Equities First- AU is a Great Option For Those Who Are Seeking a Loan To Improve Their Business or Expand Their Business’s Operations

Equities First- AU is a loan provider that is offering several benefits for those who are seeking to acquire capital in the form of a loan with low interest rates. They are an organization that is existing essentially to help those who are seeking to better their current situations. Whether you’re aware of it or not, there are many loan providers today who are offering great loan amounts; however, the interest rates on those amounts are rather high. If you’re not necessarily sure about what you may be able to do to obtain capital in the amounts that could potentially improve the conditions of your business and/or your own personal endeavors, please feel free to contact one of the loan specialists who is able to assist on the Equities First- AU website. You may find that they are offering just what you need in a loan.

Many businesses seek loans to purchase assets such as tools, equipment items, machinery, and even buildings. The loan may even be able to cover repairs that you may need on your business’s building. If you are striving to attain a loan to improve the conditions of your business, and/or even expand it to potentially earn more profit on a regular basis, applying for capital through Equities First- AU may be one of the best options that is available to you. Equities First- AU is an organization that’s taking the steps that are necessary for them to beat their competitors in regards to both interest rates and loan amounts. Whether you’re aware of it or not, the loan providing market can be very competitive, thus, often encouraging providers to do what they can to lower their interest rates as much as possible. Equities First- AU is an organization that strives to offer the lowest interest rates that they possibly can. Reaching out to a loan specialist may help you with securing a loan today.

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Doug Levitt Travels Over 100,000 Miles for “The Greyhound Diaries”

The plight of the people living under the harshest conditions within the U.S. has always been a rich vein for artists to mine since he took his first bus journey in 2004 as part of the U.S. Presidential campaigning conducted by Levitt for Democrat John Kerry. It was during this first journey by Greyhound Bus across areas of California that Doug Levitt decided to explore the lives of people living in the central regions of the U.S. to find out more about their lives in the style of the federally funded explorations taken by artists during “The Great Depression” and more information click here.

Having now traveled for over a decade, Doug Levitt has discovered much about the people he believes are forced to ride the bus across state lines for economic reasons, including the fact many released prisoners are given a bus ticket back to the scene of their arrest when their jail sentences are completed. The multimedia approach taken by Doug Levitt to “The Greyhound Diaries” has seen two EP’s released, alongside a book, and a newly launched Web Series that continues the folk and country inspired themes of the music produced by Doug Levitt.

Among the achievements Doug Levitt can quite rightly be proud of during his time creating “The Greyhound Diaries” is the fact he has followed in the footsteps of some of his musical and artistic heroes, including Woody Guthrie with an appearance at the Woody Guthrie Center to perform his own work. Doug Levitt has been a major force behind the growing interest in social aspects of songwriting and artistry that has been growing in the 21st century, particularly as Levitt has sought to bring the true stories of bus passengers he meets on journeys undertaken with little more than a guitar and a laptop.

The name and face of Doug Levitt should be well known to those who have an interest in the news and global politics as the artist was once a well known foreign correspondent for media groups including ABC and NBC. It was while stationed in London as a broadcaster that Doug Levitt rediscovered his love of music and set out to change his career trajectory early in the 21st century and follow his Twitter.

Corruption In Many Forms Battled By Avaaz

The Avaaz group has been at forefront of the global fight against corruption on many different levels that have taken the group into both the public and private sector to try and put an end to illegal and unethical practices. From major global governments to the corridors of power at the international soccer agency, FIFA, Avaaz has been making a major impact on how the world tackles corruption across the planet; activists from Avaaz have been using Online petitions and protesting to make sure the corrupt practices of many different groups remain well known long into the future.

Direct action was taken by Avaaz to bring change and shine a light on problems within the world’s fifth largest economy of Brazil where President Eduardo Cunha was refusing to stand aside or admit his own corrupt dealings. Avaaz created a petition with more than 1.3 million signatures in a bid to put pressure on the Brazilian President to change the actions he was taking or stand aside, President Cunha refused to work with protestors and forced Avaaz to take its petition directly to Congressional representatives and government employees.

Corruption is not only found in government agencies, but can instead be found around the world in some of the most impressive private sector groups created to reflect a global brand. Making sure as many people were aware of the corrupt dealings of FIFA President Sepp Blatter has always been high on the list of concerns for Avaaz and resulted in the group taking a giant prison cell to FIFA headquarters in Switzerland to publicize his suspected crimes. Appearing in over 41 nations across the planet, FIFA officials were eventually forced into action to fight the bad press they were facing and its effect on the world’s most popular sport.

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Dr. Greg Finch Is An Expert Orthopedic Surgeon

Orthopedic Surgery is a specific form of treatment that is performed on the musculoskeletal system. It is typically done in the case of injury or some other similar condition.


The orthopedic surgeries are performed on joints. These would include the ankle, or knee, or hip. It may even be performed on the wrist, or elbow, or shoulder or even the spine.


These are interventions that are performed primarily in two ways. There is a traditional way which is known as open surgery. There is another modern way which is arthroscopically. In this case, an arthroscope is made use of.


Arthroscopy can be used for treating any problems that may be inside the joint. It can also be used for the repair of the soft tissue. It can be used for treating of torn ligaments and tendons.


A common orthopedic treatment is joint replacement. In this, the damaged joint will get replaced by making use of a prosthesis.


A highly skilled orthopedic surgeon is Doctor Greg Finch. He is a highly-experienced and well-trained orthopedic surgeon. He serves at the Perth Royal Hospital presently. He specializes in cervical spine surgery as well as in minimally invasive spine surgery.


Doctor Greg Finch has earned his FRACS I from Auckland University. After this, he spent many years in the UK, Germany as well as in the USA.


Doctor Greg Finch has expertise in performing very complex spinal surgeries. This may be for its revision or its reconstruction. He has experience in Spinal Decompression, as well as in Spinal tumor surgery. In addition, he has expertise in Disc Herniation as well as in Spinal Stenosis. He is an expert in Interventional Spine. Doctor Greg Finch believes in providing quality medical care to his patients. He takes an active part in medical research to provide utmost patient care.



How UKV PLC Offers Its Customers A Wine Product That Is Absolutely Magnificent In Its Taste

If you are aware of exactly what UKV PLC is, then you may have come to find out that it is a winemaking company that has been placing a tremendous amount of importance on its fermentation process. If you’re unsure about what fermentation is, then it is important for you to know that fermentation is a type of winemaking process in which the fruits that are used to make the beverage are completely settled into the liquid in which it’s sugars are transformed into a considerable amount of alcohol. It is enough alcohol to make it a wine beverage that people can taste and depend on.

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UKV PLC has been placing a lot of importance on making sure customers are being given wine products that have undergone a total process of fermentation. Unfortunately, many companies have not been placing as much importance on having their products undergo the proper amounts of time for complete fermentation as they should. As a result, customers are unfortunately provided with beverages that are watery in their tastes. If you are wanting to invest in a product that will have you enjoying its taste, as opposed to feeling like you were essentially robbed, as you can barely taste the fruits that were contained in it to make the final product, then please ask a wine store representative about what you may be able to do to purchase wine that is made by UKV PLC.

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Mike Baur’s Business Career

Mike Baur’s career in business has consisted of frequent participation with startup companies. Today, Mike is the co founder of the company known as Swiss Startup Factory. This company has been one of the leaders in providing high quality consulting services for startup businesses. Before Mike became an entrepreneur, he spent a number of years investing in startup companies. By investing in startup businesses, he was able to get lots of first hand experience with these new and emerging companies. When he first started his career, Baur worked in the banking industry where he would provide financial guidance and funding for businesses. With these experiences, Mike Baur has established himself as an expert at helping startup companies.


When Mike started his career in the banking sector, he provided financial guidance to a number of individuals looking to start a business. He would often provide loans to help companies get the money necessary to start up. As well as helping new businesses, Baur would provide loans to established businesses that are looking to expand. Baur provided advice and feedback on financial affairs of businesses as well. He would help them find ways to better manage their capital and find the best ways to pay their loans. After working in the banking sector for over two decades, Mike decided to move on to another venture.


The next thing that Baur would do is invest in startup companies. During a span of ten years, Mike would invests his capital in a number of new companies that were starting up. He would evaluate these companies and find out more about their profit potential and the market demand of their products and services. This venture was a success for Mike as he would frequently make high profits by investing in startup companies. Investing in startups helped give Mike an idea for his own business. He would eventually stop investing in startups and start up his own companies known as Swiss Startup Factory.


Baur’s company Swiss Startup Factory is a new and innovative firm that helps provide mentorship and coaching to a number of businesses. The company first holds an event that allows entrepreneurs an opportunity to talk about their idea for a business. Once the presentation is over, Mike and his company will then agree to provide a lot of assistance to these business owners. Mike will then provide advice on things such as product development, finance, marketing and management. As a result, many businesses have benefited form the assistance provided by Mike and his company Swiss Startup Factory.

Jose Henrique Borghi: Importance of Advertising

Are you a business owner, entrepreneur or company manager? Do you want to reach your target audience and promote your business? If so, it is extremely important to enlist the services of a reputable and reliable advertising professional.

Jose Henrique Borghi can help you create and implement advertising campaigns that generate huge response and boost your company’s image and sales. With improved reputation and sales, you will certainly enjoy greater revenue.

Advertising plays significant role in many areas of business and has been used successfully by marketers and companies who have a good understanding of how to use it. If you do not have the skill and resources to handle your own advertising campaign, then let a professional do it for you. You will save time and also avoid costly mistakes and learn more about Borghi.

Whether your goods and services are needed for luxury or as a necessity, it is not advisable to rely on a one-time promotion to attract a steady stream of clients and customers to your business. It is imperative to advertise consistently in order to make steady sales.

When you are ready to launch a new product, it is imperative to get help from an ad agency that has been around for years. It is also important to make sure that you’re dealing with a marketing consultant or advertising expert that has a high success rate in the industry.

Jose Henrique Borghi has been in business for years and he has catered to many different organizations, businesses and individual advertisers and comes highly recommended.

Jose Henrique Borghi takes the time to understand what the client whats to accomplish and then develops the right ad campaign for the project. He is well known due to his outstanding service and clients rave about the great results they achieve and read full article.

Community Ties Become Important For Goettl

The Goettl brand of HVAC repair and servicing technicians has recently been looking to rebuild its ties to the local community of Las Vegas, Nevada and locations across Arizona, which are commonly seen as the home states of this historic company. New owner Ken Goodrich has been vocal in his belief in community links playing a major role in his bid to once again establish Goettl as a major part of the community in all service areas; the company has already donated units to those in need in a bid to aid them in living a more comfortable life.


By once again linking the success of Goettl to the development of a more productive community, owner Ken Goodrich has made clear his own belief that chasing profits is not the most important thing for a company that has grown an impressive 500 percent in recent years. Goodrich is keen to explain the Goettl brand has returned to its historic roots under his leadership that places the focus of technicians on providing the best quality customer service that will ensure customers continue to return to the brand and recommend Goettl to their neighbors.


There are many reasons to enjoy the work Goettl has completed in recent years within the community of Arizona and Nevada, one of the major areas Goettl has made a major difference is in an annual donation of bottled water each Summer that is designed to aid the homeless in becoming more comfortable in Phoenix.


Customers are now seeing the rewards offered by Goettl in terms of their ability to keep any HVAC unit working to its maximum potential in an area of the U.S. that offers some of the world’s harshest temperatures. Goettl offers contracts and servicing options that reduce utility bills and cut repair costs for customers choosing the company for their HVAC needs.


Goettl Air Develops A Pioneering Zone Controlled Heating Infrastructure

Apart from being a leading HVAC solutions provider, the Arizona-based Goettl Air has been alleviating the living conditions if the community surrounding them. A recent generous gesture from the establishment saw a Las Vegas family benefit considerably. For a long time, Abana Stephenson and her family had been deprived of essential amenities, such as heating system and toilets in their premises. The conditions were adverse, but the circumstances forced them to acclimatize.


On the wake of this shocking discovery, Michael Gamst, an executive at Goettl Air, decide to take necessary action. Accompanied by experts from his firm, Michael went on to install a heating system, air conditioner and new toilets at the Stephensons’, all for free. Moreover, the new infrastructure was topped up with donations from Goettl employees and the humanitarian group Triple5teens as well. Abana could not conceal her enthrallment for the generosity of the two parties.


Beforehand, the Stephensons’ had exorbitantly priced electricity bills, reaching an approximated $600. However, Michael Gamst is optimistic that the installation of energy-friendly appliances by his firm will cut the costs by over 50%. This is a sign of Goettl’s commitment to assist their clients, primarily through the development of efficient devices that consume little power, thus reducing expenditure on power.


The new technology, named ‘zone controlled heating,’ regulates temperature based on the requirements of each room, rather than the home as a whole. This is achievable through the integration of thermostats, placed in each chamber, to evaluate the amount of heat needed. Since the heating of each part of the house is autonomous, this innovation can play a fundamental role in drastically reducing the electricity bills.


The development of ‘zone controlled heating’ is yet another trailblazer is Goettl’s line of revolutionary products. It signifies the company’s commitment to maintaining high standards of operation while improving the lives of their clients. It is expected that the firm will keep this trend which has made is a respected authority on HVAC services.


About Goettl


Goettl Air is a leading heating, ventilation and air conditioning services provider based in Phoenix, Arizona. The company has operated for close to seventy years.

Dr. Clay Siegall of Seattle Genetics Develops ADCETRIS for Cancer Treatment

For centuries, genetics study has been the core benchmark for patient’s treatment. The study of genetic variation in patients mainly contributes to the final diagnosis. With a correct diagnosis, comes the right treatment. It is, therefore, vital for physicians to understand genetic mutation while administering treatment. That is why Dr. Clay Siegall of Seattle Genetics is cheered for his massive contribution to the genetic study. The co-founder of Seattle Genetics started his career in the company in 1998. As the serving president and chief executive officer, Clay has always chaired the board in decision making. With his leadership skills, Clay Siegall has seen Seattle Genetics develop innovative practices towards disease treatment.




Recently, the company announced its position in generating antibody conjugates. These antibodies are known as ADCs. After the development of ADCs, he pushed for the treatment to be certified by FDA in 2011. This was the first FDA approval of ADCs. Clay’s leadership at Seattle Genetics extends to the collaboration of the company with Takeda Pharmaceuticals. With the partnership, Seattle Genetics has become prominent. ADC is currently approved in over 65 countries. Clay’s leadership at Seattle Genetics is vastly advancing the company’s distribution of ADCs.


Clay’s Profile


Clay Siegall is an executive scientist and researcher. He focuses his studies on genetic mutation and assimilation. The alumnus of George Washington University was appointed a board member of Mirna Therapeutics in 2013. This was because of his profound commitment to finding treatment through genetic study. While forming Seattle Genetics in 1998, his core agenda was to provide treatment for cancers like lymphoma and other diseases. He has ensured this by partnering with major stakeholders in disease control centers to develop treatment solutions.


Additionally, his experience roots from the vast experience in previous institutions. He worked at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals from 1991 to 1997. He also worked at the National Cancer Research Institute and National Health Institute from 1988 to 1991. He is a member of the board in several companies including Alder BioPharmaceuticals, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical and Washington Roundtable. It is evident that Clay Siegall is committed to finding treatment solutions for cancer and other diseases through genetic study.