Role Models

Bullied as a kid? Michael Strahan?

Michael Strahan talks about being bullied as a kid in a recent article originally posted on and posted again on It is truly difficult to imagine the successful Michael bullied for anything given his successful athletic career and current career as a co-host on Live! With Michael and Kelly. However, he was apparently bullied for being gap toothed and overweight.

OK, so I can understand some of the jokes regarding being gap toothed as he certainly does have a gap between his two front teeth, but it adds character. However, not in my wildest dreams could I imagine that man fat. He is in remarkable shape, has a great personality, is very attractive and seems like he has the world in the palm of his hands. Amazing that he could overcome his younger years torment to be so overly successful!

Fans like Brad Reifler have heard that Michael was telling a group of teens about these early years and tries to relay the message that anything is possible. He is such a positive role model and I hope that he is able to get through to some of those youngsters who feel they have no hope or options.