Honey Birdette Launches the Sensual New York Collection Bedroom Lingerie

Most people lead busy lifestyles; therefore, they rarely get the time to go for shopping. Men find it harder to shop for their apparel in comparison to women. Therefore, websites that offer valuable content for men fashion clobber and tech comes in handy, especially for men.

Man of many spends a lot of time researching for the best gear, clobber and tech for men on the internet and beyond. The reader can, therefore, find a one-stop-shop for all their gear, clobber and tech needs. Man of many does what they know best; satisfying the user’s demands by updating high-quality content that keeps them ahead of the curve.

However, writing about stuff for one gender can get monotonous. Man of many often likes shaking things up by sharing great content that is relevant to the ladies. They offer content that exclusively covers the latest fashion trends for ladies from the world renowned luxury lingerie manufacturers. Recently, Honey Birdette launched their New York Collection that almost set the internet ablaze. The New York Collection features a series of high-quality lingerie from Australian luxury lingerie manufacturer Honey Birdette. Ladies who are interested in the sexy and provocative lingerie can visit Honey Birdette’s website and feed their eyes with the latest trends in the lingerie world.

About Honey Birdette
The idea behind Honey Birdette was conceived in 2006 over a glass of champagne between two acquaintances. The two friends, who were already tired of looking for provocative lingerie and luxury bedroom accessories to no avail, decided to bring some logic of sensuality into the bedroom. The firm focuses on providing luxury lingerie and high-end toys and several other products that aim at providing pleasure and parlor. Their boutiques are playful, flirty and unapologetically sensual with top notch décor and champagne.
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Bruce Bent II, President and Vice Chairman of Double Rock Corporation

Bruce Bent II Career Background
Currently, Bruce Bent II serves as the President and Vice Chairman of Double Rock Corporation, a leading technology company in the finance industry that specializes in the most innovative financial and cash management solutions. Mr. Bent is the senior executive to all of the wholly owned subsidiary affiliates and companies of Double Rock which include Landing Rock Group LLC, Intrasweep LLC, Access Control Advantage, Inc., Island Intellectual Property LLC and LIDs Capital LLC.

Bruce Bent has proven to be a successful Chief Executive Officer and Manager of the Reserve by managing its spectacular growth. The Reserve is a FDIC management of cash and a money market mutual fund over a span of 17 years. The Reserve is headquartered in New York City and employed more than 300 people including professionals in the sales industry. Under the guidance of Bent, the distribution of market and product lines were greatly diversified and expanded as the asset base in cash products increased from $4 billion to more than $130 billion within the 17-year period.

Bruce Bent II Recognition and Awards
Mr. Bent has had the privilege of being quoted in various publications such as the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, and New York Times. In addition, he wrote an interesting column on investment in the China Press and World Journal publications. Bruce was featured among the World’s Most Successful Chief Executive Officers in the Leadership Secrets book.

Apart from asset management, Bent is involved in many entrepreneurial ventures such as intellectual property, business consulting, financing solutions for Healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods. He also has membership in the Young Presidents’ Organization which serves as a peer network to connect over 10,000 global business leaders who are in the youth category. Bruce Bent is a member of the board of the 99 Jane Street Condominium Association and the Entrepreneurs’ Organization based in Manhattan.

Bent holds a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy from Northeastern University.

With Unique Curriculum That Encourages Scholars Involvement, Success Academy Continues to Record Excellent Results

In a common core-aligned exam done recently in New York, Success Academy scored 64 percent in English and 94 percent in math. Since its establishment in 2006, Success Academy has continued to record magnificent results. It is one of the rapidly growing charter schools, with 41 schools ranging from elementary to high school. Success Academy has a presence in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens.


Unique Curriculum


The good results being recorded in Success Academy schools is due to the approach that the schools adopt. The schools focus most on the content of what they teach and the method used to relay this knowledge to the scholars. Success Academy has a unique curriculum that is aimed at making learning fun and enjoyable as well as relating to real life experiences. In the elementary schools, there is a blocks curriculum where scholars work in groups to make architectural sketches and constructions using blocks. These projects provide a relation with the buildings present in the world today. Another curriculum that is unique to the school is an English Language Arts curriculum known as the THINK Literacy. This approach focuses mostly on enabling scholars to read independently while building knowledge and vocabulary. THINK Literacy combines four segments: Reading Workshops, Guided Reading, Read Aloud, and Shared Text. Success Academy ensures that scholars spend at least 2 hours daily on this approach. Each grade in the elementary schools includes two units on project-based learning where students are expected to do a project based on a specific subject.


Other Subjects


The math curriculum in the school is designed in line with Common Core Standards. It involves questioning and multiple students-involving activities that are aimed at enabling scholars to learn and master new concepts each day. The school encourages students to use their strategies in solving math problems. Most effort is exerted in the early grades to input the necessary arithmetic skills. The science curriculum is experiment based. The scholars are involved in hands-on projects in sports, arts, and music. Success academy’s good results can also be attributed to the teachers who undergo rigorous training. The school also has the latest technology that ensures good coordination between teachers, students, and parents.


Margaret Mead, a famous anthropologist, states that “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. The world we are living today is a far cry from what one would wish it to be. The most important things in life have become secondary. Greed, self-interest, civil wars and poverty have taken Center stage. The people who are mandated by their respective citizens to guard their rights have all gone rogue, and the results are devastating.
Internal conflicts
The biggest percentage of the conflicts, arise from hate speeches by leaders. It causes ethnic divisions and civil wars. Avaaz has taken to the social media to tip-off the people on leaders who preach hate to serve their interests.This awareness, has had profound positive changes in peoples lives.

Human Rights.
Suppression and silencing voices of reason is a common tactic used in authoritarian countries. Avaaz understands this and uses like-minded partners to sensitize the issues hence raising awareness and a call for action.

Richard Rogers States,” The only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment, is to get everybody involved”. Mother Earth can live without us but we cannot without it. Pollution from multinational oil companies affects both flora and fauna. Due to the weight of this issue, Avaaz has prioritized this issue by directly writing to the subject companies, and organizing mass action if they fail to address pollution problem.

Corruption has impoverished developing countries and crippled rendering of essential government services. Avaaz discusses these issues on social media which in turn educates the affected people on their rights to quality services and ways of pressuring the people in power to make the changes.

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Corruption In Many Forms Battled By Avaaz

The Avaaz group has been at forefront of the global fight against corruption on many different levels that have taken the group into both the public and private sector to try and put an end to illegal and unethical practices. From major global governments to the corridors of power at the international soccer agency, FIFA, Avaaz has been making a major impact on how the world tackles corruption across the planet; activists from Avaaz have been using Online petitions and protesting to make sure the corrupt practices of many different groups remain well known long into the future.

Direct action was taken by Avaaz to bring change and shine a light on problems within the world’s fifth largest economy of Brazil where President Eduardo Cunha was refusing to stand aside or admit his own corrupt dealings. Avaaz created a petition with more than 1.3 million signatures in a bid to put pressure on the Brazilian President to change the actions he was taking or stand aside, President Cunha refused to work with protestors and forced Avaaz to take its petition directly to Congressional representatives and government employees.

Corruption is not only found in government agencies, but can instead be found around the world in some of the most impressive private sector groups created to reflect a global brand. Making sure as many people were aware of the corrupt dealings of FIFA President Sepp Blatter has always been high on the list of concerns for Avaaz and resulted in the group taking a giant prison cell to FIFA headquarters in Switzerland to publicize his suspected crimes. Appearing in over 41 nations across the planet, FIFA officials were eventually forced into action to fight the bad press they were facing and its effect on the world’s most popular sport.

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Keith Mann And His Love For Education

Education is very important for success. Keith Mann understands that. However, he also understands that it takes funding in order to provide the high quality education that is needed for success. Not only is he providing donations for schools, he is also providing the donations to the schools that are in low income neighborhoods. He understands that a lot of schools in the low income neighborhoods do not offer high quality education. Keith Mann has put together efforts in order to improve the quality of education that is offered to students.

Keith Mann has donated millions of dollars to Uncommon Schools so that it can improve one the education offered to poor communities. He has also seen that for people to get further education after high school, they are going to need some funding so that they could get the education they need to pursue their careers. He and his wife have established a scholarship that will help students make it through college. This is the Keith and Keely Mann scholarship of professional achievement. This is to help students who are showing a lot of good skills when it comes to business. For one thing, they are the ones that could create jobs for others.

In order for a student to apply for a scholarship, he has to write a 1,000 word essay that describes how a college education could help him in his college pursuits. This scholarship is granted to one student. Therefore, it is important for the student that is interested in the scholarship to write the most compelling essay that he can.

Keith Mann is an entrepreneur who has run a few successful enterprises. He has a lot of skills in financial management which has helped him save the money needed to keep his business going. Keith also uses his money to benefit others.

HomeJoy Declares Bankruptcy While Competitor Handy Prospers

A recently started company, Handy, has raised more than $110 million since starting in 2012 and $50 million in just the November 2015. Handy is a website and app that allows users to book appointments for house cleaning, repairs and other household services. By all accounts Handy is doing pretty well for itself and its investors, which include Highland Capital Partners, Fidelity Management, Research Co. and General Catalyst Partners, unlike its competitor HomeJoy that offered similar services.

HomeJoy announced in July 2015 that it would be shutting down. The company recently also declared chapter 11 bankruptcy. HomeJoy offered many of the same services as Handy such as house cleaning and repairs. The company was based out of San Francisco and founded by a brother-sister team, Adora and Aaron Cheung, a year after Handy. Although the company never indicated the exact reason for the shut-down and bankruptcy, one founder said it was partially because of worker classification lawsuits. These lawsuits threaten to reclassify contract workers as employees in turn driving up cost of business and, therefore, causing price increases for customers. Other reasons may have been funding and financial issues.
Handy does not seem to be suffering any of these challenges. The company was founded by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua and was previously known as Handybook. Hanrahan realized how hard it was to find trusted professionals to complete work when he was renovating apartments in Budapest. Handy was designed to aid customers looking for trusted, reliable professionals needed for a service whether it was cleaning, painting, furniture assembly or home repairs. Handy pre-screens professionals to make sure they are right for the job. They also offer a money-back guarantee to customers. Users can book appointments and pay through the website or app and even leave tips if they appreciate the work done.
Handy has several locations in most major cities in the United States. They also offer services in London, Toronto and Vancouver and expect to expand soon.

Why Are There Starving Artists In The Modern Day Art World?

The term starving artists became popular during the 1970s. Artists from all over the world would produce quick works of art and sell them on street corners or at small art shows. They called themselves starving artists because they sold their work cheap, and they didn’t care who bought it. In other words those artists were terrible at marketing their work and not good at producing it either. But those days are long gone. The art world is booming and artists all over the world are making money.

Art collectors are buying works of art from unknown as well as well-known artists just to say they collect even though their collection may be just two works or three that hang on a wall in their living room. Because there is such a surge in the appreciation of art, the amount of artists that are starving is exaggerated. In fact, it has always been exaggerated. For the most part, artists that want to make a decent living selling art can, but they have to be dedicated to selling in order to make money.

But most artists don’t care about the money. They don’t care what kind of car they drive, or what kind of home they live it. They live to create, and they do it where and when it feels good. There are great artists all over the world that paint or sculpt to expression their subjectivity not to make a dollar. True artists never starve. Their work feeds them with the desire to express and live to experience that expression.

Other artists paint to make money. They know their work is worth money to someone and they go after it. They visit galleries and do shows to be recognize, and at some point they find an investor like Adam Sender, the hedge fund manager turned art aficionado. Sender is an art collector’s, collector. Over the past 20 years, Sender has collected more than 800 works of art, and he has helped some of those starving artists make a lot of money. Last year, Sender sold some of his collection through Sotheby’s auction house in Miami for $70 million.

The artist represented in that sale had a huge payday thanks to Sender. Sender got his original art investment back and more, plus the artists got recognition and the knowledge that their future work would be worth more. So there are no starving artists in the art world unless they want to call themselves by that name. Most artists work for the satisfaction of creating beautiful works of art not to eat.

Brian Bonar, The Notable Finance Executive

Finance encompasses fiscal means of funding assets of a firm and how people, companies, and different governments manage the flow of money. It explains how people get and allot resources for various activities. Finance as a field of study is still evolving. Practicing executives and scholars have also contributed to the advancement of finance.

When we mention finance, scholars such as Brian Bonar come in mind. Mr. Bonar has served as a financial officer in several corporate entities. His career commenced back in 1995 as the director of Dalrada Financial Corporation.Currently, he serves as the CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation where he is in charge of the development of color management software. He also integrates and service organization for digital imaging hardware. He has taken the company to a new level with his skills in analyzing the company’s financial activities.

Brian Bonar’s success can be clearly understood by his background. He graduated successfully from James Watt Technical College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering. He got his Masters Degree from Stafford University where he studied Mechanical Engineering. He specializes in mergers and acquisitions; this enabled him to work in various firms before finding success at Dalrada Financial Corporation. Mr. Bonar enjoys boat trips and golf; he is also a responsible parent who spends good times with his family.

Trucept Incorporated

What it does

They aid in bringing solutions to firms by being in charge of their payroll, employee benefits, and human resources are also managed by them. Trucept also offers temporary and long-term staffing solutions. The business focuses on the business aspect of the firm while Trucept does the rest. It makes plans for an organization while respecting the distinctive nature of the organization. Trucept makes packages to help organizations with their payroll and taxes. It maintains the human resources documents for an organization. They also play a role in risk management as this is a vital part in starting and maintaining a business.

Finance and business entities

Investments, this is also known as investment management. Companies set aside resources to buy assets in the hope of adding value or maintaining their value. When an organization invests in the physical and financial assets, they obtain good returns.

Financial Markets and Institutions, they majorly aid in the transfer of money from excess to deficient users of money. They are links between those that save and those that use the money for business ventures.

Corporate Finance, this area of finance combines all the activities undertaken by an organization during decision making, concerning finances and investments. It is centered on the sources of finance and measures company executives take to increase organizational value to shareholders. Corporate finance ensures maximization of the firm’s wealth and the stock value.

Eric Pulier and the CSC Acquisition

Eric Pulier founded the IT company Service Mesh and soon made it so good that it garnered the attention and eventual purchase of the IT giant Computer Sciences Corporation. They bought the establishment for $260 million, retaining the services of Pulier in the CEO position. Pulier is delighted with this move, viewing it as the best thing that could have possibly happened to Servish Mesh. CSC is widely considered the top IT company in the world and currently services 70 countries. Service Mesh’ marriage with CSC will definitely be taking them to ever higher horizons.

The acquisition is also very good for CSC. Service Mesh is the world leader in self-service IT solutions. In addition, Service Mesh is the internationally known leader in cloud-based IT solutions. Service Mesh is amazingly the first IT company to explore this area of technology. With CSC’s enormous platform, these self-service products can’t help but spread throughout the world like wild fire. It is almost universally considered by industry experts to be a perfect marriage and one that there is no question will produce abundant offspring. And this is not CSC’s first marriage. The IT behemoth has a history of merging with small but extremely promising and innovative companies and individuals.

The CSC-controlled Service Mesh now has access to clients and industries never before known to it. The united company not only delivers IT solutions directly to companies where they operate; it also offers cloud-based IT solutions and enables cyber security. It will also do more for business than working on computers; it will also spend time in company data analysis and consulting.

CSC may be thrilled with this recent acquisition of Service Mesh, but it may be even more delighted in retaining the services of Eric Pulier. He may be the most respected man in the IT industry. The leaders of CSC are confident that he will take them far.