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3 Fun Facts About Purina PetCare

Furry family members, also known as pets, add an extra layer of love and fun to any family structure. Whether it is just you and your dog, or if you have added a couple of cats to your big family, a pet is always a welcome addition. They’re there for you during the rough times and also during the fun times. In some cases, a pet is the very definition of unconditional love and loyalty.

Those who recognize the value of having a pet will also have the desire to provide the best for them. Since being formed in December 2001. Purina PetCare has been providing quality food and products for all furry members of the family. Since its inception, Purina News has become a household name that is synonymous with quality products that your pet(s) are guaranteed to love. Some of those names include Alpo, Fancy Feast and Purina One.

Without a doubt, Purina PetCare is dedicated to providing the best to you and your pet. Here are four fun facts that you may not have known about Purina PetCare:

1. They were the first to combine a dog park in a domestic violence center.
In 2015, Purina teamed up with the Urban Resource Institute to help to provide safe and healthy living to pets and their owners. Working with the People and Pets Living Safely Program in New York City, Purina sponsored construction of the dog park to allow survivors of domestic violence to heal with their pets in a safe and nurturing environment.

2. Purina has gone viral with #IGetBeggin
In early 2015, Purina launched a rap music video that featured an adorable Corgi jumping for new Beggin treats. The video gained popularity on Facebook, Twitter, Vine and has gotten over 800 thousand views on YouTube.

3. Purina was ranked as one of the most sustainable companies in 2011
Two Tomorrow’s, a company dedicated to protecting life and the environment, ranked Purina as one of 11 top companies who have sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Reduced water usage, recycling waste and reduced packing materials are some of the practices that have deemed Purina worthy of such an important award.

As you can see, your pets are in good hands with Purina PetCare!