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Raj Fernando Gives Back for the Advancement of the Community

The city of Chicago has been widely famous for many reasons. Apart from its booming tourism industry, Chicago is home to several corporate companies and headquarters. One of the biggest companies home to Chicago is Chopper Trading, a financial trading company started by Raj Fernando in 2002. Fernando works as the CEO of Chopper Trading.

Before coming up with Chopper Trading, Fernando worked as a trade at several companies. Between 1996 and 2003, he worked at the Chicago Board of Trade. Fernando was also a member of Chicago Mercantile Exchange starting from 1997. His education was at Beloit College in Beloit, Wisconsin and he earned his bachelor’s degree in both history and economics.

Apart from a successful teaching and career, Fernando has been renowned as an avid philanthropist. He has supported several philanthropic causes in Chicago such as Chicago Council on Global Affairs; he was also a member of this organization. His philanthropy cause doesn’t end there. He has been an active supporter in the field of arts; he worked as governing member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and has also supported The Steppenwolf Theatre.

Fernando is an active political supporter and donates to several charitable agencies in Chicago and across the United States. He has been known to participate in several fundraising activities for Democratic leaders in the US. He has assisted the Democratic campaign since 2003; he also helped in the raising of cash to fund the president of the U.S, Barack Obama and raised money for the William J. Clinton Foundation. Fernando recently showed great support to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. He went ahead and hosted private fundraising events in his home for Clinton’s company. His donations were named among the “Hills’ starters” program.

In 2016, Raj Fernando started an internet startup by the name The company was founded to provide reliable to firms and individuals. The firm has an objective to increase professional and corporate growth. With more than ten years of experience in the cyber security industry and more than two decades in the worldwide financial markets, Mr. Raj offers extraordinary insights and counsel for organizations he heads.

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