The Exceptional Work of Troy McQuagge as the Head of the USHEALTH Group


Troy McQuagge has been serving the USHEALTH Group in different capacities since 2010. He is currently the CEO of the organization, and his performance has been exceptional. The One Planet Award recently acknowledged his outstanding work by appreciating him as the CEO of the Year’s Gold Winner. One Planet is an internationally recognized award, and its primary aim is to honor the excellent performance of enterprises and experts in different industries in all regions of the planet. Businesses from across the world are free to present nominations. The award recognizes all firms despite their size, ownership, and the products that they offer.

The first job that Troy McQuagge was given by the USHEALTH Group was at the USHEALTH Advisors, which is its main product distribution channel. He was made to be part of the team that reformed the agency to offer better services to the clients. Troy’s performance in the restructuring of the firm was exceptional, and this led to his promotion to CEO and president of the USHEALTH Group. He took over the office in 2014 and has been offering excellent services to the company. The growth and profits of the healthcare insurance firm have risen in a significant manner despite the competitive nature of the industry. McQuagge said that he was contented by being honored as the CEO of the Year. According to him, the award is a credit to all the employees of the USHEALTH Group. He believes that One Plane Award’s honor shows that the firm has been devoted to ensuring availability of healthcare solutions to the clients by customizing its products to match the budget and needs of an individual.

One Planet Award is committed to acknowledging the good work that is done by companies and experts in different industries across the globe. The organization has categorized its honors into various units, and they are teams, corporate communications, public relations, organizations, and executives. It has a website where people can access more information.

The USHEALTH Group is among the United States’ most trusted firms that give the people the best health insurance solutions. The company is currently located in Ft. Worth, Texas. The main clients that it targets are proprietors of small enterprises and self-employed people. It has a goal of utilizing the abilities of its staff and marketing agents to offer pocket-friendly and beneficial covers while ensuring that the clients receive the unparalleled customer service. The USHEALTH Group’s products and services can be customized to match the specific requirements of any individual. Its claim processing program is perfect, and this assists it to serve the clients efficiently.

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