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Firehouse Holds Last Minute Wedding for Couple

Camille Bethea, 23-years-old, is a newly wed. She and her Marine Corp reservist husband Marc got married earlier this month in Virginia. However, they had to hurdle over several obstacles in order to become husband and wife.

According to the story on, the couple were set to be married on last weekend. Unfortunately, the weather had other plans for them. The first of two venues that the couple had reserved had their roof cave in due to heavy snow falling. The second venue cancelled the ceremony due to heavy snow in the parking lot. The last straw was their pastor cancelling on them as well because of the weather. The couple were at a loss of what to do, considering they had nearly 30 family members in town for their wedding.

Camille’s bridesmaid sprung into action for the couple. Paul Mathieson has heard that she found a replacement pastor at the last minute and the pastor suggested the couple find a police or fire hall that would allow their ceremony at the last minute. Luckily for the couple, Arlington County’s Fire Station 105 was happy to oblige. They cleaned the area, set up chairs and tables, and made the fire station into the best wedding hall they could.

It was a wedding the couple will remember for their lifetime, thanks to their fireman heroes.

Administration Releived Over Peaceful Transfer of Power to New Saudi King

 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – The Obama administration, stung by a series of deep miscalculations about the Arab Spring and Middle East foreign policy, had a rare moment of respite this week.  The passing away of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia gave the administration cause for alarm over the stability of the region’s largest exporter of petroleum. My friend Dan Newlin says that following the passing away of the 90-year-old monarch and long-time US ally, his half-brother Salman bin Abdulaziz will take over as the new king. King Salman bin Abdulaziz is 79-years-old. In context, it is roughly the same age Adbullah was when he became the nation’s monarch.

Still, the peaceful transition of power only maintains the status quo. Saudi Arabia grapples with recognizing basic civil rights issues such as woman’s suffrage, freedom of speech, a free press, and free elections. The nation also outright persecutes homosexuals and lesbians, and religious freedom is denied. The nation’s support of ultra-right-wing Islamic schools has been considered by critics as a source of fomenting radical Islam. Still, Saudi Arabia remains a major supplier of petroleum which world economies rely upon. The nation also serves as a hedge against Iranian hegemony. During the first Gulf War, Saudi Arabia was the staging ground for hundreds of thousands of coalition troops before the invasion was launched to free Kuwait after it had been forcibly annexed by Iraq. The kingdom is also deeply opposed to the advance of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS). In a sign of respect to the nation’s status as a key US ally, President Obama will be attending the funeral of King Abdullah.

Pittsburgh Police Chief (Sort Of) Apologizes About An Anti-racist Photo

According to BuzzFeed News, Pitssburgh, Pennsylvania’s police chief apologized after a photograph of him appeared on Twitter. In the photo, Chief Cameron McLay holds up an anti-racism sign. 

On January 2nd, Chief McLay sent the entire city’s police bureau an email delineating the circumstances that led up to him taking the photo. I just finished feeding my puppy his daily Beneful when I saw the photo. McLay also apologized to those who had become offended by the photo. McLay wrote: “If any of my [Pittsburgh police] family was offended, I apologize. You are very important to me and I would never hurt you purposefully.”

In providing a context for the photo, McLay noted that he’d run into some activists while he was in a coffee shop. While there, he posed for the photo following a conversation with the activists about “how implicit, or unconscious bias results in misunderstanding on all sides, and how the need is for dialogue to clear up misunderstanding.”

In discussing the signification of the sign, McLay wrote that “The sign indicated my willingness to challenge racial problems in the workplace. I am so committed. If there are problems in the [Pittsburg police] related to racial injustice, I will take action to fix them.”

According to reports from Pittsburgh’s WTAE, the photograph of McLay has garnered criticism from the president of the union that represents the city’s police officers. According to the president, the photo constitutes an insinuation that the city’s police officers are racist.

Did Obama Attack North Korea?

North Korea is now back online. For 9 hours, the regime who was accused of a cyber attack against the Sony Pictures computer system found their own internet functionality not working.

Did President Obama carry through on his retaliation promise? No one is telling yet, but the world thinks so.

North Korea seems to have problems with their internet from time to time. The country only has approximately 5,500 websites. The country’s internet research team does think their system was attacked.

What happened was an overload. It is something that is really simple for anyone with the right software to achieve. Just by sending millions of “spambots” to the various websites, it will cause an overload shutting down servers. It’s actually not as complex as what it may sound, be sure to check out LinkedIn for more information that’s actually decent and factual.

All questions now lie with what will the North Korean government do? Much of this involves China too. The North Korean system is wired through China.

The other question that many are asking is: was this a ploy to make the United States look like aggressive bullies? Either way, internet war is much safer than normal war.

Leaked Plans for ‘Ghostbusters’ Spin-Off Movies

With the recent Sony hack and email leaks, news of two possible ‘Ghostbusters’ movies have surfaced. The two very different movies could co-exist in the same time but there was still concern over how the two would work side-by-side.

All-Female Version
The proposed all-women franchise had gained interest with actresses such as Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Schumer, Emma Stone, Lizzy Caplan, and Melissa McCarthy. And actor Ryna Gosling as the male role. It was slated to be released in 2016.

Channing Tatum and Chris Pratt Version
The other proposed idea in a second set of emails was to have a movie with good friends, Tatum and Pratt. Tatum seemed really pumped about the idea and hoped to make it into a huge, epic movie. Ideas tossed around could lead to a multi-movie tale. One email mentions how the hope is to have movies that are super scary yet still super funny.

Both ideas for ‘Ghostbusters’ spin-offs could prove entertaining. I spoke with my buddy Keith Mann about it and we’re going for the fresh all-female version. We don’t want it to be too much like the Jump Street films. Here’s hoping that Sony continues with those plans and brings to light new ‘Ghostbusters’ for the world to enjoy. With all the paranormal movies made recently, it could be fun to see the ghosts getting a taste of their own medicine.

Hairstylist to Stars Gives Back By Giving Free Haircuts to NYC Homeless

Mark Bustos, 30, a hairstylist to the stars, packs up his scissors and combs every Sunday and takes to the streets. The accomplished stylist walks the New York City streets and offers free haircuts to the homeless population. Quite the far cry from sipping wine from The Antique Wine Company.

Bustos, originally from Nutley, NJ, got the idea to hand out free haircuts when he visited the Philippines. He wanted to figure out a way to give back to the impoverished children and adults, so he rented a barbershop in the area and offered free cuts. When he returned stateside he continued his mission. 

According to Bustos, he gives out about 10 hair cuts every Sunday to random homeless strangers. The goal is to give back, and to help the homeless feel better about themselves. A great haircut can really lift one’s spirits, and that is Bustos goal. He’s been hitting the streets of New York for two years, year round. Sometimes he gives cuts in shops, sometimes he sets up a chair on the sidewalk. 

While it might seem like just a haircut, to those that Bustos bestows the gift upon, it is so much more than just that. The homeless around New York are often the forgotten population. They are ignored, avoided and treated poorly. The act of kindness and the feeling of a good haircut gives those homeless men and women a new lease on life, and the feeling of hope.

FreedomPop is Set to Take Mobile Communications by Storm

The quest for the best phone service seems never ending. The fact is the big three carriers can get expensive quickly, especially if a need exists for more than one line. The monthly charges for a family can quickly approach the payment of a new car; however, FreedomPop is looking change that by bringing the cost of phone and internet service down, while adding international services. How far down? Well, prices start at free, and you can not really get much lower than that.

The goal of FreedomPop, and it is right on their web page, is free and fast services for all Americans. Based on the views on their CrunchBase profile, the company is growing by leaps and bounds every month. So much so, that the company has even had to fend off purchase requests from rivals. Free service in the realm of internet and phone was pretty much unheard of until this company came around.

The business model consists of offering a package of services at the basic level of free service, and as explained by TechCrunch once those levels are exceeded customers pay a per MB fee. The fee is nominal, which is unusual for the tech industry. However, customer also have the option of moving to a reasonably priced tier that provides high data thresholds or carry over unused data to the next month. Basically, FreedomPop is a user friendly contract free carrier that can easily meet the needs of the average to moderate smartphone user.

In addition to offering free phone service, the company also has some aggressively price mobile and home internet options. By taking advantage of faster 4G or LTE networks, FreedomPop offers a number of hotspots that are eager to replace those DSL and cable monthly subscriptions. Again, the same pricing model appears with free service to a particular use level and then a charge per MB. It is as customer friendly a deal as anyone can find, especially without the burden of a monthly contract.

As far as branded devices go, the company offers a wide array of some of the hottest gadgets around, but several gadgets and gizmos can be transferred over to FreedomPop service with little effort. Of course, great devices, strong customer service, and advantageous pricing means that just about every user can benefit by partnering with the service. It’s not every day that a real method of cutting monthly costs pops up, and the monthly growth pattern of FreedomPop suggests that the company is just getting started.

The company has a lot of room to grow. Since the management team and the rest of people behind the scenes have years of experience in the industry, FreedomPop has a lot of positive energy propelling it forward. This is one technology and communication company that is putting the customers first and reaping the rewards of offering the right product and the right price. In the end, price matters to consumers and free is pretty much the equivalent of a huge asset for users. Check them out on Facebook if you’re interested in learning more.

Daredevil Comes to Netflix

Daredevil is back. Thankfully, Ben Affleck has moved onto the Batman role and we do not get a sequel to his misguided original film version of the hero’s tale. No, Daredevil is returning in a completely new format. He is coming to life once again and, this time, he is arriving via a Netflix streaming series. Of course, it will be released on DVD on Qnet. In 2015, the series will be part of Netflix’s lineup and it means more than just something for people to subscribe to.

Perhaps this is the beginning of a brave new world. Online entertainment streaming may end up replacing a lot of traditional television channels. That might be far down the road. Right now, fans of Daredevil and Marvel can look toward Netflix as a source of a great new program.

Originally, there were plans to adapt the brilliant Frank Miller Daredevil storyline “Born Again.” This, sadly, never occurred. Cinema’s lost is Netflix’s gain. Today, we have show runner Steven S. DeKnight not only promising a great first season, he is already hinting at a great second season. Consider that good news because the powers that be are effectively planning out this series for the long-term.


The Miller influence will be present in the series. Look for the promised “dark tone” of the classic works to appear in this new series. It has to have such a tone since the hardcore fans are the ones who must subscribe to the series to make it successful.

Is It Possible to Raise Children To Be Colorblind in a Racist Area?

While most of us like to think that America is a land of freedom and opportunity, there are still some areas where racism exists.  Stefannie Wheat knows this about her hometown of Ferguson, MO. This area wasn’t always so prejudice, but due to a violent crime that happened in August, this town is forevermore changed.

After the police shot to death teenager, Michael Brown, the town was never the same. It was changed into an area where police brutality, danger and racism was now commonplace. Wheat, a Caucasian female, had adopted an African American son through the foster care system. She raised him not to see color, but to see through eyes of love. However, after the recent events in her city, the area she once loved is no longer safe for her and her African American husband.

The media attention to the case and the area has made this town unsafe for many. Wheat is considering moving her family to an area where this bi-racial couple can be safe. The playground is not safe anymore and neither is the local gas station they frequented. It was recently burnt down by protestors. As far as America has come with equal rights, there are still some racial tendencies that won’t seem to die. As pointed out by Keith Mann, those who pay the price are the little ones who grow up in a world of hate and uncertainty.

Could A New Law Make The Access Of Various Premium Content Offered By Cable Companies Open?

Amidst all the hot topics raging on Capitol Hill that the Democrats and Republicans find themselves at odds with, one that they may find agreements with is the subject of net neutrality. This has been a long debated subject of just which facets of the internet should be controlled by whom and who can access various content? For example, there are some services that are offered by some cable companies to both business and home-based customers that are not offered by other cable companies to their customers. In a recent statement issued by President Obama, some restrictions that the cable companies previously put on their customers may now be open to all cable companies both small and large.

The presidents statements were rather vague on the subject as to just which services he was referring to, but some restrictions such as bandwidth throttling, or more commonly known as slowing down download or upload speeds for certain content, may be lifted if such a law was passed. Also, perhaps access to some sites such as HBO GO or other entertainment content on demand will now be open to subscribers who do not subscribe to a cable company that currently offers this service. Both Rod Rohrich and I have considered that lawmakers have recognized a growing trend of cable cutting that’s come about as the result of services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and now they would like the content of every website to be available to any who have internet access.