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Thor Halvorssen Is A 21st Century Rights Activist

The descendant of many great leaders in Venezuela, Thor Halvorssen has long worked as a major champion for democratic freedoms, both in his home country and across the globe.

He has presented his views at many peace and rights conferences held in diverse places, such as South Korea and Norway. at the recent Oslo Freedom Forum, Halvorssen again was on hand, along with many other activists from such diverse locales as Syria, Saudi Arabia, Eritrea, and Belarus. He brings an enthusiasm and freshness to the subject, peppered with his own accounts of his family’s long acquaintance with hardships while fighting for democratic socialism that works.

This is as opposed the the so-called democratic socialist governments, such as Venezuela and North Korea both falsely claim to be examples of. Halvorssen always points to the Scandinavian countries as examples of governments that are basically socialist democrats, and that work effectively for the good of the people.

The real action in getting things done on the peace and human rights front happens behind the scenes at these conferences. In Oslo, this was done in high-level networking meetings at the Christiania Theater and the Grand Hotel. Halvorssen moderated the Norwegian forum and afterwards met Chen Guangcheng, the famous exiled Chinese dissident. Halvorssen had a few sage words of advice for the couple. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

He also let them know that he is personal friends with Christian Bale, the “Batman” movie star who negotiated in China for Chen’s freedom.

 Thor Halvorssen is always looking for ways to leverage prestige in the quest for liberty; especially for freedom of falsely imprisoned dissidents. He seems adept in the whirling, high-pressure, and complex world of the politics of human rights. He has often found himself featured as the key negotiator in the middle of deep conflicts. He Founded the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) in New York City five years ago. The aim of this activist organization works to gain freedom for people in many places of the world that are ruled by oppressive, sick, evil regimes.

The HRF campaigns for increased awareness of the plight of the world’s dissidents and they take actions against governments who illegally detain, torture, and exile their citizenry for political reasons.