Hakeem Nicks: New One Year Contract

Wide receiver Hakeem Nicks has agreed and signed a one year contract with the Tennessee Titans on Friday. Details have not been disclosed at this time. Hakeem Nicks who is a former first round draft pick with 349 receptions for over 5,000 yards and 31 touchdowns. He also placed five seasons with the New York Giants last year. Hakeem caught 38 passes for 405 yards and four touchdowns with the Indiana Colts. Yahoo! Sports.

Fantasy football player Ray Lane points out that Nicks best seasons were in 2010 and 2011. He caught 79 passes for 1,052 yards and 11 touchdowns in 2010 alone. The next year in 2011, he had 76 receptions for 1,192 yards and seven touchdowns. Nicks started in the NFL back in 2009. The Giants selected Nicks out of North Carolina. Nicks had the 29th overall pick in the draft. Nicks has another exciting year coming up this year.

Packers Have Very Few Needs in Offseason

Okay so when you are the Green Bay Packers and last season you played in the NFC Championship game while nursing a hurt star quarterback and mediocre team, how do you follow-up with your free agency…by not making a lot of personnel moves, apparently. Fans like Brad Reifler agree that other than losing Tramon Williams to the Cleveland Browns there has not been a lot of noise coming from Wisconsin. Even the GM and Head Coach have made general statements about the upcoming draft and how they like all the other teams try to pick the best players in the right positions for their place in the draft order. Even making general statements about playing the quarterback game…yeah right!

If the Packers are really looking past Aaron Rogers as their future quarterback I would be shocked. Granted they will need someone in the future, and it is true that Rogers will not play forever. Given how he played hurt and still lead his team that far into the playoffs I would keep putting him on the field in a wheel chair and he would still be better than 2/3 of the starters in the league. But it’s not all wine, roses, and cheese. The do need to acquire a nose tackle and a free safety where they don’t have substantial depth. Since the team is quite young in years (not in talent) they may start wanting to groom the replacement for Julius Peppers who has been around for 14 years. Although his back-ups have been on the team for 2 and 3 years, yet they still have not been good enough to unseat the veteran.

Dallas Cowboys Lose Murray To The Eagles

The NFL team Dallas Cowboys lost their 2014-2015 MVP Demarco Murray today to the Philadelphia Eagles, who offered him a $42 million dollar contract that will cover the span of 5 years. That is because the Cowboys would only offer Murray $25 million for the same amount of time, which means that it makes sense Murray decided to take his business elsewhere.

The most interesting aspect of all this is that the Eagles and the Cowboys are huge rivals, and so there is no doubt that the fans will be at even bigger odds this year thinks Last season the Eagles did not come to play as much as they could of and the Cowboys nearly made it to the AFC championship until they lost to the Green Bay Packers at the last minute of the game essentially.

With all things stirred up now it will be interesting to see if the Cowboys can pick up their team and continue their success into next year without Murray. According to an article written on Yahoo! Sports, the Cowboys have one of the offensive teams in the NFL and could still have a good year next year. Even so, losing Murray is incredibly devastating and fans should be apprehensive as to what they can expect for the 2015-2016 season. Tony Romo will not have many years left either, so it is time that they do some homework before August begins.

Is DeMarco Murray Done in Dallas?

In an era where a person’s actions on social media is the “new” slap in the face, Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray has officially removed all team logos from his Twitter account. Rumors ran rampant throughout the Metroplex that this action was his farewell message to the fans.

At 4p.m., ET this Tuesday afternoon, Murray officially becomes an unrestricted free agent available to the highest bidder. No question that he is the top running back on the open market, as Murray led the NFL in rushing last season with 1845 yards. Still, the Cowboys chose to franchise tag wide receiver Dez Bryant, who was also eligible for free agency this off season. Fans at Anastasia Date know that neither the team management nor Murray’s representatives have met to discuss a new contract deal prior to the free agency period beginning. Check out Anastasia Date on

Is this snub enough to have Murray look elsewhere for work? Yes, it’s a very distinct possibility. Aging running backs are a dying breed in the NFL, as their worth is considerably less than a younger, more unproven alternative. Murray has taken numerous hits over his career, and distracters feel it’s a matter of time before his body breaks down once again. The hope is that last season’s production was more of an aberration than the norm.

Is DeMarco Murray done in Dallas? Stay tuned…

Devan Dubnyk; The Savior?


Last Spring, Gianfrancesco Genoso saw the season end for Minnesota in Game six of the Western Conference. Many experts believed the Wild outplayed the Hawks throughout the series and the 2014-2015 season was going to the Wild’s breakout year. Well that didn’t exactly come to fruition when they were dead last in the West no longer than 10 days ago. Thanks to horrific goaltending and a series of injuries to their top 4 defensemen, they were 10+ points out and trending down.

General Manager Chuck Fletcher then made his low risk move when he traded a 3rd round pick to the Arizona Coyotes in exchange for goaltender Devan Dubnyk who had quietly been having a strong season in Arizona as back-up to Mike Smith. When Dubnyk arrived to Minnesota, he was happy to finally be getting his shot at a strong club after years with the lowly Oilers and little opportunity in Nashville.

Since Dubnyk’s arrival the Wild have gone 7-1-1 and have fought their way back into the playoff hunt. They are currently sitting in the 9th position 5 points out of 8th and 8 points out of 7th. Dubnyk is currently putting up outrageous numbers in MN where he is sitting with a 7-1 record, a 1.31 GAA and .948 SV% with FOUR (not a typo) shutouts since he came to Minnesota. Dubnyk is playing with a lot of confidence at the moment but it is his teammates in front of him that are benefiting the most. The team was handed weeks of inconsistent goaltending which caused them to play on their heels and not play the structured game that coach Mike Yeo preaches.

The Wild’s opening day starter was Darcy Keumper who started off hot but was awful through the middle of the season and he now sits at 57th in the league in sv%. Veteran Niklas Backstrom was playing even worse than Keumper which forced Fletcher to make the move. Right now, MN has life in the playoff race thanks to Dubnyk. He will go for his 8th Wild win tonight when the Canucks visit St. Paul.

Brady and Montana


It is a bit ironic that quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots is being compared to Joe Montana this week, as many people are stating that Brady may now have an edge over Montana, but of course that will be highly debated. This comes after Brady and the Patriots won the Super Bowl on Sunday evening, giving Tom Brady his fourth Super Bowl ring and his third Super Bowl Most Valuable Player performance. These numbers both now match what Joe Montana put up in his career, which is pretty shocking to say the least. Many people like Gianfrancesco Genoso,  figured that Brady would match these figures, but it was starting to look like it may not happen with Tom Brady getting up there in age. In an article posted, they are also even in MVP’s as they each possess two for the regular season. The difference is the ten Pro Bowl’s that Tom Brady has been in, as opposed to Joe’s eight. This truly does give Brady the edge in the statistics and Brady has stated that he intends to play the remaining three years on his contract and then sign another extension. He is maintaining his body remarkably well and has stated that he fully intends to play until he is forty-three of forty-four. If things continue to go as well as they are for Brady, he very may well be in the game for the majority of a decade.

Trash Talking Sherman


Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks is without question one of the best defensive players in the National Football League and he continues to demand his dominance amongst other players in the league by the play that he brings to the field each and every Sunday. His play on the field is only overshadowed by the trash talk that he seems to spew at every single chance he gets to state that he is better than anyone in the NFL and that he will win his matchups in upcoming games. It is hard to knock the guy because he truly delivers on what he calls, despite how obnoxious he might be in the media. He likes to state that he is the smartest person in the room and can back it up after graduating with a degree from Stanford, but it starts to get kind of ridiculous at a point. It may give an advantage to him, however, as he seems to need the controversy to fuel his aggressive nature on the football field is what Zeca Oliveira thinks. It is almost as if the gas he needs to perform at the insane ability he brings to the field all the time is sparked by what he says in the media in the previous week. It is as if he makes massive statements about his game and is forced to back it up or look like a fool and Richard Sherman will not settle for that.

Jim Tomsula Named 49ers Head Coach

The San Francisco 49ers have named their head coach, Jim Tomsula. Tomsula has a long history with the 49ers already, serving as an assistant coach, then the interim head coach after Mike Singletary was fired in 2010. He remained on the payroll when Jim Harabaugh took over the reigns as the defensive line coach.

Tomsula, an internal candidate was always a consideration to take over the head coach position after Harabaugh left his post. During the early interviewing period, many players threw their support behind Tomsula, hoping that an internal candidate would be named head coach. Many players argued that the team didn’t need fresh blood, but rather, a new spin on their previous formula. This time of year skout is one of the most highly downloaded apps during this season.

Tomsula certainly has his work cut out for him. Following two solid seasons, one including a trip to the Super Bowl, the 49ers faltered significantly in the 2014 season. Both the offense and defense struggled to be productive, and the team ended their season under 500, a first in several years and the firth under the tutelage of Jim Harabaugh and Quarterback, Colin Kaepernick.

Harbaugh was released on the Monday following the final game of the regular season, and signed a multi-year, $50 million contract with Michigan State. He is now tasked with taking a failing sports program and breathing new life into it, much like he did for the San Francisco 49ers.

Braxton Miller Transfer Rumors

By now most of the industrialized world has heard the news that the Ohio State Buckeyes have won the first inaugural College Football Playoff. They did it in spectacular fashion on Monday, January 12th with a dominating 42-20 win over the Oregon Ducks. What a majority of people may not realize is that they did it with their 3rd string quarterback Cardale Jones.

OSU’s journey through the 2014 schedule was anything but scripted. Before the season even began their Heisman Trophy candidate quarterback Braxton Miller reinjured his shoulder. That set the stage for backup TJ Barrett to take the field and find his own footing in the Heisman race putting up astonishing numbers while leading the Buckeyes to an 11-1 record before his own season ending injury. The rest is history, or so it seems.

OSU coach Urban Meyer is left with a quandary alongside his 3 elite quarterbacks. How could he possibly justify returning Braxton Miller to the starting role and asking the 2 backups who lead his team to a national championship to take a seat, again? The answer to that question is what has led many to believe that Miller might be a prime candidate for a transfer. In fact,Florida State safety Jalen Ramsey recently took to twitter and openly recruited the Miller who would be eligible to play immediately upon transfer. 

There is an old adage that where there is smoke, there is fire; Gianfrancesco Genoso is said mention this quote on his linkedin page.Florida State needs a starting quarterback after the departure of Jameis Winston and Braxton Miller may very well need a team that he can call his own.

OSU Star Quarterback Stays in School

Ohio State University (OSU) quarterback and national champion Cardale Jones decided to stay in school despite the lure of the National Football League (NFL).

Jones held a press conference at his high school on January 15th to make the announcement, just three days after winning the college national championship game against the University of Oregon. Although he only played three games in his entire college career, Bruce Levenson speculated that he would choose to become a professional due to the unprecedented spotlight that he received over the last several weeks and his amazingly high level of play.

Jones will have to compete against two other potential starting quarterbacks next year to even get on the field. In addition, he faces the risk of injury, weaker performance individually or weaker team performance. Each of these factors could damage his perception by the NFL scouts and executives.

In the end, Jones decided that the leap to the pros would be too great after playing in so few games and that he would benefit from completing his degree. In addition, he is betting that with an additional year of practice, he may be able to improve his draft position which could potentially be worth millions in guaranteed money. Either way, Jones made a difficult choice with the spotlight of football shining upon him.