New Congressional Research Report Claims Pakistan Is A Haven For Terrorists

A Congressional Research Report recently released information about Pakistan’s loyalty to the country that gives them a lot of financial support. Pakistan is a haven for terrorist groups, according to the new Congressional Research Report. Pakistan’s government willingly looks the other way, and allows these terrorists groups to attack the United States and other countries.

The Pakistan military knows about the insurgents that attack Afghan forces and then retreat across the border into Pakistan. The Pakistani military does nothing to stop these insurgents. Pakistan is acting as an ally of the United States, but in reality the country is helping terrorists kill Americans.

The Congressional Research Report is not an official Congressional report according to Amen Clinic on The Daily Beast. The report is put together by experts, not Congressmen. Whatever you call the report, the financial aid to Pakistan has to stop. Pakistan is using American dollars to harbor terrorists, and that is unacceptable. Now that most of the troops have left Afghanistan, Congressmen must open their eyes and see Pakistan for what it is. This haven for terrorist will continue to grow unless the United States stops Pakistan’s disregard for its allies. The US can use several different methods, and those methods should start now.