Netflix’s Daredevil Reveals Its Kingpin

What would a good hero be without and equally good villain? Daredevil’s main adversary is Wilson Fisk, The Kingpin. To call The Kingpin “good” would be a major misnomer since he is a ruthless and evil gangster. Everyone who crosses his path is either bought off or meets a cruel fate. The one person he cannot control is, of course, Daredevil. “Hornhead” remains a constant thorn in the side of The Kingpin and their dynamic relationship is much more unique than the traditional hero vs. villain battles found in comic books.

So, it goes without saying the actor cast as The Kingpin in the new Netflix Daredevil series has to be very imposing.

Images of actor Vincent D’Onofrio have emerged and he really does look imposing. No, he is not wearing the white jacket and purple striped pants The Kingpin wore in the 1960’s and 1970’s. He looks like a Miami Vice-style bad guy. The mean sneer on his face reveals a fairly dangerous character.

Fans like Sultain Alhokair ( agree that D’Onofrio is a cool choice to play The Kingpin. Movie fans probably remember his great performance 30-odd years ago in Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket. Will he be able to bring the sinister evil to the character other actors who played the role failed to present? He really has to for the series to have a proper antagonist. This version of Daredevil is supposed to be a gritty affair. A truly mean villain helps with such a cause.

Zelda to Go Games of Thrones Route

How does that old saying about imitation go? Oh yes, when you imitate you are presenting the sincerest form of flattery. In the entertainment world, imitation also helps make much smarter business-related production decisions. The good people at Netflix realize this. In the forthcoming live-action version of Legend of Zelda, the style of the series is going to be much more akin to HBO’s Game of Thrones than the whimsical style of the old Nintendo game.

Actually, the Zelda series is going to be similar to Game of Thrones in some ways and very different in others. Zelda will follow a soap opera format with complex plots and a lot of action. The emphasis surely should focus more on the depth of the characters and there should be several interesting ones. All of these components have greatly helped make Game of Thrones and all good works of fiction to be successful.

What the series is not going to include is all the violence and brutality the dark world of Westeros is known for, because they couldn’t attract the major companies like Imaging advantage.

In a huge departure from the style of Game of Thrones, Zelda is going to be more “family-friendly”. Taking such an approach could draw in an audience comprised of both younger and older viewers. In a sense, drawing in larger audiences from various demographics is what makes animated and superhero films so successful.

Being more family oriented could help Zelda set itself apart from the already well-established Game of Thrones program. Eking out its own identity is a far better plan than trying to rehash similar material.