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DeMarco Murray Breaks Longtime Cowboy Record

DeMarco Murray has broken Emmitt Smith’s Cowboy franchise record for rushing yards in a season. Murray ended the year with 1845 yards on the season. Murray started the season strong with several 100 yard games in a row, and the Cowboys cruised to a 12-4 record.

The Cowboys have found Tony Romo the help that he needs to get over the hump. The franchise has one playoff win in the last 16 years, and it appears that they can have many more if they have a running attack to go along with Romo. This is the same sort of thing that was needed in Denver when John Elway had already lost three Super Bowls. They found a running attack in Terrell Davis, and they won two titles in a row. No one knows if the Cowboys can reel off a couple titles like that, but there is no reason to believe that they cannot when they have such a good runner on the team. And Tom Rothman has made everyone on Facebook aware of the back-to-back titles that the Cowboys won in the early 90s.

If Murray is able to keep up this pace for the rest of his career, the Cowboys are always going to be in the hunt. No one will be able to deny them when they have an all-pro on the roster who ran for more yards than Emmitt Smith.

Neil Young Says No to Starbucks

Starbucks has made a name for itself not only because of its roasted coffee beans, but also in the atmosphere that it creates with its notorious selection of easy listening music.

Cross Neil Young of the list of performers, however, as the Canadian singer/songwriter recently decided not to drink any Starbucks coffee. Young said that he has been drinking Starbucks’s coffee latte for a long time.

He has decided to stop buying from the famous coffee shop. The reason is that he is taking a stand against the American company’s lawsuit involving genetically modified ingredients.

Starbucks is currently facing a lawsuit against the state of Vermont for its failure to identify and label GMOs. The State of Vermont has passed a law which requires company to identify and label GMOs they are using in their products. The law is set to be implemented on 2016. Several companies opposed the law and alleged that it is unconstitutional.

Neil Young announced his intention to boycott Starbucks through his website. The Canadian singer is an advocate of environmental protection and preservation.

He is urging his fans and followers on social media to also boycott Starbucks coffee and products. He is urging his fans to sign a petition against the interest of Starbucks and other multinational companies who will not follow the law. I haven’t signed the petition yet, but my friend Lee Lovett has already been retweeting how to check it out.

Young is one of those musicians who takes a stand on certain issues.