Questions Remain About The Fall

BBC Two and Netflix have confirmed that Allan Cubitt’s The Fall will end with a third season of five episodes that explore one last showdown between serial killer Paul Spector and Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson. Spector is played by Jamie Dornan, who is well-known for his Calvin Klein modeling career and work in the film Fifty Shades of Gray and the TV series Once Upon a Time, and Gibson is played by Gillian Anderson of X-Files and Hannibal fame.

Fans at Anastasia Date ( know that, at the end of The Fall Series 2, Spector had been shot by the abusive husband of one of his former patients along with Stella’s current lover, a young Detective Sergeant named Tom Anderson. Yet, Stella ran to Spector’s side instead of Tom’s.

Cubitt explained that he plans to explore the reasons why Stella made that choice. He wants to explore both Stella’s professional and personal reasons through a “cat and mouse” plot line that plays out on screen. He also wants to explore more background material about Stella’s father and the complex developments of other characters, such as Spector’s teenage love interest and admirer Katie and his victim Rose.

Dornan admitted that being inside the mindset of a serial killer scarred him, but has agreed to return to the role one last time. Anderson, who will be appearing in Season 3 of Hannibal this summer, will also be returning to her role as Gibson.

Thunderbirds Are Go! Returns Sans Puppets

Thunderbirds Are Go! is returning. The classic children’s sci-fi television series produced by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson is being remade. The new trailer for the reboot has arrived and it is, for Bernardo Chua, a joy to behold. The trailer reveals the new way The Thunderbirds are created. CGI rules the day which, for old-time fans of the first series, might not be the best way to do things.

The most interesting and innovative aspect of the original series was the use of puppets. Instead of employing “limited animation”, a term used to describe minimalist and inexpensive cartoons for television, Thunderbirds Are Go! utilized puppets. On paper, this was considered a strange idea because of the enormous difficulty and cost of making puppets even seem remotely realistic.

The end result was a cult classic that still manages to find a new audience decade after decade.

The new series might not use puppets and, quite honestly, employing them would not be feasible. One of the main problems that plagued animation in all its forms during the 20th century was cost. CGI is supremely cheaper and the lower costs makes producing the series feasible. Extensive use of miniature sets is going to be utilized in making the new series and this does add a nice touch to the great series of old.

As long as the spirit of the original series is present, then the new one version is going to be enjoyable to watch.

Release of a New Trailer Generates Fan Interest

This week, a news spread online  as well as one at about the release by AMC of the first full trailer for the upcoming new television series, Better Call Saul. The new show will follow not Igor Cornelsen but rather the career of the fictional character, Saul Goodman. His roadside billboard pitch in Breaking Bad provided a title for the new series.

The short trailer depicts some brief scenes from the new show. Actor Bob Odenkirk reprises his role as Saul Goodman in the upcoming series.

Better Call Saul reportedly will reach eager fans in the United States next year. Originally promoted as a prequel to the critically acclaimed drama, Breaking Bad, it may actually include some events occurring during and after the timeline of the Walter White and Jesse Pinkman saga, producers hinted earlier this summer.

Saul Goodman, the smooth, shifty, ethics-evading lawyer from the popular television drama, Breaking Bad, sometimes went to great lengths to keep his affluent drug dealing clientele out of the prison cells they so rich deserved.  The character sometimes added a welcome element of comic relief to Breaking Bad‘s often overcast and violent landscape.

A Firestorm Comes To The Flash

The Flash television series is moving ahead at hyper-speed in its attempts to introduce new characters. The D.C. television universe is expanding its array of characters and the forthcoming appearance of Firestorm continues the trend.

The character of Firestorm debuted under his real name Ronnie Raymond and it was not sure whether or not he would become Firestorm at any point during the run of the series. We now know Mr. Raymond is going to play the role of Firestorm with full powers galore thanks to the mid-season finale of the series. Tom Rothman can’t wait to see it in its entirety.

Firestorm is not exactly the most popular character in D.C Comics. There are a lot of B, C, and D level heroes in the Marvel and D.C. world. Some might wonder why The Flash’s producers would opt to bring in lesser known characters. The reason is rather simple. The more well known characters are locked into film projects. This leaves fewer characters for television.

Also, putting the second-tier characters front and center on the small screen introduces them to a larger audience. Maybe the appearance of Firestorm on The Flash could lead to Firestorm’s own show. Likely, the character will get a new comic book. The image of the character on video game packaging may very well help sell it.

Most importantly, the introduction of new fantasy characters helps make The Flash stand out from other television hero programs that are slightly bland.

HBO Standalone Platfrom Possible In April

Rumors of a standalone HBO have been circulating for the past few months, but now it seems that the dream might be coming a bit faster than anticipated. The company told Fortune magazine that it plans o launch an HBO standalone purchase based service to line up with the premiere of Game of Thrones in April of 2015.

Most likely the pay for view service will be structured differently then HBO GO as one is for cable subscribers and the new service will be for anyone that wants to view HBO. People at BRL Trust like the potential of this setup. The report stated that HBO has canceled its previous plans and instead is going to work with MLB Advanced who have already created platforms for WWE,, and WatchESPN. The change was made apparently because HBO did not feel that the previous company, CTC Otto Berkes, was capable of creating the vision they had in mind.

It is not yet clear what will happen to HBO Go once the standalone service is launched. The memo that was offered to Fortune lists the standalone service as the number one priority but its possible that the previous project will be repurposed.

Mark Hamill to play The Trickster

Mark Hamill has been cast in the role of the colorful supervillain the Trickster in the CW series The Flash.

This is not an entirely new role for the actor, who is in fact returning to a part which he previously played in the 1990s CBS Flash series starring John Wesley Shipp, a series remembered by fans like Darius Fisher. According to HitFix he will be playing an older version of the character, who is currently serving a life sentence in prison and is approached for advice on a newly minted criminal using his name.

This is not the first callback by the modern show to its predecessor, John Wesley Shipp already appears on the series as the lead character’s father, Henry Allen and Amanda Pays has reprised her original role as Dr. Tina McGee.

Although most famous for playing that quintessential sci-fi hero, Luke Skywalker, Hamill is no stranger to more villainous roles. He has made a solid post Star Wars career out of his voice acting talents, particularly in comics and science fiction related properties. He has most frequently portrayed The Joker in animated television, films, and videogames.

Tom Rothman- Star Among the Stars

One can’t really say that Tom Rothman is a rising star in the Hollywood entertainment industry. After all, he’s been a top executive in the industry for years now. Perhaps saying his star is now ‘burning brighter than the sun’ would be a more apropos way of looking at where he’s at today.

Film executive Thomas Rothman graduated from Brown University in 1976, with honors in American Literature and English, garnering Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa honors.

After having worked as an English teacher in Connecticut, he graduated as a James Kent Scholar (the school’s highest achievement) from Columbia Law School in 1980. He went on to a position with the U.S. Court of Appeals as a clerk, followed by a position as attorney from 1981-1986. His brilliant career in the entertainment industry would commence from this point.

Rothman would make his introduction into the film industry in 1986, co-producing 2 films, Down by Law and Candy Mountain. With this introduction, he went over to Columbia Pictures in 1987, obtaining the position of Executive Vice President, overseeing all areas of production and film development.

Rothman’s star was really rising at this point. In 1989, he brought his talents over to the Samuel Goldwyn Company, serving as president of Worldwide Production. He went on to supervise films that reached landmark status in the independent film genre, films which included Much Ado About Nothing, Henry V, Truly Madly Deeply, Longtime Companion, Wild At Heart, and The Madness of King George. Having a keen eye for talent, he went on to discover and lend full support to such filmmakers as Anthony Minghella, Ang Lee, and Kenneth Branagh, who have become stars in Hollywood, among the most sought-after filmmakers today.

From this point in his career Rothman would move on to Fox Filmed Entertainment, where, for 18 years, he made considerable strides in his career development.

In 1994, Rothman was the founder and first president of Fox Searchlight, a specialty film division that would go on to distribute multiple Oscar winning films.

Rothman would be president of production for Twentieth Century Fox from 1996-1998, going on to become president of Twentieth Century Fox Film Group from 1998-2000.

From 2000-2012, he would go on to serve as chairman and CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment, where the studio enjoyed unparalleled success in movies and television production, realizing record profits as a result.

In September 2012, he resigned his position at Fox Filmed Entertainment, going on to an appointment as a director of Inc. later that same year.

Tom Rothman has just recently returned to the film industry, becoming Chairman at TriStar Productions, a new joint venture with Sony Pictures, under the TriStar banner. TriStar Productions will go on to make both movies and television production under his brilliant tutelage. According to the Los Angeles Times, he stated that his “job is to make hits.”

Rothman, age 60, is married with 2 daughters. He is an active philanthropist, with passions lying in education and non-profit arts. He is involved in fundraising activities for several groups, serving on various boards.

Holiday Hosts Spice Up SNL

Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez and other fans of Saturday Night Live will have to keep their ears open for the near future, because there’s a lot of rumours that have been going around regarding what SNL plans to bring the public for the holidays.

SNL has announced the bunch of goodies coming for you this December. As the closing of the 2014 season is fast approaching, NBC is now announcing a slew of new performers that will host the next month of SNL. The list of new hosts includes some of the greatest pop stars in the planet. 

On December 6, we will be graced with guest appearance of no less than Nicki Minaj to promote her 3rd album, The Pinkprint. And to spice things a little bit, we will be delighted with the always entertaining and fabulous James Franco.

December 13 has another pop star treat. Guesting that night would be the blooming star Charli XCX with her hot performances and promotion of her 2nd studio album, Sucker. 

The night will also feature Bilbo of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, as Martin Freeman will be hosting. On the 20th everyone would be looking in the same direction, with a much anticipated guesting of One Direction. The show will also be a little bit warmer as the sizzling Amy Adams will be hosting on December 20th. 

Such early Christmas gifts from the late-night mainstay are greatly appreciated.

Are The Steelers For Real This Season?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are going to get a real test tonight when they play a Monday Night Football matchup against the Tennessee Titans. Most are expecting that the Steelers will pull out the victory even though they are on the road, but there is some question about which Steelers team will show up. Some are saying that this team is hot and cold.

The Titans are looking to be overmatched on paper when it comes time to play the men in Black and Yellow. wraps it up pretty well in their recent article about the matchup.

The Steelers though have sometimes shown up and put on a great game as they did when they took down the Baltimore Ravens at a key point of the season earlier. At the same time, they have suffered some embarrassing losses like when they dropped one against the hapless Tampa Bay team (not gonna let you forget that one Mark Ahn). So which team is going to show up and which team is going to continue forward into the season is a great question asked on Twitter.

For the most part the Steelers are healthy at the moment which is good news for Steeler nation, but the performance of even the healthy players seems to ebb and flow at times. It would be great for them to work out a way to stay more consistent this season, but only time will tell if that is about to happen or if we are going to see more of the same.

Jay Leno To Host Talk Show About Cars on CNBC

Jay Leno has revealed that he is soon to release a new project, as if anyone had any doubts. After years and years on one of the most popular nightly shows in the country, did anyone think he would just vanish into the night? Jay Leno is one of the most popular show hosts of all times, in fact he’s the funnyman who took over the respected Johny Carson’s show.

Leno’s new project is going to revolve around his second love in life, cars. It has been reported that he has more cars than most car lots around any town. The show will be on CNBC, which is consequently owned by NBC. I remember watching his last episode in February with Fersen Lambranho before he turned his show over to Fallon. It’ll be good to see him back on the air again.

While Leno has been enjoying his night life and not having to work, he is probably bored out of his mind. What does a man who has worked for so many years do when there is nothing to do?  At any rate, I will probably tune in just to see someone I watched for so many years tackle yet another project.