Single Mom and Successful Surgeon Returns To Austin

The Austin Texas community is fortunate to have one of their own back in the area. She is one of the top surgeons and is coming back to the area to open a cosmetic surgical practice. She does a lot of plastic surgery as well. Jennifer Walden is a wonderful person that spent a few years in New York working with an ear, throat, and nose doctor. She learned a lot and enjoyed the experience to learn from one of the top physicians in the area. Jennifer also learned a lot about speaking in public. This beautiful young surgeon is now a media commentator that speaks out about issues the public wants to discuss. Jennifer is presently representing the facts for the Vaginal Rejuvenation that is being talked about. She blogs online, answers questions online, and does talk shows where she explains the myths. Being a blogger herself, Jennifer realizes the importance of getting information out to the public so they can make informed decisions.

Jennifer Walden began her career in New York but she came back to Austin Texas with her twin boys. She was hoping her sons could have the same positive role models and experiences that she did growing up. She works really hard as aa single parent. She takes her kids to school, to play groups, and to the grandparents. Jennifer hopes both boys will end up enjoying sports and other avenues before they reach high school. In high school, Jennifer won All-State with the soccer team. Now her awards are based on her medical career. She recently won The American Women’s Association award and The American Society of Plastic Surgery award.

Jennifer is hoping to help many women learn how their body looks and feels. She is speaking out on women’s sexuality and the 3-D Vectra imaging she uses on some surgeries on women’s private areas. Jennifer hopes to teach women that there is no shame is exploring their body and knowing what they want. She also hopes to show that some of the myths that people hear about women’s private areas are only unrealistic expectations that every woman needs to have the perfect body and perfect female area for sex to be enjoyable. Check out the articles online and welcome back home town girl Jennifer.


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