How Jason Hope Is Changing Lives In Arizona

Technology is always evolving and making an impact on society. Subtle advances to simple concepts change the way people live on various levels. A creative mind is able to do amazing things when presented the opportunity and resources. Jason Hope is an example of such a philosophy and wishes to provide the same opportunity to other aspiring entrepreneurs. Jason is a futurist who believes that technology shapes the future in ways no other industry does in the world. He Prides himself on being a progressive thinker in relation to ideas that can make an impact on the community and business.

Jason Hope committed his own resources to developing talent within the world of technology. There are many great concepts that do not get realized because they are not given the proper foundation to build on. Launching a new business is extremely difficult. It requires careful research and planning in order to avoid the pitfalls that come with managing a startup enterprise.

Jason dedicates his personal expertise to young technicians who are looking to innovate within a current industry or venture out into bold new territory. He provides grants to seniors in high school who have created exciting ideas and need assistance with getting their projects off the ground. This is the sort of support that is needed in order develop a basic technical theory and allow it to grow into an industry changing phenomenon.

Desktop software, mobile apps and gaming concepts are the types of technology that affect the human condition. The basic activities of day-to-day life intertwine with how people use their electronic devices. These pieces of equipment dictate the rate of communication that happens between individuals around the world. Every society has developed a habit in relation to some type of software. It is used for communication, entertainment or convenience. Simple luxuries that are provided by basic software applications have made them staples in day-to-day living.

Money is the tremendous barrier that stands in the way of many brilliant ideas. Jason Hope (@jasonhope) is committed to using his personal wealth to support others and make a positive impact in the Arizona area. He has committed monumental amounts of personal time to mentor those who are in need of guidance. His experience and expertise are as valuable as the dollars Jason has been willing to contribute. These actions assist the development of local startup businesses. The result is a healthy working community that inspires growth and positive change.


Does the New Technological Advances Mean You Can Search or Shop with Images?

In the past two decades, the internet has evolved in several ways; there have been sporadic changes in the way we interact, search for commodities online, and even shop. However, one thing has remained constant despite all these advancements, textbox interactions. Searching, the most dominant mode of surfing has not changed a bit; searchers are consistently limited to words and text boxes making image searching on the webs almost impossible.

Recent trials into image searching
In the recent past, various companies such as Pinterest and Google have made steps into coming up with a search engine tool that would allow users to search directly for images but all these have been shots in the dark. There has not been developed any conclusive image recognition software. Amazon is also on record to have tried developing and the image recognition software but it weren’t as successful.

Do we now have a solution yet?
According to a news article published by the MIT Technology Review, the end to all these decade long paradox may be near. Slyce, a technological company, has come up with one of the most advanced visual search technology that awaits experimentation. This recent advancement only goes to consolidate previous improvements as it is on their basis that such a milestone has been achieved.

About Slyce
Slyce is a dynamic technological company dedicated to solving some of the persistent technological problems and reshaping the future if the internet. Slyce is credited with the recent development of the new visual search technology that online shoppers and searchers can now rely on to match images online. Slyce sees this as a product that will ultimately reshape e-commerce by setting new shopping rules for customer engagement.

The company is founded and run by some of the most brilliant minds in entrepreneurship and technology. This includes Cameron Chell, its co-founder, and Dale Johnson, the chairman of the board. They combine their valuable experience in entrepreneurship and marketing not just to create technological tools but also market them in a way that ensures that have an impact on the economy.

FAA Oks Amazon’s Drones

The FAA has given Amazon approval to start testing its drone delivery service in the United States. The approval allows the company the ability to test the drones at heights of 400 feet or below, however, for the time being the aircraft has to stand within the sight of the pilot. All of the tests Amazon conducts also have to be done during the day, and have to be performed by someone who has a private pilot’s certificate as well as special medical credentials for flying the aircraft.

Amazon’s drone delivery service is expected to one day be a part of the company’s Amazon Prime service. Amazon Prime allows customers to purchase something online and receive it often the next day. With Amazon Prime Air that delivery time would be decreased even more. In theory, the service could be used t deliver items from nearby warehouses in minutes rather than hours. People at Anastasia Date understand that the service is expected to make the customer experience of using Amazon better and decrease the cost of deliveries, taking drivers and vehicles off the road and replacing them with drones.

It sounds like a great idea, but we’re still a long way from it becoming a reality. Amazon has to do quite a few tests before the service will be ready for prime time, and be able to figure out how to navigate things like apartment building in larger cities.

British And American Intelligence Agencies Hack Cell Phone Info

It has been reported the government has now access to thousands of SIM cards and can eavesdrop on our phone calls from our cellphones.

Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG has learned that documents were leaked on how both British and American intelligence agencies hacked a certain company that makes cell phone SIM cards. These cards range from all of the different and major companies. Aside from just the SIM cards the company, which is based in the Netherlands also makes tiny chips for credit cards and other technology that the government is able to use to remote in to people’s information and listen to their conversations.

These government hackers reportedly broke into the headquarters that manufacturers these products and were able to get the needed information by looking through emails of the staff. According to an article found on Buzzfeed News, the British and American spies wanted a lot of access to phone information without having to get a warrant first. And as they have the most high tech tools to be able to do so, both agencies were able to accomplish their goals with a lot of ease. It has been told that the company Gemalto, who are responsible for making these chips and SIM cards had no clue that this was happening right under their noses. They had launched a case to find out when and where the hack took place but were not successful in doing so. So to mobile phone users, beware! You are being watched.

A Clear Vision by Christopher Cowdray

In 2007, Christopher Cowdray received an appointment as the Chief Executive Officer of Dorchester Collection. His vision has always been to establish the definitive hotel management corporation that presently constitutes of 10 hotels located in Europe and Americas. Cowdray has a wide international profession running hotels in Africa, Asia, Australia, the Middle East as well as London.

Dorchester Collection runs a group of a number of the world’s highly renowned hotels comprising of The Dorchester and 45 Park Lane located in London, Coworth Park in Ascot, Le Meurice and Hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris, Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan, Hotel Eden in Rome, Le Richemond in Geneva, The Beverly Hills Hotel, as well as Hotel Bel-Air, which of late underwent 24 months of general renovations.

What has facilitated Dorchester Collection to perform excellently?

Dorchester Collection began with 5 individual hotels, from which they established a clear idea to turn out to be the ultimate worldwide hotel management business.

Using that comprehensible vision, and a stupendous team of managers working with Cowdray, they have been in a position to develop a brand alongside the reputation.

What their hotels do presently is vastly acknowledged not just in the hotel business, but also in the travel business. This has offered them momentum, since they now have complete infrastructure suitable for a big management corporation to be capable of adding more hotels to the collection.

Is development focused on particular markets or does it focus on places where opportunity shows itself?

Dorchester Collection has a patent plan directing them where they would like to be in US, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. This is mainly in major gateway cities. In case opportunities come up outside those places, they would harmonize the present collection and in case it would appeal to customers that uses their hotels, then they would think about it.

What causes the success of hotel restaurant business, and how difficult is it in particular cities?

First and foremost, a restaurant is required to appeal to local people.

In case you operate them correctly, these restaurants perform so well, and they put in lots of significance to the business-people are searching for the general experience, and that is what Dorchester Collection are trying to achieve with the leadership of Christopher Cowdray.

Cowdray states that the far the collection has progressed to this date is due to the great team of people he has been working with, who have always been with him in that journey. More information on him can be found on his About page here.

Use Skout Day Or Night To Find A Friend

If you’re like me, maybe you’re very interested in social media networks. Now in days, social media has taken over the world, and almost everyone is on one network, or the other. No matter what, Skout is my absolute favorite social media network. I’m not only able to look for new friends using Skout, I can also look for relationships too. In fact, a couple friends of mine have met people through Skout, and they ended up getting into serious relationships. Although I’m not at that point in my life, I love using Skout to find new friends.

I’ve been using Skout for years, and I used to use the website mostly, until I got myself a cell phone, then I started using the Skout app. The app is just as simple to use as the website is, but at least I can take it with me wherever I go. I signed up for an account when I first started using the website. Signing up for an account via the website, or the app, is quite easy. It only takes a few minutes to create a profile once you have an account, and you choose whatever you want to add to it.

Personally, I chose to add my picture, as well as some personal information about myself.

I’m really an open book, and this is why I have a lot of friends now, so I didn’t mind putting my information on Skout. After signing up, I began looking for friends, and it was not hard to do. There are so many people on the Skout network, I’m told that it’s over 100 million so far. With the amount of people that frequent the network, I was able to find someone to talk to any time of day. That’s what’s great about Skout, no limits on time.

The only thing is, Skout is also in different countries, so you have to recognize that even though you may be awake, someone in another country may just be going to bed. You can still find mutual talk times, even if you’re speaking with someone from another country. Skout has many different countries on the website, several dozens in fact. If you’re interested in finding out about another culture, you can look up someone from another country, and begin chatting. One of the best features on Skout, is the “shake to talk.”

This feature is so much fun, because you simply shake your phone, and if someone else is using the feature as well, they may show up on your screen. Once they show up on your screen, the two of you can chat, or if you’re not interested, shake your phone again to find another person. I used the feature all day when I first started out with the Skout app. There are other features that are cool on the network too, such as the buzz feature. I used it to vent some feelings at times, and it’s a fun way to let others know what I’m thinking.

I always keep Skout points in my account, which allows me to purchase features from the network. The Skout points are good to find out who’s added me as a favorite, to send greetings, virtual gifts, or to even find out who’s searching for me. Skout is the best.

FreedomPop is Set to Take Mobile Communications by Storm

The quest for the best phone service seems never ending. The fact is the big three carriers can get expensive quickly, especially if a need exists for more than one line. The monthly charges for a family can quickly approach the payment of a new car; however, FreedomPop is looking change that by bringing the cost of phone and internet service down, while adding international services. How far down? Well, prices start at free, and you can not really get much lower than that.

The goal of FreedomPop, and it is right on their web page, is free and fast services for all Americans. Based on the views on their CrunchBase profile, the company is growing by leaps and bounds every month. So much so, that the company has even had to fend off purchase requests from rivals. Free service in the realm of internet and phone was pretty much unheard of until this company came around.

The business model consists of offering a package of services at the basic level of free service, and as explained by TechCrunch once those levels are exceeded customers pay a per MB fee. The fee is nominal, which is unusual for the tech industry. However, customer also have the option of moving to a reasonably priced tier that provides high data thresholds or carry over unused data to the next month. Basically, FreedomPop is a user friendly contract free carrier that can easily meet the needs of the average to moderate smartphone user.

In addition to offering free phone service, the company also has some aggressively price mobile and home internet options. By taking advantage of faster 4G or LTE networks, FreedomPop offers a number of hotspots that are eager to replace those DSL and cable monthly subscriptions. Again, the same pricing model appears with free service to a particular use level and then a charge per MB. It is as customer friendly a deal as anyone can find, especially without the burden of a monthly contract.

As far as branded devices go, the company offers a wide array of some of the hottest gadgets around, but several gadgets and gizmos can be transferred over to FreedomPop service with little effort. Of course, great devices, strong customer service, and advantageous pricing means that just about every user can benefit by partnering with the service. It’s not every day that a real method of cutting monthly costs pops up, and the monthly growth pattern of FreedomPop suggests that the company is just getting started.

The company has a lot of room to grow. Since the management team and the rest of people behind the scenes have years of experience in the industry, FreedomPop has a lot of positive energy propelling it forward. This is one technology and communication company that is putting the customers first and reaping the rewards of offering the right product and the right price. In the end, price matters to consumers and free is pretty much the equivalent of a huge asset for users. Check them out on Facebook if you’re interested in learning more.

Skout: Excellent Networking with Excellent Safety

I’m always trying to be on top of the latest tech trend, or social media opportunity.  I get bored pretty fast, so finding alternatives to Twitter and Facebook is a must…I’m always waiting for them to go the way of Myspace anyway.  Just recently I stumbled onto Skout, and it’s got some pretty cool networking features, for finding like-minded friends, or even relationships.

For starters, Skout is a social networking and dating application created in 2007. Skout is unique in being the first social media application that calculates a user’s geographic location into its business model. Skout is available on numerous operating systems. Skout reported that over 500 million social media connections were made using its resources in the year 2013 alone. The application is currently available in 180 different countries and 14 different languages.

Skout taps into a cell phone’s global positioning system. This allows Skout to display your profile in a general geographic area. For security purposes, Skout does not deliver an exact location to other users. For additional safety, Skout strictly separates its users into an adult community and teen community. The geographic locating feature is not used in the Skout teen community. Additionally, adult users can opt out of the geographic location feature as well, which the iPhone version allows you to enable and disable via the App itself.

Skout’s strength is its ability to allow people to connect over the internet and in person quickly. The geographic location allows people to sort through profiles active in a given area. Users are then able to view other people’s interests, recent activities, and invite them to chat. People are able to meet others users in person quickly by searching through profiles near a user’s current location. Additionally, Skout offers a “shake” feature. This instantly links you up to chat with anyone in your area who is also “shaking” their phone for a random person to meet. The chat begins anonymously for forty seconds. Users then have the opportunity to share additional information or “shake” again to find someone else, which has been a popular feature this holiday season in particular.

Skout is proud to be a resource that can connect people instantly. Skout also takes the safety of its users seriously. Skout vigorously monitors its accounts for inappropriate behavior. They have a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior using its software. Skout reports that they are able to successfully ban over 40,000 devices each month for violations of terms of service. Violations include registering under a fake birth date, sending harassing or offensive messages or photos, petitioning others for money or donations, fraudulent profiles, using the service to send spam messages, violating copyright laws, and other actions. Users are also able to police the behaviors of others. Skout accepts reports of inappropriate behavior from users and is able to react to them in 12 hours.

Skout also offers several safety tips for its users. First, Skout recommends never sharing your personal information over the application. This includes real names, phone numbers, places of employment, and email addresses. Second, Skout recommends to get to know someone online before deciding to meet them in person. Finally, Skout reminds its users to block and report users who seem suspicious or are acting inappropriately towards you and others. If you do decide to meet someone offline, Skout also has a checklist for people to make sure they stay safe with their person they are meeting. These recommendations include always meeting in public, telling a friend where you are going, staying sober when you go, having your own transportation to and from the location, never leaving personal items unattended, and always staying in a public place.

Skout is committed to providing people with a fun and safe way to meet others. Their application is outstanding, and their commitment to user safety is above and beyond, not to mention how easy it is to download and install. Skout will be around for years to come as a place to network safely and have fun.

Could A New Law Make The Access Of Various Premium Content Offered By Cable Companies Open?

Amidst all the hot topics raging on Capitol Hill that the Democrats and Republicans find themselves at odds with, one that they may find agreements with is the subject of net neutrality. This has been a long debated subject of just which facets of the internet should be controlled by whom and who can access various content? For example, there are some services that are offered by some cable companies to both business and home-based customers that are not offered by other cable companies to their customers. In a recent statement issued by President Obama, some restrictions that the cable companies previously put on their customers may now be open to all cable companies both small and large.

The presidents statements were rather vague on the subject as to just which services he was referring to, but some restrictions such as bandwidth throttling, or more commonly known as slowing down download or upload speeds for certain content, may be lifted if such a law was passed. Also, perhaps access to some sites such as HBO GO or other entertainment content on demand will now be open to subscribers who do not subscribe to a cable company that currently offers this service. Both Rod Rohrich and I have considered that lawmakers have recognized a growing trend of cable cutting that’s come about as the result of services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and now they would like the content of every website to be available to any who have internet access.

Chinese Technology Boosts Download Speeds from Nearby Devices

M87, a new startup company that relies on a new technology for cell phones, will be launched in 2015.

This launch will include a cellphone network that enables handsets, Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez says with low signal to benefit from those nearby with good signals.

This company has been raising investments from partners, including 21Vianet, which are their main partners alongside Qualcomm. They managed to collect 3 million US dollars, which is no small sum considering the scope of the operation.

This could raise some issues, however. The first one would be using other cellphones power doing so. They say that they managed that only devices with more than 60% of battery will be able to assist other devices.

Professor Pan Hui from the Computer Science department in the University of Hong Kong, however, raised a more important issue with the technology, which is to ensure the security of downloads for the assisted device.

M87 responded to this issue that they would use encryptions that would ensure the security in using such technology.

David Hampton, the CEO of M87, stated that those issues and others would be resolved and any companies who would adopt the technology would work on their services to ensure better services and marketing.