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About BRL Trust

BRL Trust is a smart, savvy investment company that prides itself on offering clients cutting edge, contemporary services and real world solutions that work. We’ve operated in the investment industry for quite some time, and our accumulated knowledge and experience has empowered us to offer clients the holistic, detailed, results-driven services that ensure they are 100% satisfied with the work we do for them. To learn more about BRL Trust and how we can assist you with all of your investment needs, read the brief outline that appears below:

About BRL Trust

Here at BRL Trust, our primary passion and purpose is to offer each and every client the type of excellent, expedient investment services that facilitate the maintenance of a high return on investment (ROI). We believe that a knowledgeable, skilled, and perpetually growing staff is the key to success, and this is why we invest in our employees. By providing them with the ongoing training and education they need to excel, we empower them to offer you the most innovative, savvy services available. Some of the services we’re pleased to offer include:

Asset Underwriting

Here at BRL Trust, we invest in outstanding, innovative underwriting services that involve preparing the company so that we can raise funds that will be utilized for structured deals within the sectors of agribusiness receivables, real estate receivables, or debentures.

Controlling And Custody To Investments Funds

We’re pleased to offer a wide range of controlling and custody services at BRL Trust. Some of the custodial services we offer include control of securities lending operations, cash settlement, centralization of procedures settlement, control of corporate events (including interest, dividends, etc.), reconciliation of assets with clearinghouses and depositories, and custody and settlement of asset. We’re also pleased to offer a wide range of controlling services, including standardization of information and reports, control of shareholders and investments, reporting to regulatory agencies, accounting of events of investment funds, taxes payments and control, asset pricing, and share’s profitability and calculation.

Trustee Services

Because capital markets have grown in sophistication even as the global credit market has undergone significant developments, many investors have adopted a much more scrutinizing approach to the world of collection, monitoring, and control operations. In order to align ourselves with contemporary market needs, the professionals of BRL Trust Trustee Services are pleased to offer a plethora of distinguished services in order to ensure that we conform to the reliability demands of investors.

The Best of Economist Christian Broda

I know it’s odd, but my favorite people to follow on Twitter are those that have something real to say. One of my favorite discoveries on Twitter right now is economist Christian Broda. Not only does he post about the economics, he also has some great tweets too. Here’s a little more about him, maybe you’ll find him as fascinating as I do.

Christian Broda is Duquesne Capital Management’s MD. He has worked as a professor in Booth School of Business, University of Chicago from 2005 to 2010. He also worked with Lehmann/Barclay’s Capital between 2008 and 2010 as the Head of Intl. Research. He finished his B.A. from University of San Andres (summa cum laude) and then went on to get his Ph.D. from MIT. Christian Broda is also a member of NBER and IMF Economic Review’s editorial board (which he has presented on). He works as an associated editor for the widely regarded Journal of Developmental Economics as well. Over the years, Christian Broda has published and been mentioned in a lot of articles on economic topics. Below are some of my favorites.

Japan Deflation – Writing in relation to the 2006 – 2007 deflation in Japan which is believed to have started around 1999, Christian Broda discusses how bad the inflation really is. He has discussed problems with Japan’s CPI, examined the differences between quality growth methodologies between US and Japan, and has also discussed the implications of this deflation for Japan. This article was published in October 2007 and has 37,659 reads.

Increasing Income Equality Promoted by Wal-Mart and China – In this article, Christian Broda disagrees with the notion that income inequality has risen as a result of globalization in the U.S. Using graphs, charts, and various economic concepts, Broda explains how the purchasing power of people who are poor has been increased because of Wal-Mart and China, especially in comparison to the rich. This article was published in July 2008 and has 59,050 reads.

2008 US Tax Rebates – In this article, Christian Broda discusses the impact of the 2008 rebates and tries to examine whether they served their purpose or not. In this article, he analyzes different areas affected by the rebates – such as the big spenders in the economy, goods and stores that benefited from the rebate, concentration of spending, and the implication of the rebates for the aggregate consumption. The article was published in August 2008 and has 58,588 reads.

Strengthening of US Dollar in 2010 – This article, which was published in 2009, is one of the most popular publications by Christian Broda. It has a total of 61,739 reads. It predicts that USD will strengthen in 2010, even though in 2009, it is deprecating.

In all these articles, Christian Broda uses simple concepts to reach great conclusions about the economic developments occurring not just in United States but all over the world.