Whiskey Brands Any Drinker Can’t Say No To


Once you turn twenty one, a lot of people are excited to start drinking beer and trying out all of the alcohol out there. While there are a variety of drinks out there for you to try, the ones that are popular with everyone are vodka and whiskey. These are some of the best cheap whiskey brands out there that you may or may not know about.


Crown Royal


The golden amber whiskey is the best selling Canadian whiskey in the USA. They started in 1939 with already high standards, serving it during the visit of George VI. Ever since then they’ve redefined the word king.


Jack Daniel’s


A majority of you have must have heard of this brand before. They have been in the game for around 140 years and many major celebrities use this as their go to whiskey. Their blend of rich and smooth ingredients are made by artisans and not machines to ensure exceptional quality.




This is one of the more unknown brands to the mainstream. That doesn’t stop it from being one of if not the best whiskey you can find on the shelf. Dating back all the way to 1923, this brand is made from Japan. The flowers and fruits and other ingredients give it a nice lingering vanilla taste.


Johnnie Walker


Globally known as a whiskey brand with six bottles winning awards. They’ve made their bottles under colors, using them as an indicator of how strong they are. They all contain a taste of sultanas and toffey that you’re sure to remember.