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Skout: Write an Article About This Popular App

Skout happens to be the facilitator of a location based service dating and social networking app and website. Skout also happens to be one of the very first mobile people discovery and dating apps to underscore theorized user location. Available for Android and iOS systems, some other properties of Skout include, nightlife app, Nixter and Fuse. In 2013, it was reported that over 500 million connections we made through the Skout app.

Skout utilizes the GPS of cellphone’s to assist users in finding other users that are within a certain area of one another. The app never identifies the user’s actual location, and the users can decide not to use the location tracking that is featured. Global positioning system location is only available in the grown-up or adult community. When a search is done, users can see the profile of current activities of other users they’re interested in. The app additionally permits users to message or provide a virtual gift to one another. Skout is divided between its teen and adult communities and is available in 14 different languages in 180 countries.

Skout additionally has a paid or premium travel features which allows for meeting others while traveling. Yet another feature that’s available on Skout is the “Shake to Chat” feature. This feature connects users who may be shaking their cellphones simultaneously. The users profile is anonymous for at 40 seconds after the chat conversation starts.


Skout was founded in 2007 as a mobile web social network by Niklas Lindstrom and Christian Wiklund. Respectively, they are Skouts chief technology officer and chief executive officer. The network was relaunched in 2009 as a people discovery and dating app and website subsequent to recognizing that over 80% of the users were utilizing Skout as a means to get dates. The iOS application was launched in February 2009. At this time, it was available for non iOS devices via its website. The app for Android was launched in August 2010.

The company raised nearly $22 million in venture capital in April 2012 from Andreessen Horowitz. Before this investment, Skout collectively raised $4.6 million in angel investments.
The company acquire Nixter in May 2014. Nixter lets users locate nightlife events for New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Fuse was launched in June 2014, this app allows resources for users to create their own network which functions of their address book on their tablet or smartphone.

Did Obama Attack North Korea?

North Korea is now back online. For 9 hours, the regime who was accused of a cyber attack against the Sony Pictures computer system found their own internet functionality not working.

Did President Obama carry through on his retaliation promise? No one is telling yet, but the world thinks so.

North Korea seems to have problems with their internet from time to time. The country only has approximately 5,500 websites. The country’s internet research team does think their system was attacked.

What happened was an overload. It is something that is really simple for anyone with the right software to achieve. Just by sending millions of “spambots” to the various websites, it will cause an overload shutting down servers. It’s actually not as complex as what it may sound, be sure to check out LinkedIn for more information that’s actually decent and factual.

All questions now lie with what will the North Korean government do? Much of this involves China too. The North Korean system is wired through China.

The other question that many are asking is: was this a ploy to make the United States look like aggressive bullies? Either way, internet war is much safer than normal war.

Brady Hoke Fired as Michigan Coach

Brady Hoke was hired to become the University of Michigan Wolverines football coach because he was a “Michigan man” who was passionate about his Wolverines. He was suppose to bring the Wolverines back to relevance.

After four seasons with a drop off in wins each year, Hoke was fired on Tuesday. Hoke went 31-20 in his four seasons at Michigan. He started off with a promising 11-2 record and a win in the BCS Sugar Bowl in 2011. However, his win totals dropped to eight, then seven, and to five this year. In the two big games each year against Michigan State and Ohio State, Hoke went 2-6. Interim athletic director, Jim Hackett, said that he wants a coach who wins, not a “Michigan man”.

Now the search begins for Michigan’s third coach in six seasons. Zeca Oliveira commented that Les Miles, the coach for LSU, is always a hot candidate as he spent many years playing and coaching under legendary Michigan coach, Bo Schembechler. Les Miles won a national championship with LSU and has publically shown his love for Michigan. If Hackett wants to remove the interim label and become the official athletic director at the University of Michigan, he should call Miles right now and offer him the job. It is reported that if Miles was offered the job, he would accepted it. Miles is not just a “Michigan man”, he is a national champion.

Skout: Excellent Networking with Excellent Safety

I’m always trying to be on top of the latest tech trend, or social media opportunity.  I get bored pretty fast, so finding alternatives to Twitter and Facebook is a must…I’m always waiting for them to go the way of Myspace anyway.  Just recently I stumbled onto Skout, and it’s got some pretty cool networking features, for finding like-minded friends, or even relationships.

For starters, Skout is a social networking and dating application created in 2007. Skout is unique in being the first social media application that calculates a user’s geographic location into its business model. Skout is available on numerous operating systems. Skout reported that over 500 million social media connections were made using its resources in the year 2013 alone. The application is currently available in 180 different countries and 14 different languages.

Skout taps into a cell phone’s global positioning system. This allows Skout to display your profile in a general geographic area. For security purposes, Skout does not deliver an exact location to other users. For additional safety, Skout strictly separates its users into an adult community and teen community. The geographic locating feature is not used in the Skout teen community. Additionally, adult users can opt out of the geographic location feature as well, which the iPhone version allows you to enable and disable via the App itself.

Skout’s strength is its ability to allow people to connect over the internet and in person quickly. The geographic location allows people to sort through profiles active in a given area. Users are then able to view other people’s interests, recent activities, and invite them to chat. People are able to meet others users in person quickly by searching through profiles near a user’s current location. Additionally, Skout offers a “shake” feature. This instantly links you up to chat with anyone in your area who is also “shaking” their phone for a random person to meet. The chat begins anonymously for forty seconds. Users then have the opportunity to share additional information or “shake” again to find someone else, which has been a popular feature this holiday season in particular.

Skout is proud to be a resource that can connect people instantly. Skout also takes the safety of its users seriously. Skout vigorously monitors its accounts for inappropriate behavior. They have a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior using its software. Skout reports that they are able to successfully ban over 40,000 devices each month for violations of terms of service. Violations include registering under a fake birth date, sending harassing or offensive messages or photos, petitioning others for money or donations, fraudulent profiles, using the service to send spam messages, violating copyright laws, and other actions. Users are also able to police the behaviors of others. Skout accepts reports of inappropriate behavior from users and is able to react to them in 12 hours.

Skout also offers several safety tips for its users. First, Skout recommends never sharing your personal information over the application. This includes real names, phone numbers, places of employment, and email addresses. Second, Skout recommends to get to know someone online before deciding to meet them in person. Finally, Skout reminds its users to block and report users who seem suspicious or are acting inappropriately towards you and others. If you do decide to meet someone offline, Skout also has a checklist for people to make sure they stay safe with their person they are meeting. These recommendations include always meeting in public, telling a friend where you are going, staying sober when you go, having your own transportation to and from the location, never leaving personal items unattended, and always staying in a public place.

Skout is committed to providing people with a fun and safe way to meet others. Their application is outstanding, and their commitment to user safety is above and beyond, not to mention how easy it is to download and install. Skout will be around for years to come as a place to network safely and have fun.