Tyrus Byrd Becomes The First African American Mayor of Parma, MO

We would love to think that racism is died in America, but in the state of Missouri, it seems that it is alive and prevalent. When Parma, Missouri elected their first African-American mayor, it angered many people in the town. There were six cops on the police force, and five of them turned in their resignation. The criticism doesn’t stop there, there were three other officials that also quit, the city attorney, water department supervisor and the clerk.

Wikipedia reports that this certainty cannot make new mayor, Tyrus Byrd, feel good about her new job. She worked as a city clerk for years and no one had any problems with her. With all the outrage over the killing of Michael Brown. Though the employees of the police force said their reason for quitting was out of concern for safety, it seems they sent a message loud and clear to everyone else.

Does her color of skin really make a difference in how she rules the town. True, some people were comfortably with the other mayor, who had served the town for 37 years. There is always some turn over when a new major comes in. Byrd, however, is not letting anything get to her. She said that since the town only had roughly 800 people in it that they didn’t need that many cops anyway. Hopefully she will use her quick wit and skills learned as a clerk to prove the town’s critics wrong.