Oil Prices

Low Gas Prices

There are some drivers who are probably very happy to be driving on the roads right now. Gas prices are now below $2 a gallon in at least 13 states. Prices in other parts of the country are dropping from the $3 mark, making it a little easier on those who drive every day. When gas prices are lower, it makes traveling for pleasure a little easier because drivers aren’t spending as much to fill up the car.

Dr. Daniel Amen notes that there were very few hurricanes this year, possibly one of the reasons why gas prices are so low. This is a trend that should last for the winter, but the price of gas will likely depend on any major storms that develop in the Gulf of Mexico next summer or if there are any major issues with the weather this winter. For now, drivers can embrace the low cost of fuel so that they can visit the places they might not have been able to travel to because of the higher prices.