The Nightmare Isn’t Over for Ashley Madison Cheaters

Ashley Madison is a website that has been getting a fair amount of bad press lately and it is easy to see why. This site for cheaters is a place where many individuals practice infidelity on their spouses. It is no wonder why a group of hackers cracked into the database and exposed the list of users to many world wide. These hackers have also sent emails to many of these users demanding money as a payment or else they will expose their infidelity to all of their loved ones. This is extortion and it is being done over and over again by these hackers.

Status Labs is an online marketing firm that is based around helping individuals who have been defamed on the internet. They have been successful in bringing light to the names of many who have been wrongly accused of many things on the internet. There are many great ways in which Status Labs can help restore the dignity of many individuals who have been wrongly accused online.

The individuals who have been attacked by these hackers have been caught dead in their tracks. Infidelity is an action that no one condones, but ongoing extortion is something that isn’t right to deal with either. Status labs has set up a hotline that helps these victims learn what to do right off the bat. This will help them to stop the countless harassment that is being put upon them. There are further services that can be rendered to individuals who are looking to reverse the adverse effects of this hack. Status Labs is looking to help these individuals with their reputation and restore their personal life. There are many great things that Status Labs can help individuals with if they are willing to take the initiative and reach out to this company.