Wengies FIY Survival Hacks Video

Wengie is a very popular YouTuber living in Australia who makes a variety of different kinds of videos on her channel. One of Wengies top YouTube videos is her DIY survival hacks video.


Throughout the video Wengie shows her viewers how to do a variety of different DIY survival hacks that can help save you in a variety of different situations. One of the best tips throughout the video is burning crayons in case of a power outage. If the lights go out and there are no candles or flashlights present you can simply use crayons. Crayons will burn for up to 30 minutes per crayon. They can provide a light as well as and some heat especially during emergency situations like a power outage. Another great tip that Wengie shows in her DIY video is how to make fire out of simple products such as a water bottle or a sandwich bag filled with water. This is a great tip for those who like to go camping or spend time out in the wilderness. Wengie walks her viewers through how to make the tool as well as how to use it. Another great tip Wengie shares with her viewers who like to go camping is how to make a DIY Compass as well as a spear shooter.


Some other DIY tips throughout the video include teaching her viewers how to do the Heimlich maneuver as well as how to Kindle a fire in the wild period with all of these great tips and tricks it is easy to see where the DIY video is one of Wendy’s top viewed videos. With such great information and such a fun bubbly personality it is easy to see why when she is one of the top YouTube content creators. She currently has over 5 million subscribers on her Channel and receives millions and millions of views. Everyday she strives to offer her viewers the most creative and Innovative content. She has tons of other DIY videos as well as a variety of different makeup and hair tutorials as well as many a lifestyle vlogs.