Vacation Citation

Now that summer is upon us, it is undoubtedly the time for the highest volume of individuals to take their vacations. Hawaii is perhaps one of the biggest vacation spots in the world. However, individuals who are currently looking to go to the world-renowned island for vacation might want to think twice. Hawaii has focused on cracking down on their homeless problem in the last few months. For homeless people who reside on the beach at night, the Hawaii police are told to cite and or arrest those who sleep on the beach. This is incredibly unfortunate for tourists who sleep and vacation on the beach. The Huffington Post caught up with one woman who remembers spending her 21st birthday on the island of Honolulu.


Unfortunately for her, it was more of a disaster that led to other problems than a fond memory of a milestone in life according to Adam Sender. The 21 year old and her friends had slept on the beach after coming to the island for their spring break. Instead of the police giving them a warning and asking them to leave, they promptly cited her. Upon returning back to her home in Illinois, the young woman was unable to return to Hawaii for a mere court date. Tourists who have left the island and end up not returning for court dates, can have simple citations turn into full fledge warrants. There are currently lawyers in Hawaii who are working with mainland tourists who have been circumstanced to these citations. The lawyers have told Honolulu and Hawaii officials that many of these people are refusing to return to the island because of the citation law.

The Passat: European Car Of The Year

The Passat, large sedan from the German automaker Volkswagen, was awarded on Monday the European Car of the Year trophy, in Geneva. The Passat, renewed last year, was chosen after the vote of a panel of 58 experts from 22 European countries, on the eve of the opening to the press auto show in the Swiss city. This car is available in multiple versions, including a plug-in hybrid, triumphed over the BMW Active Tourer 2, Citroen C4 Cactus, Ford Mondeo, Mercedes C-Class, Nissan Qashqai and Renault Twingo, finalists of this year.

This is the third time in six editions that the firm Wolfsburg was nominated for a reward; it was left with the Polo in 2010 and 2013 for the Golf. The prize has been awarded since 1964. Last year, it had been delivered to the Peugeot 308. It is worth mentioning that the Passat has won this award with a very wide margin. The judges awarded the Passat with 340 points. Its close rival C4 Cactus got 248 points while C-Class was able to get 221 points. Experts say that the Passat was selected for this award due to its advanced technology, smart design and wide variety of configurations. At BMG in Brazil, plenty of people like how they are performing.

Nearby hotels show the keys to the success of The Dorchester Collection

The decision by the owners of The Dorchester Collection to purchase the 45 Park Lane hotel in London may have seemed a strange one, largely because the hotel sits just feet from the flagship The Dorchester hotel of the brand. However, the two locations show how the luxury and exclusive hotel chain has searched out the best opportunities to expand the chain and make sure each hotel maintains its own individual personality. The Dorchester Collection highlights the differences and advantages of both The Dorchester and 45 Park Lane, which shows how the brand is opening its doors to different clients who may want to spend their time in one of these two differing locations.

Location is all important to The Dorchester Collection and is shown in the fact the chain was willing to take the gamble on owning two hotels almost side by side in the center of London. The Dorchester highlights the classic luxury and charm of the London most people hope to see as they arrive in the city for a luxury hotel stay. Steeped in the charm and old fashioned opulence available to only a few is one of the major aspects of the chain that has led to it being one of the most successful in terms of profits and guest numbers of recent years.

The decision to purchase and refurbish 45 Park Lane sees a different option for The Dorchester Collection, a modern and exciting hotel experience is available without cutting back on the luxury of The Dorchester Collection. The two hotels are aimed at different clients, but remain firmly entrenched in the luxury and opulence of the brand, which is looking to grow slowly and organically over the remainder of the decade. Twitter has many details for those on social media. The inclusion of a restaurant operated by a major Hollywood chef shows the more modern approach taken at 45 Park Lane when compared to the classic and timeless style of The Dorchester.

The Antique Wine Company: International Fine Wine Experts

The Antique Wine Company is an illustrious international luxury spirits and wines company that has been in business since the early 1980s. The London, United Kingdom’s CEO is the highly respected fine wine expert Stephen Williams, who also happens to be the founder. Since beginning in 1982, the company has gradually and steadily expanded and now has two offices located abroad. These offices are in Hong Kong and Manila, the Philippines. The merchant services more than 20,000 individual customers in 70 nations scattered around the world.

The company name suggests a dedication to antique wines. The people behind The Antique Wine Company indeed are committed to the trade and spreading of awareness of vintage wines. In spite of that, they mostly acquire and sell fine wines that have been manufactured in modern years. The Antique Wine Company aspires to trade fine wines that someday down the line will be extremely valuable antiques. The fine wines and spirits they trade span many years and eras. People who are interested in vintage fine wines from the 1970s, for example, can find high-quality options through the merchant. The same goes for people who are interested in fine wines that were made in 2011, 2012, 2013 and so on and so forth.

The Antique Wine Company is notable due to its massive assortment of fine wines. The merchant accommodates these bottles inside of their large cellars. Their cellars actually are home to more than 10,000 bottles of some of the globe’s rarest and most desired luxury wines.

The professionals who work at The Antique Wine Company have ample expertise in the vast world of fine wines and spirits. As a result, their duties aren’t in any way limited to trading fine wines. The company also specializes in providing fine wine advice. They assist people who work at wine cellars around the world in their day-to-day operations. If a person in charge of a wine cellar at a leading 5-star restaurant needs tips on appropriate wine storage techniques, for example, The Antique Wine Company can provide in-depth suggestions and recommendations.

Wine lovers can enjoy many diverse choices in fine wines and spirits when they browse The AWC‘s selection. The fine wines they trade not only come from many different decades and eras, but they also come from many different locales around the planet. They trade wines from France, Spain, Germany, Italy, the United States, Argentina, New Zealand and Australia.