Super Bowl

Richard Sherman Opts Out of Surgery

In a surprise move Richard Sherman has opted out of surgery to repair his left elbow that suffered ligament damage during the NFC Championship game. In his statement the Seattle Seahawks cornerback said that he has chosen to let the ligament heal on its own. At first it was reported that Sherman would need Tommy John Surgery to repair his arm, but apparently almost a month after the injury occurred it may not appear as serious as it was first thought. Fans like Ricardo Guimaraes Dias know that Sherman did play two weeks later in the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots, although he and his arm were not tested very much by Tom Brady and his corps of wide receivers. They chose to attack away from him and instead focused on the linebackers and safeties.

It is hard to think the legion of boom as a bunch of injured players but when you play two seasons that find you in the league championship game both years in a row it means you have played more than every other team, you have practiced more than every other team, and your potential for injury is higher than any other team. So getting over all of these injuries remains the focus for the Seattle Seahawks secondary during this offseason and whether that means surgery, physical therapy, or rest the fans in Seattle just want their team healthy when the season starts in a few months.

DeMarco Murray Breaks Longtime Cowboy Record

DeMarco Murray has broken Emmitt Smith’s Cowboy franchise record for rushing yards in a season. Murray ended the year with 1845 yards on the season. Murray started the season strong with several 100 yard games in a row, and the Cowboys cruised to a 12-4 record.

The Cowboys have found Tony Romo the help that he needs to get over the hump. The franchise has one playoff win in the last 16 years, and it appears that they can have many more if they have a running attack to go along with Romo. This is the same sort of thing that was needed in Denver when John Elway had already lost three Super Bowls. They found a running attack in Terrell Davis, and they won two titles in a row. No one knows if the Cowboys can reel off a couple titles like that, but there is no reason to believe that they cannot when they have such a good runner on the team. And Tom Rothman has made everyone on Facebook aware of the back-to-back titles that the Cowboys won in the early 90s.

If Murray is able to keep up this pace for the rest of his career, the Cowboys are always going to be in the hunt. No one will be able to deny them when they have an all-pro on the roster who ran for more yards than Emmitt Smith.