How Does White Shark Media Resolve Conflicts With Its Clients?

White Shark Media has hundreds of clients spanning the world who use their web design and marketing services. The company has made a name for itself with online services that create beautiful websites, marketing plans and ad revenue tracking. White Shark understands that they cannot please all the people all the time, but they have a conflict resolution policy that helps them serve their customers better. This article explains how White Shark Media checks their own reviews to ensure problems do not happen twice.

#1: White Shark Keeps A Blog

The White Shark Media website has a blog where customers may read musings from the office. The blog is a unique place where customers may ask questions, or customers may choose to air their grievances in comments. White Shark checks the comments on their blog to ensure that complaints are received, and customers are encourage to bring their problems to the White Shark staff.

#2: Their Review Page

White Shark Media has its own review page that customers may visit at any time. There are other review sites online that White Shark checks on a regular basis, but many customers come to their own review page for customer care. White Shark checks every new complaint, and the complaints all receive their own responses. This policy prevents customers from getting lost in the system, and anyone who has a problem gets a quick response to their issue.

#3: Clients And Employees Work Together

The employee who was in charge of an unhappy client’s account will go back to the client to begin resolution of their case. The problem could be a simple miscommunication, or it is possible that the client did not receive all the customer service they were entitled to. The staff at White Shark Media will continue will work with each client until the client is happy. These clients tend to stay with White Shark Media, and the company has one of the smallest attrition rates in the industry.

#4: Open Door Policy

White Shark Media has an open door policy on complaints and collaboration. The executives at White Shark would prefer to hear from their customers directly, and the policy helps everyone come together to resolve their issues in a professional manner. Most complaints from White Shark Media do not make their way to the Internet, and the complaints are resolved internally in a matter of days.

The complaint and conflict resolution policy at White Shark Media is a revolutionary process that allows customers to get their problems resolved with help from the White Shark staff. No one is left out in the cold during this process, and customers get the customer service they are entitled to in every case.

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