Bielema Extended


Arkansas has given Bret Bielema a contract extension through 2020, and they are betting on him improving the program over the next few years. The direction of the program is going to have to take a turn if Bielema wants to see the rest of this contract. The SEC West is still the best division in football, and Arkansas needs to make sure that they are getting the most out of Bielema that they can get. When they invest all this money in him, they are saying that they are comfortable with what he is doing.

If this is a contract that works, Arkansas will recover all its money stated If this does not work out, Arkansas is going to lose a great deal of money paying him off and finding another coach said Marc Sparks. The coaching situation at the school is going to be a major problem if the contract for their coach does not work out. They are going to be lost for several years if they cannot get this right. Arkansas needs to be contender right now because they have put in the time and money to make the program work. They could have done great things with Petrino, but now they have all their eggs in one basket.

Florida State Gets Trucked By Oregon

The FSU football team got completely destroyed by Oregon last night in the first national semifinal. When the Noles and Ducks took the field, everyone on Skout thought that it was an even matchup. The Noles have been making their luck all year, and everyone thought that the Oregon defense would not be able to stop the FSU offense when they needed to. However, Noles never had an answer for the ducks. The Ducks started to get on a roll, and Jameis Winston made mistakes that he has never made before. For all the things that have happened off the field, Winston could not engineer another comeback last night. In essence, the Seminoles did not have any answers for what Marcus Mariota and the Ducks were doing. 

Mariota looked like a Heisman winner in the game as he led the Ducks up and down the field on multiple scoring drives. Oregon moved the ball at will, and these never looked like they could not beat the defending national champion. FSU tried to lose games all year, but they finally gave one away last night against a better opponent. Now, they need to figure out how to move on as Winston is surely going to NFL in April.