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Day one in Korea with Kim Dao

Kim Dao shares her first day Korea. The video opens with a travel montage set to wistful music. The first glimpse we see of Kim Dao is her feet moving purposefully across the floor of the airport. Kim Dao continues through the airport cheerfully eating cup noodles for lunch and relaxing near the gate before takeoff. We see Kim Dao looking out the window of a plane and then we are on our way to Korea. Once landed Kim Dao’s first stop is the Pokémon makeup store at Gangnam Station. Kim Dao has come prepared, dressed in her bright yellow Pokémon sweatshirt it is clear that she is a serious customer. We see her after she has exited the store with her loot. Kim Dao proceeds up an escalator and into the light and the next shot shows her in a bedroom about to start day two of her trip. Because day one of her trip was somewhat uneventful Kim Dao reveals that she has decided to film on day two as well. Dressed in a classic black dress with a white stripe at the bottom Kim Dao heads into the subway and back to Gangnam Station to shop. Next we are treated to another photo montage showcasing the delights of Gangnam Station. We see shelves of makeup and racks of handbags as well as plates of gorgeous sushi. The highlight of the montage shows Kim Dao posing in the Pokémon store.

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