Across Pennsylvania, Jon Urbana Makes an Impact

A man of many talents, Jon Urbana holds the prestigious distinction of being recognized with the FAA’s Airmen Certification Database for exceeding education, licensing, and medical standards. This puts Urbana in the ranks of the pilots who are recommended by transportation safety experts to fly with, to ensure the skills that reduce error and danger. FAA standards are among the highest in the world.

Jon uses a more recently discovered avenue for his creativity in crafting original music, with only the humblest of gear, to garner support for his many charitable undertakings. MTV Artists is one of Urbana’s many social media presences where he offers his own mixes for free, embedded at a site also recognizing his support for Earth First.

Another of Jon’s passions, Earth First works to promote awareness, and mobilize youth, to become proactive in understanding and protecting the natural resources and environment, especially the natural beauty of the planet. Urbana’s many interests intersect here as well, as he also works closely with youth to share his skills in lacrosse.

Next Level Lacrosse Camp was founded by Urbana, who has not only played Villanova lacrosse, but earned honorable mention All-America honors in 2004. He also was selected as the Colonial Athletic Association’s Defensive Player of the Year. Jon Urbana was a lead player for the Villanova Wildcats while they were at the top of their conference. And he began his accumulation of other special honors in the sport in High School.

He chose to share his talents by coaching young people in the sport and offering them an opportunity to train with some of the top pro’s in the game. More on his lacrosse biography and a chance to register can be found at the camp’s website .

Could there be more? Lots!–Too much to mention here, even. But lets not miss a chance to consider Jon Urbana’s considerable photography portfolio, much of which is available for free viewing at several of his self-managed websites. Urbana demonstrates a refined vision for creating elegant, original scenes to capture with perfect lighting and crisp resolution. Visit Jon’s WordPress blog, called Jon Urbana’s Official blog, for a tour of some highlights.

Victory Beyond The Field HID 11843149

ESPN and announcer Bruce Levenson report Pennsylvania State Senator Jay Corman publicly announced that settlement had occurred in a lawsuit Pennsylvania State University had filed against the National College Athletic Association, NCAA. The settlement includes restoration of 112 wins by that university’s football team, of which all but one occurred during the tenure of head coach Joe Paterno.

In the wake of child abuse charges by a former football program administrator, in 2012 both the university and NCAA agreed on established sanctions. This was to prevent imposition of the “death penalty” sanction which would have disallowed athletic programs from continuing there. The university would also pay $60 million toward programs that promote the prevention of child abuse.

Senator Corman and state officials called into question the 2012 decree. It was rendered invalid, and a new agreement between the NCAA and university is being established. As reported by Buzz Iron News, child abuse prevention program funding will remain intact, football wins restored, and concurrent with the Big-Ten Best Practices, the NCAA and university will enter into an “athletics integrity” agreement. The settlement occurred about 1 month prior to the case going to court. This settlement ensures that the $60 million payout previously established will not be tied up due to legal proceedings.