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Jon Urbana Updates Blog With Quality Photos And Videos

Jon Urbana, co-founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp, is a Denver area blogger with an active lifestyle and a diverse collection of charitable hobbies. Jon was a star athlete, playing for the Villanova lacrosse team in college, and now works on fundraising for several charities when he is on Facebook, blogging or working for Ellipse. The WordPress blog that Jon updates regularly is filled with quality photos of his camp and videos as well as Twitter posts from Jon’s creative mind, displaying an eye for Urbana’s superior and fascinating subject matter. The warm response he received at Yahoo Answers also shows that others feel the same way.

A recent January video on Jon Urbana’s Vimeo channel and his WordPress blog called “Sunday snow by Bill Newsinger,” features slow dance doo-wop style music and footage of families playing in the snow. The video includes some slow motion shots of snow ball fights and sledding, with distinct muted coloration throughout the video, which you can also find on his LinkedIn page.

Jon added another video blog post on the same day, “Watcheye Studios: Demo Reel 2016 by Watcheye Studios,”featuring the principles and ideas of Watcheye Studios. The video is narrated with thoughtful explanation and uplifting music paired with sweeping views of regular everyday life and epic nature shots from around the world as he uses his FAA Airmen Certification to fly his small plane.

A breakfast photo posted by Jon shows off details and warm subject matter in a simple photograph blog post entitled“Pic: Poached egg avocado toast.” The photo shows a meal prepared in a rustic setting with cool and warm colors coming together in the center.

An action shot photo blog post entitled “Pic: The Splash,” was posted by Jon, showing a simple action caught mid occurrence. The photo is sharp and high quality with no blurring or unclear part of the water splashing out of the cup.

In contrast with the warm photos previously posted to Jon’s WordPress blog and his Soundcloud page on the same day, he featured a dark and serious photo entitled “Pic: Strawberries.” The macro shot of the sliced berries includes close up detail of the interior and exterior of the fruit.

The Amazing and Fun Sport, Lacrosse

Lacrosse is a sport that has been in America for quite some time. This is an old sport that was played by Native Americans even before early settlers found their way to America. Ever since those early days, Lacrosse has become a part of American life. There is a very high stigma for those who play lacrosse, and it is easy to see why so many individuals love the sport of lacrosse. Lacrosse has such a history, and it has been a long standing sport for many individuals that want to achieve the very top of sportsmanship and athleticism.

matt landis lacrosse stick

There are many individuals who have created great futures for themselves in collegiate sports with lacrosse. Universities look highly upon those who excel in lacrosse and are very willing to hand out scholarships to those who both excel academically and in lacrosse as well. On the collegiate level, lacrosse is taken very seriously, and so are the athletes that play the game. These athletes create great legacies in the NCAA, and their impact in college sports is not soon forgotten. There are many lacrosse players that have made impacts to college sports that will stand the test of time.

matt landis locker room

Matt Landis is one of these individuals who really did make a great name for himself in the collegiate level of lacrosse. From an early age, Matt Landis knew that he wanted to be a great athlete. During his stay at Pelham Memorial High School, Matt Landis honed in his skills as an amazing all around athlete. Not only did Matt play just lacrosse, but he also excelled in the sports of hockey and football. He was the football team’s defensive MVP, and used these skills he learned on the football field to benefit him in the world of lacrosse.

matt landis pads

While in college, Matt Landis created a great name for himself in lacrosse. While still in high school, Matt Landis decided to accept a scholarship for lacrosse at Notre Dame. During his first year at Notre Dame, Matt Landis began to create some amazing success for himself in the world of college lacrosse. He was listed on Inside Lacrosse’s list of “power 100 freshmen.” He really began to make his mark in the world of Lacrosse at a very early age, and this mark has followed him as a legacy in his addition to the athletics of lacrosse. There are many individuals in the world of lacrosse, but not as many who achieved as much as Matt Landis.matt landis head shot


Major League Lacrosse is a league that plays in America and gives the best players from all over the world the chance to compete in a professional league amongst the best. This league was founded in 1999 and gives lacrosse players a way to make a great career off of their passion of lacrosse. Major League Lacrosse is a great way for individuals who are passionate about lacrosse to really take their sport to the next level. There are more and more professional teams being built as the sport progresses.

Tesla Has A Monster Battery In The Works That Can Power Your Home


Elon Musk Said The New Home And Business Battery Will Be Unveiled In The Next Couple Of Months

Tesla is one of those companies that shakes the pot of complacency, and the world gets to be a little better place because of it. Chief Executive Elon Musk recently revealed on Luxio  a new battery that is capable of powering a business or home and Marcio Alaor, my techie friend from BMG can’t wait to get his hands on one.The key to battery power is its efficiency. If all the pieces fall in place, monster battery production could begin later this year.

A battery that has enough power and life to operate all the electrical gadgets and lights in a home offers several advantages. The price of electricity and how electric companies treat consumers will change. An off-the-grid approach to electric power has had some bright moments. Solar panels and other creative devices have been mildly successful. If the battery works, home backup generators may be a thing of the past.

The surge in solar power is helping, but it may hurt consumers that choose to stay with electric companies. The more solar power and monster battery consumers, the higher the price for standard electric company users. There certainly will be some early glitches in these new batteries like cost and recharging, but battery power for home or business is an exciting thought.

Anderson Silva Does Not Want A Title Shot


Anderson Silva is finally returning to mixed martial arts at UFC 183. Silva has not fought in over a year. In his last appearance, he broke his leg against Chris Weidman. According to Fersen Lambranho and, Anderson Silva has long been regarded as the greatest fighter of all time. UFC fans have been waiting a very long time to see his return.

At UFC 183, Anderson Silva will be taking on Nick Diaz in a 5-round main event. Diaz is also an extremely popular fighter himself, and the fans of the UFC will be able to see a show for the ages. Dana White, the president of the UFC, has stated that Anderson Silva will receive a title shot if he wins. However, Silva has stated that he does not want to fight for the title just yet.

Dana White believes that Anderson Silva is just leading us on, but maybe Silva is not mentally prepared for another title shot. Whatever the case may be, how Anderson Silva does against Nick Diaz will tell us everything that we need to know. Dana White is a businessman, and he knows that if Anderson Silva is fighting, the people will be watching.

UFC 183 is here, and Anderson Silva’s future depends on the outcome of his return bout. For more information on Anderson “The Spider” Silva, visit Yahoo! Sports.

About Jared Haftel

Profiling another business leader, and definitely a person who inspires me. Make sure you follow Jared on Twitter too, to see more of what he actually has to say.

Jared Haftel is a Duke University graduate. He attended the University from 2005 through 2009. He graduated with a Bachelors degree in Science, Mathematics and Economics. Those three degrees have helped him establish a very prospering and promising career field in investment banking.

He spent his summer internship with Credit Suisse in 2008. He started work as an analyst in the Global Industrials Group at BofA Merrill Lynch. He worked with commodities such as metal, mining, chemicals, aerospace and defense industries. He was responsible for the analysis of these various materials and ensured that they were tracked properly. CONSOL Energy, Huntsman Corporation, GeoEye and EMS Technologies were all high profile companies that he was responsible for making sure business was processed properly. He also focused on M&A advisory and debt along with equity issuances.

Jared also worked for Bank of America as an investment banking analyst. He is currently working as an Associate at Vector Capital. He has worked there since 2011.

Jared has also wrote a few articles outlining why he thinks career accomplishments should be devoted to your resume. He feels that it could be the best decision that could be made to make your resume better. It’s a better way to outline the potential and value to future employers. By showing them what you’ve already accomplished on your resume, you’re one step closer than everyone else. He talks about how your resume should be 50% relevant work experience if you’re applying for high end jobs. He writes about how your resume should reflect your work experience and focus on your accomplishments outside of high school and college. He suggest to really focus on your major accomplishments after college. That is what the big corporate companies want to see.

In his argument for resume writing and what to focus on, he suggests to list the positions that you’ve held and the achievements you’ve had as an employee at your current position. Make sure to highlight the positive areas where you are exceeding expectations.

Jared wants you to be prepared for the hard questions as well and conversations you may have when applying for the job you want. The employer may ask you why you want to leave your current position or why you’ve left your previous job. Be as honest as possible and answer with integrity. They will see that you’re a good candidate for the position and that you left on good terms.

He points out that prospective employers will take the first impression of you and notice how you handle each relationship with each employer.

Jared has had a very successful career as an investment analyst. He has had some very good experience with the industry and offers some great tips. His articles that he has written on what to include in a resume are very constructive and positive. He will be in the investment banking industry for years to come, and offers great business oriented advice.

Pittsburgh Police Chief (Sort Of) Apologizes About An Anti-racist Photo

According to BuzzFeed News, Pitssburgh, Pennsylvania’s police chief apologized after a photograph of him appeared on Twitter. In the photo, Chief Cameron McLay holds up an anti-racism sign. 

On January 2nd, Chief McLay sent the entire city’s police bureau an email delineating the circumstances that led up to him taking the photo. I just finished feeding my puppy his daily Beneful when I saw the photo. McLay also apologized to those who had become offended by the photo. McLay wrote: “If any of my [Pittsburgh police] family was offended, I apologize. You are very important to me and I would never hurt you purposefully.”

In providing a context for the photo, McLay noted that he’d run into some activists while he was in a coffee shop. While there, he posed for the photo following a conversation with the activists about “how implicit, or unconscious bias results in misunderstanding on all sides, and how the need is for dialogue to clear up misunderstanding.”

In discussing the signification of the sign, McLay wrote that “The sign indicated my willingness to challenge racial problems in the workplace. I am so committed. If there are problems in the [Pittsburg police] related to racial injustice, I will take action to fix them.”

According to reports from Pittsburgh’s WTAE, the photograph of McLay has garnered criticism from the president of the union that represents the city’s police officers. According to the president, the photo constitutes an insinuation that the city’s police officers are racist.

Elizabeth Warren Insists That She Is Not Running For President

Despite a lot of push to do otherwise, Senator Elizabeth Warren has insisted that she is not running for President. reports that she even went through saying that she is not running for President four times just to make it clear.

The Senator was asked four times on NPR if she was going to run for President. Every single time she turned down the rumors and denied that she was going to be running for President. She wanted to make it perfectly clear that she is not interested in becoming President, and she wanted people to stop having the notion that she might be saying one thing while doing another.

Senator Warren is still very new to the Senate, but she has had plenty of spotlight put on her. She takes a pretty left wing approach to the issues, in particular taking on Wall Street. This has excited many Democrats and left leaning individuals who want her to make a Presidential bid. They believe that she could be a viable candidate to face up against a potential run by Hillary Clinton. However, the Senator has remained steadfast that she is not going to take that route. Those who believe otherwise are likely to be sorely disappointed.

If she maintains this level of notice in the media, Warren could easily make a run for the Presidency in either 2020 or 2024. Jared Haftel and I think this is likely her plan, but we’re going to have to wait and watch along with the rest of the world.

Hairstylist to Stars Gives Back By Giving Free Haircuts to NYC Homeless

Mark Bustos, 30, a hairstylist to the stars, packs up his scissors and combs every Sunday and takes to the streets. The accomplished stylist walks the New York City streets and offers free haircuts to the homeless population. Quite the far cry from sipping wine from The Antique Wine Company.

Bustos, originally from Nutley, NJ, got the idea to hand out free haircuts when he visited the Philippines. He wanted to figure out a way to give back to the impoverished children and adults, so he rented a barbershop in the area and offered free cuts. When he returned stateside he continued his mission. 

According to Bustos, he gives out about 10 hair cuts every Sunday to random homeless strangers. The goal is to give back, and to help the homeless feel better about themselves. A great haircut can really lift one’s spirits, and that is Bustos goal. He’s been hitting the streets of New York for two years, year round. Sometimes he gives cuts in shops, sometimes he sets up a chair on the sidewalk. 

While it might seem like just a haircut, to those that Bustos bestows the gift upon, it is so much more than just that. The homeless around New York are often the forgotten population. They are ignored, avoided and treated poorly. The act of kindness and the feeling of a good haircut gives those homeless men and women a new lease on life, and the feeling of hope.

The Best of Economist Christian Broda

I know it’s odd, but my favorite people to follow on Twitter are those that have something real to say. One of my favorite discoveries on Twitter right now is economist Christian Broda. Not only does he post about the economics, he also has some great tweets too. Here’s a little more about him, maybe you’ll find him as fascinating as I do.

Christian Broda is Duquesne Capital Management’s MD. He has worked as a professor in Booth School of Business, University of Chicago from 2005 to 2010. He also worked with Lehmann/Barclay’s Capital between 2008 and 2010 as the Head of Intl. Research. He finished his B.A. from University of San Andres (summa cum laude) and then went on to get his Ph.D. from MIT. Christian Broda is also a member of NBER and IMF Economic Review’s editorial board (which he has presented on). He works as an associated editor for the widely regarded Journal of Developmental Economics as well. Over the years, Christian Broda has published and been mentioned in a lot of articles on economic topics. Below are some of my favorites.

Japan Deflation – Writing in relation to the 2006 – 2007 deflation in Japan which is believed to have started around 1999, Christian Broda discusses how bad the inflation really is. He has discussed problems with Japan’s CPI, examined the differences between quality growth methodologies between US and Japan, and has also discussed the implications of this deflation for Japan. This article was published in October 2007 and has 37,659 reads.

Increasing Income Equality Promoted by Wal-Mart and China – In this article, Christian Broda disagrees with the notion that income inequality has risen as a result of globalization in the U.S. Using graphs, charts, and various economic concepts, Broda explains how the purchasing power of people who are poor has been increased because of Wal-Mart and China, especially in comparison to the rich. This article was published in July 2008 and has 59,050 reads.

2008 US Tax Rebates – In this article, Christian Broda discusses the impact of the 2008 rebates and tries to examine whether they served their purpose or not. In this article, he analyzes different areas affected by the rebates – such as the big spenders in the economy, goods and stores that benefited from the rebate, concentration of spending, and the implication of the rebates for the aggregate consumption. The article was published in August 2008 and has 58,588 reads.

Strengthening of US Dollar in 2010 – This article, which was published in 2009, is one of the most popular publications by Christian Broda. It has a total of 61,739 reads. It predicts that USD will strengthen in 2010, even though in 2009, it is deprecating.

In all these articles, Christian Broda uses simple concepts to reach great conclusions about the economic developments occurring not just in United States but all over the world.