Community Ties Become Important For Goettl

The Goettl brand of HVAC repair and servicing technicians has recently been looking to rebuild its ties to the local community of Las Vegas, Nevada and locations across Arizona, which are commonly seen as the home states of this historic company. New owner Ken Goodrich has been vocal in his belief in community links playing a major role in his bid to once again establish Goettl as a major part of the community in all service areas; the company has already donated units to those in need in a bid to aid them in living a more comfortable life.


By once again linking the success of Goettl to the development of a more productive community, owner Ken Goodrich has made clear his own belief that chasing profits is not the most important thing for a company that has grown an impressive 500 percent in recent years. Goodrich is keen to explain the Goettl brand has returned to its historic roots under his leadership that places the focus of technicians on providing the best quality customer service that will ensure customers continue to return to the brand and recommend Goettl to their neighbors.


There are many reasons to enjoy the work Goettl has completed in recent years within the community of Arizona and Nevada, one of the major areas Goettl has made a major difference is in an annual donation of bottled water each Summer that is designed to aid the homeless in becoming more comfortable in Phoenix.


Customers are now seeing the rewards offered by Goettl in terms of their ability to keep any HVAC unit working to its maximum potential in an area of the U.S. that offers some of the world’s harshest temperatures. Goettl offers contracts and servicing options that reduce utility bills and cut repair costs for customers choosing the company for their HVAC needs.