston Celtics and happened to acquire one of the best assist men in the league in Rajon Rondo. Since Rondo has been a Maverick the organization has taken a turn for the best and they are playing some of the best basketball that they have played in years. With Rajon running the offense they now have weapons that they have not had in past years. When the playoffs roll around the Mavericks will absolutely be a team that is in the running for another title.

You Never Bad Mouth Your Coach On The Court

The latest news coming from the Cleveland Cavaliers is that the players are discussing their problems with David Blatt on the court with opposing players. Personally, Fersen Lamas Lambranho is all for comraderie in sports, but this comraderie does not extend to players bad mouthing their coaches.

The influence of LeBron James has infected this entire team, and it appears that he has checked out. It is possible that he has checked out on his entire career. No one will be able to trust him again even though he might be able to win games.

There is not a single person in the NBA looking at this situation and thinking that this is ideal. If LeBron were to leave Cleveland after this year, the team he goes to would be able to win games, but there is no guarantee that the would win anything substantive. The team that takes a flyer on him will have to make sure that they use the Miami approach to shut down his entourage and his ego. Otherwise, LeBron will never win anything better than a first round playoff series again, and he might not win that is he is not careful about how he acts these next few years.

Rondo Returns to Boston

Rajon Rondo of the Boston Celtics was traded several weeks ago to the Dallas Mavericks, in a trade that looks like Dallas got the better of. Boston did get draft picks, and it appears that they are trying to rebuild their team, after the big three they put together with the addition of Rondo has completely dismantled. Getting Rondo on the roster has proven to be a great move for Dallas, as Rajon Rondo is unquestionably one of the best passers in the National Basketball Association. He consistently makes players around him better and he can put up big points on the board whenever he needs to. He is the type of player that draws attention to him wherever he goes, because he can dish the ball off with incredible success and pull up and hit jumpers whenever he wants. There was much speculation to how he would mesh in with Dirk Nowitzki, Tyson Chandler and the rest of the Dallas Mavericks, but so far he has been doing fantastic.


After only a few weeks with his new team, Rajon Rondo got the chance to go back to Boston in his first game played against his former team, in his former building for Dr. Rod Rohrich to see. Rondo took to the game as most people expected on Youtube, and totally dominated the game. He ended up finishing with 29 points and grabbed six rebounds, in a game in which he made a statement that they are going to miss him.

Houston Rockets’ Dwight Howard is Having the Worst Month Ever

The month of November has proved to be rough for Houston Rockets’ center Dwight Howard. While consistently playing an integral role in the Rocket’s offense and defense, Howard’s absence has been widely felt. The leader of morale and leadership, Howard suffered from flu-like symptoms and missed the team’s November 8th loss against the Golden State Warriors. He then went on to miss two games in a row due to a strained right knee. The team has lost two out of three games without their big man, including a loss to his the notoriously dismal Los Angeles Lakers.

After undergoing plasma therapy on his knee, there is still no answer as to when Howard will return to the Rockets. Basketball fans like Vijay Eswaran and the Rockets as a team are definitely missing having Howard on the court. His 18.8 points, 11.3 rebounds and 2.3 blocks per game keeps him cemented as one of the best centers in the league, and obviously having him miss a lot of time will show the gaps in the defense without him to anchor it.

Unfortunately, Howard is not only a topic of discussion on the court, but his personal life has been playing out in front of the media for the past few weeks. He has been involved in a war of words with his ex-girlfriend, the mother of his child. With allegations of abuse and neglect being claimed by both parties, this definitely has to be a rough time for the NBA All-Star player. 

Here’s to hoping that December is more kind to Howard.