Trendy Dog Food

Beneful covers your dogs protein needs

Protein is among the 4 essential food groups for dogs, and each meal should come with a healthy dose of, at least, one meat-based product. While dogs are omnivores, like you and me, protein is a crucial component that is required for bones, energy, skin, fur and healthy organ function. Beneful, a popular dog food brand, covers a wide range of protein sources, between land and sea.

Branching from Purinastore dog food corporation, Beneful provides dry and wet meals. They also have a line of various treats and biscuits. The meat-based protein found in puppy and adult formulas include chicken, beef, lamb, pork and salmon. Beneful processes these, and accent ingredients, in a variety of ways. Food comes dry, wet, thinly sliced and in large chunks. Just as we appreciate texture in our food, your dog will too, and Beneful covers every crunch and all the moist bites to satisfy many palates.

Beneful also provides dairy forms of protein sources, like eggs and cheese, and other fun alternatives, like peanut butter! Their Baked Delights snacks combine many of meat-based and dairy protein together for a treat your dog will beg for, and one you’ll be glad to give. Watch how fast they will be willing to obey commands when a Beneful treat hangs in their line of vision.

Go ahead and see how Beneful’s coverage of the food groups satisfies your dog’s mind and body. And notice that each bag prints “real” before the protein source. These include by-product and organs, which dogs love and would eat in the wild if there were no owners lovingly caring for their every need.