Citadel LLC Leading the Financial Sector under Kenneth C Griffin

Citadel is currently the world’s eleventh biggest hedge fund manager. It is also the second biggest globally in terms of multi- strategy hedge fund. This is no mean feat for a company started in 1990. It was formerly called Citadel Investment Group, LLC.
Citadel LLC is an international financial institution that centers on two primary businesses. The first is Citadel which is an alternative asset manager. It has over $26 billion worth of assets under management as of this year. The other business is Citadel Securities. This deals in equity options, equities and offers interest rate swap to retail and institutional customers.
The company was founded by Ken Griffin who serves as current CEO. Griffin was born in Daytona Beach, Florida in 1968. He started to invest at Harvard University when still a freshman. This was after reading an article on Forbes magazine. He established a hedge fund that focused on exchangeable bonds arbitrage in second year. Armed with a $26500 capital from family and friends, the investment was able to save capital in the stock crash of 1987. This success led him to start a second venture. He was using a self installed satellite link to get on time data on stocks from his dorm. Griffin finished his studies in economics at Harvard graduating in 1989. He was offered $1million by Frank C. Meyer to invest which he did successfully.
Griffin has also made contributions to charity causes. He has donated over $500 million to different organizations. An example being the $150 million donation he made to his former school Harvard to help undergraduate students. This is in addition to several millions he has donated to universities in Chicago. He is also a member of various boards that include the Committee on Capital Regulation, the University of Chicago, and G100. He is also an avid art collector.
Citadel is among the three percent of hedge funds that have existed for over 20 years. It has over 1,250 employees across its offices worldwide. Its headquarters are in Chicago but it has offices in New York, San Francisco and Hong Kong. The other offices are located in Toronto, London, Boston, Greenwich, Dallas and Houston. Citadel LLC was named the overall best hedge fund group in 2013. This is because it is considered as the best place to work in the finance field. It was voted among the 20 best places offering financial services by 2015 People’s Pick.

Changing The World With Eucatex

Saving the planet is a tall order, but Eucatex, a Brazilian company knows how important this mission is. What if you could do almost anything eco-friendly? This is just a small part of what Eucatex is doing with water based paint and the use of raw materials.

The company was established in 1951, and Eucatex was the first company to ever make its focus the environment. The source of the success was eucalyptus because it could provide the raw material to help produce tiles for ceilings and panels as well. The company was first born as the Americana Sawmill in Sao Paulo, Brazil in the early 20’s.

Nic wrote that the early days of Eucatex were spent producing fiberboard and softboard material, but today the company is doing so much more. With corporate headquarters in Sao Paulo, there are still numerous other divisions located elsewhere. These locations include:

Regional Office-Belo Horizonte/MG
Regional Office-Bento Goncalves/RS
MDP and Laminate Flooring Facility-Botucatu, Sao Paulo
Fiberboard Facility-Salto, Sao Paulo
Eucatex Paints and Varnishes-Salto, Sao Paulo
Forestry Unit-Salto, Sao Paulo
Forestry Unit Botocatu-Botucatu, Sao Paulo
Seedlings Nursery-Bofete, Sao Paulo
Office United States and Mexico
Office in Europe and the Far East

Additionally, one of the most interesting things that happens at Eucatex is the leasing of forestry. This gives consumers a chance to become a part of the endeavor that the company is forging. Once an investment has been made partners are able to see a percentage of what has been produced during each cycle. There are many advantages to partnering with Eucatex including gaining additional income from the rural property, making good use of the land while others are using more modern day techniques that could be harmful to the land, ability to lease for 12 years including the rebudding of the trees for the future sale of wood and much more.

This endeavor is all made possible with the passion of President Flavio Maluf. This mechanical engineer and entrepreneur is also responsible for other companies like Grand Food, Premier Pets, and a few others. With his experience, Maluf has been able to influence the world greatly with his love of keeping things natural yet simple. Maluf has been the President of Eucatex since 2005 and continues to build the company strong. As the son of a politician, Maluf knows that nothing in business comes easy, and it’s taken quite a bit of time to make headway with these eco-friendly solutions for building and renovating.

The Need for Economists in the Globalized Village

Who understands the economic trends and their effects on the economy better than the professionals themselves? Economists like Christian Broda have shown the world that their relevance in the business world is still intact. Broda is a very popular economist with a reputation all over the world for his skills and innovative ideas that have helped individual and governments alike to mitigate economic hardships. He is professor at the University of Chicago where he teaches economics. His prowess in the field has elevated to high ranking positions including being the capital managing director of a reputable organization. Broda has contributed greatly in the economic planning and development in New York City.

The help that New York and the US in general have gotten from economists like Broda is a clear indication that the society needs economic guidance. The problems that we are facing currently are as a result of economic negligence and greed to make money without planning. Economists insists on planning and spending in the order of priority. In economics, one of the greatest lessons they learn is to strike a balance between satisfying two or more competing alternatives. Faced with such a challenge, one has to think and pick the most necessary option to satisfy. However, in the business world, this prudence is rarely practices. Investors only seem to care about the alternatives that have more returns.

The current global economic tough times are as a result of economic negligence as economists term it. However, all is not lost if we can turn around and pay more attention to what the professionals are saying of the current economic situation. No one understands the trend of human psychology better than economist and this is why business people are running to them for guidance. Governments have also realized the important roles played by economist in collecting and studying data to identify human patterns that can help in restructuring the market. For this reason, economists have become very valuable consultant to government s and businesses.

Economists are capable of predicting market structures and future events that can affect or influence the economy. Thy do this by studying past evidence and current events and with this information they can predicted what is going to happened when the economy takes a particular turn. This kind of knowledge can be harnessed for the benefit of the people. The authorities can use such information to make informed choices when coming up with economic policies. For instance the economists warned of a looming economic crisis prior to the global meltdown in 2008/2009. The public did not heed and neither did the government. As a result, we ended up experiencing the worse economic meltdown the world has ever known.

The Catalyst For A Citadel LLC Hedge Fund IPO

Kenneth Griffin didn’t become a billionaire overnight. It has taken him years to accumulate the wealth he now enjoys. He lost his wealth in 2008, like most hedge fund investors, but that didn’t stop him from picking himself up off the trading floor and going for the grand slam. The grand slam was a calculated high-risk venture where no rational hedge fund investor wanted to go after the market crash. Griffin found the high-risk investments that he believed would put him back on top, and he stayed with them. He even forced his equity partners to bite the bullet and stay with him when there were dark clouds over his decision-making ability.

Those equity partners are now dancing to the beat of Griffin’s Citadel LLC success now that the company has assets of more than $26 billion, according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal. The company’s financial position is super strong, so Griffin thinks it’s time for a public stock offering in 2016. Once again, the partners may have questions about Griffin’s vision. But Griffin knows doubt is always a side-effect of hedge funding investing of any kind. Some of the equity partners say the stock market hasn’t been kind to hedge fund companies that have gone public, and they are right. Hedge funds haven’t come out on top, and neither have the investors. There’s a slight dual loyalty effect going on when hedge funds and stocks get married. The union has to produce decent returns for shareholders, and a returns for investors in the funds and those two goals don’t always line-up. The other issue is hedge funds don’t always produce the consistent earnings that stock investors want.

But there have been some successful publically traded hedge funds. Most of them were pre-market crash IPOs, so the idea of going public now is a new concept of sorts. It might take a change in strategy for Griffin and Citadel to survive in the stock market. Rather than chasing high-risk assets, Griffin might have to tone it down a bit in order to attract cautious investors. But that’s not what made Citadel the giant it is today, so the chances of that happening are slim.

Griffin does have something up his hedge fund sleeve, however. Hiring Ben Bernanke, the former Federal Reserve Chairman as a senior advisor may be a sign that Griffin is going to be a little more conservative. That remains to be seen. It’s only a part-time position for Bernanke, and most insiders believe his talents are needed elsewhere in the organization.

If Citadel does go the way of an IPO, the world will be watching and probably investing in the track record of the King hedge fund investor, Ken Griffin.

Women Who Suffer From PTSD Now Have to Worry About Their Heart Health Also

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a problem that is bad enough on its own. It is a common diagnosis for soldiers who have been in combat, and there have certainly been plenty of cases among soldiers who returned from Iraq and Afghanistan over the past decade. It is not limited to soldiers, however. Anyone can undergo a highly traumatic situation such as being the victim of a crime or a terrible accident. It can have a negative effect on one’s family and even a person’s health, which is one fact presented by a recent report about women with PTSD and it raising the likelihood of having a heart attack or stroke.

A long-term study looked at 55,000 women starting in 1989 and going through 2008. The big takeaway from this 20 year time frame of tracking any traumatic occurrences in their lives and their health found that those who suffered from PTSD were 45 percent more likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke than those who had not experienced such trauma. Traditionally, it has only been the mental effects of PTSD that have been closely examined, but now it is evident that there is a very real physical impact of this condition, and people who suffer from it must realize this and take extra precautions against adverse health outcomes. This would start with regular physicals and check ups and making sure to limit their exposure to any traumatic situations in their lives. CipherCloud thinks this is a good idea.

Agreement between Washington and Havana to Reopen Embassies

The United States and Cuba have agreed to restore diplomatic relations and the reopening of their embassies, said US a official.

This would be the first US embassy in Havana in 54 years.

In late May, Washington had withdrawn Havana from their blacklist of “sponsoring terrorism,” a crucial step that paved the way for an exchange of ambassadors.

“We will officially announce tomorrow (Wednesday) that the United States and Cuba have agreed to restore diplomatic relations and open embassies in their respective capitals,” the source said.

Beyond the restoration of diplomatic relations remains the thorny question of the embargo, that is still in force. Susan McGalla doesn’t know how long that will last.

Declared in February 1962, and strictly reinforced by the Helms-Burton Act of 1996, there remains a total US embargo on economic and financial dealings with Cuba, which is regularly denounced by Havana as an obstacle to the development of the island.

Appointing ambassadors will help turn the corner on our relations between the two countries, but to “normalize relations is another issue,” already warned by Cuban President Raul Castro.

President Obama has asked Congress, including both houses which are controlled by Republican opponents, to work on lifting the embargo, but the outcome of ongoing discussions is uncertain and the legislative process will be long.

Director Talks “Terminator: Genisys”

Alan Taylor, director of the upcoming Terminator: Genisys, discussed how this film, a reboot, will pay homage to the franchise while also attempting to revitalize it.

According to Ivan Ong, One problem with the later movies, in his opinion, is that they went completely into science fiction territory while ignoring the horror/thriller and familial elements of the first two movies. He says that while Terminator was largely a love story and Terminator 2 was about a father/son relationship, this one will be a “dysfunctional family story” that includes elements of both of the originals, while also trying to utilize the complex mythology that those films set up.

He also discusses the theme of relativity and freedom. In these films, humans are doing all they can to prevent a dark future where machines rule the Earth. In Terminator: Genisys, one of the themes will be that while humans are free to choose their own future, “to me there’s a kind of mature realization that nothing being written is plenty terrifying.”

He continued, “One of the things I’m so proud of in this movie is that freedom is f**king terrifying. There’s a natural human compulsion to chase after freedom and then to actually hand it over as fast as possible and get away from it.”

Terminator: Genisys comes out in theaters July 1, 2015.

Are Heels Dangerous?

Everyone knows about the high heel. 50 percent of the population even wears them. However, is this a healthy choice. One may look good but does one feel good. Obviously what one wears on their feet, affects the body’s movement.

Unlike running barefooted or walking in flip flops, there are few shoes that affect the shape and function of the foot as much as heels do. By wearing heels, depending on how high they are, the heels can cause damage to the spine due to a chain reaction. There is a clear distinction of the ankle and foot between women that wear heels often and the women that do not.

To test and prove this theory, scientists have invited 10 women to participate in a experiment. The women would test their balance with a wobbly board and their strength of their ankle muscles with a computerized machine. The results were very interesting. Apparently those who are new to wearing heels have more balance and a stronger ankle. Jim Dondero could definitely see the reasoning for that.

The women that have been wearing the heels the longest, showed the weakest ankles and weak muscles. The women that had the most experience wearing heels even had the worst balance. This muscle imbalance is worrisome because the lack of strength can cause problems in other areas of the body such as other joints and the spine. A recommendation from doctors is to start a flat wearing trend.

JP Morgan Investment Banker Dies

Wall Street is mourning the loss of James “Jimmy” Lee, who was a well known dealmaker who was helping General Electric take apart its financial division. Lee died unexpectedly this past Wednesday. He was 62. No official cause of death was given. Wall Street Titan Dies Suddenly Lee was vice chairman of JP Morgan Chase. He advised some of the world’s most powerful CEO’s and was known as a deal making and a merger specialist. Lee worked at Chase for over 40 years. He leaves behind his wife, Beth as well as three children; Lexi, Jamie and Izzy.

While Lee was not a household name, he was known within the circles of Wall Street as the man to go to if you need a mega deal done or a deal worked out. He was also consulted on several well known public offerings including the Alibaba IPO in 2014, Comcast’s purchase of NBC from GE, 2009, The United Continental merger, 2010, GM’s $23 billion public offering, 2010 and the Dell Computer Compnay buyout in 2013. He is remembered by all of the major players on Wall Street and all had wonderful things to say about him. Jamie Dimon referred to Lee as his friend and mentor, which is a high tribute to a player on Wall Street.

Plans for a memorial service have not been announced yet and JP Morgan Chase has not announced whether they would pay some special tribute to Lee. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital feels like they will come up with something suitable soon enough.

Bourne 5 Pre-production and Bourne Legacy

The Jason Bourne series has been one of the most successful series of the 2000s. Matt Damon as the assassin with amnesia has made for one of the most intriguing action series of recent years. There has even been a spin off for the series under the name of Bourne Legacy. Recently, there has been word on Bourne 5 and the Bourne Legacy sequel. Of course with talk of those projects, there had to be questions as to whether or not they are going to be connected.

It turns out that Bourne 5 and the Bourne Legacy sequel are completely separate projects. Jeremy Renner is not going to return for Bourne 5.

Even though The Bourne Ultimatum was a nice wrap up for the Bourne series, there are plenty of books that could be adapted to the big screen. So it is not like they are desperate for a cash grab says Kevin Seawright. While Matt Damon could go to more ambitious projects, it is also sensible to return to the role that was a defining point in his career.