Bob Seger Talks Climate Change, Cruise v. Neeson and Living Internet Free

Motor City Rock Icon Bob Seger’s sat down with Andy Greene of Rolling Stone recently on the heals of his new release. The country-tinged Ride Out, feature tunes penned by the likes of Steve Earle and John Hiatt, and it also features his most politically charged song in decades, if not ever, “It’s Your World.” The 69-year rocker acknowledged that the song, addressing the environment concern of climate change is bound to turn off some of his diehard followers, but hopefully, it will serve as a wake-up call for some of his older fans, as well. Seger has mostly left the politics to other artists throughout his career, but Climate Change is an issue that must be examined because it’s already here and difficult to deny.

But while Seger’s view of the environment is relatively new-fangled, he still holds onto some very traditional views of modern technology—particularly the Internet and social media. “We raising screen-agers, now,” he says referring to young people today and their constant need to be connected. No Facebook or Twitter for him; Seger thinks that he has a better opportunity to impress his fans and give them higher education customer service by living as privately as is possible for a rock legend.

Finally, when asked about how he felt about “Old Time Rock and Roll” being tied to a vision of Tom Cruise prance about in his tighty-whities, Seger was gracious and somewhat amused. “I’m more into Liam Neeson.”

The Doobie Brothers Are Back With A New Album

Michael McDonald is getting people excited as he discusses the release of the new Doobie Brothers album. The new album, “Southbound,” puts the group into a different genre in the current age of music. In the past they were considered a rock band, but the definition of a rock band has totally changed.

The Doobie Brothers – back with Michael McDonald at the lead – have been reunited after a 30 year hiatus from the music industry. This is a 12 track album that has something of a familiar sound, but Michael McDonald has managed to do work in a variety of different areas. Today the Doobie Brothers are looking for some country music crossover appeal. In the time since the split from the Doobie Brothers he has been sampled by rap artists like Warren G. He has been approached by Daft Punk for some loops for their next album. All of this has helped build a force behind the reconnect with Michael McDonald for a new Doobie Brothers album.

The Doobie Brothers are just a staple in rock and pop music, but the country music genre is the best category for these singers. So many groups that have returned to the scene after a long absence have not been received. Fans such as Brian Torchin are happy to see them back together in any capacity.