Change Is Hard In Sports

If you are a big sports fan then you probably know the feeling of falling in love with your favorite team’s stadium. You probably know the feeling of awe that you get each time that you attend a home game and the feeling of pride that you feel when you take a seat and know that this is your home. Your team’s place is your place. You likely feel more comfortable there than you do at a lot of places.
So, when your team decides to abandon their place and get a new one, it can be a difficult transition for you. You had a lot of memories at their place and you don’t want to forget them or the feeling of home that you had there.
For Hockey fans, some of them had to experience those feelings when saying goodbye to Nassau Coliseum. It probably felt like saying goodbye to their childhood home as they left the memories behind and prepared for a new age.
Change is always hard, especially in sports, but what we need to remember is that change can bring about good things. Folks at AnastasiaDate know that getting rid of the old and on with the new can make us feel nostalgic but it can also be what’s best for us and our favorite team.