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The Amazing and Fun Sport, Lacrosse

Lacrosse is a sport that has been in America for quite some time. This is an old sport that was played by Native Americans even before early settlers found their way to America. Ever since those early days, Lacrosse has become a part of American life. There is a very high stigma for those who play lacrosse, and it is easy to see why so many individuals love the sport of lacrosse. Lacrosse has such a history, and it has been a long standing sport for many individuals that want to achieve the very top of sportsmanship and athleticism.

matt landis lacrosse stick

There are many individuals who have created great futures for themselves in collegiate sports with lacrosse. Universities look highly upon those who excel in lacrosse and are very willing to hand out scholarships to those who both excel academically and in lacrosse as well. On the collegiate level, lacrosse is taken very seriously, and so are the athletes that play the game. These athletes create great legacies in the NCAA, and their impact in college sports is not soon forgotten. There are many lacrosse players that have made impacts to college sports that will stand the test of time.

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Matt Landis is one of these individuals who really did make a great name for himself in the collegiate level of lacrosse. From an early age, Matt Landis knew that he wanted to be a great athlete. During his stay at Pelham Memorial High School, Matt Landis honed in his skills as an amazing all around athlete. Not only did Matt play just lacrosse, but he also excelled in the sports of hockey and football. He was the football team’s defensive MVP, and used these skills he learned on the football field to benefit him in the world of lacrosse.

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While in college, Matt Landis created a great name for himself in lacrosse. While still in high school, Matt Landis decided to accept a scholarship for lacrosse at Notre Dame. During his first year at Notre Dame, Matt Landis began to create some amazing success for himself in the world of college lacrosse. He was listed on Inside Lacrosse’s list of “power 100 freshmen.” He really began to make his mark in the world of Lacrosse at a very early age, and this mark has followed him as a legacy in his addition to the athletics of lacrosse. There are many individuals in the world of lacrosse, but not as many who achieved as much as Matt Landis.matt landis head shot


Major League Lacrosse is a league that plays in America and gives the best players from all over the world the chance to compete in a professional league amongst the best. This league was founded in 1999 and gives lacrosse players a way to make a great career off of their passion of lacrosse. Major League Lacrosse is a great way for individuals who are passionate about lacrosse to really take their sport to the next level. There are more and more professional teams being built as the sport progresses.

Johnathan Veitch Has Updated Occidental College

Johnathan Veitch is currently the president of Occidental College in Los Angeles. It is a lovely liberal arts school with a gorgeous campus. However, the school was having issues with the local community. When Dr. Veitch came to the school, he was able to wueel these concerns while also updating the school itself.

The Expansion

Occidental College wanted to expand, and it has expanded into the community past its boundaries. The locals did not want the college to take over their part of town, and Veitch was able to strike a deal with community leaders to help them understand the needs of the college. He changed the expansions plans of the school, and he was able to make the school more modern.

New Plans

The new plans for the school were quite revolutionary for a small school. Veitch decided that the school could expand well if they simply expanded upwards. The school began to build larger buildings so that they could accommodate all their students and staff. The campus began to look more modern, and they were able to get past problems with the community.

As a president, Veitch has been able to make Occidental College a place where students can come to study far away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. He wants Occidental to remain an enclave where students come to work in the peace and quiet of the campus. He has come up with a liberal arts plan that is going to change the way that students learn.

The best way to describe how Occidental College has changed under Johnathan Veitch is to call it modern. He has taken a sleepy liberal arts school and turned it into a place where students can leave the big city but still work in a modern environment. Even his speeches reflect the enormous changes that he’s made to the school at large.